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If you love photography, go on Vero app. It’s the social media for photographer and it looks good.

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Tom_A: Not that it is important for a tool, but this sure is one of the prettiest cameras on the market.

Made in Sweden

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That could be my replacement for my iPhone 8 when it will die in a couple of years.

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Do you expect a price rise or drop in the coming weeks for cameras?

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What if you lose it?

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On article Nikon announces Z-mount lens roadmap (286 comments in total)

I wish they could make a small 15-40mm f2.8 DX lens.

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On article Nikon announces Z-mount lens roadmap (286 comments in total)

I hope the 14-24mm f2.8 will be pancake size.

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Interesting. Unfortunately, I really hate the back of Fujifilm cameras. I don't care if it has less buttons, but how they are placed is ridiculous. Hasselblad did a great job for simplicity, but I would prefer to have back buttons like other brands.

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Love Luminar.

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That's a nice little camera here.

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Can you record video with the Hasselblad?

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Tomasz_Wk: Love it. Don't have the money to have one...

Same lol. I want to encourage and buy a camera made in Europe and with a great quality, but it's very expensive.

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That’s a nice alternative, but I will keep my own stuffs which is Affinity + Luminar. Don’t have to deal with Adobe subscriptions or having a hard time doing minor things which take seconds to make in Affinity.

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That’s why Affinity Photo exist + Luminar :)

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On article DPReview on TWiT: tech trends in smartphone cameras (36 comments in total)

Sad to see that cameras, especially compact one don’t evolve that much compared to phone cam.

What I mean, is that even with this tiny sensor and small lenses, they can can take fast picture (f1.8-2.8), have a zoom (x5 or more numerical zoom or optical depending of phone), good night capabilities and amazing HDR colors.

Compact cameras have a bigger lens and sensor, but they hardly achieve that. Why?

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