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Camera collector/scrounger facing the horrors of the digital
evolution -- the nullification of all his film cameras! Now, two
years into digital and loving it... still, all these film cameras do
not make good door stops or paperweights.
Other work: curator of a WW II submarine, USS COD,


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The days of the 500C in the hands with a 250 mm lens and a magazine filled with Ektachrome or Fujicolor are long gone... and this is the final nail in the coffin. It was a fantastic ride and it came to an end, thanks largely to technology that we could not have imagined back in the day. Still, its a lovely camera for a new digital world...

Link | Posted on Feb 4, 2014 at 06:16 UTC as 155th comment

I accidentally found myself standing on the very spot that Ansel Adams shot his famous "Moonrise Over Hernandez, NM" (1941) in 2012... he used an 8x10 I used a Canon 50D... point is that except for the church and a few headstones in the cemetery, little was identifiable... what was flat ground in 1941 had become heavily forested (trees and scrub) and homes and structures. Earth and man are dynamic... constantly changing... also the choice of format and lenses are crucial for making comparisons. Adam's print shows the mountain range... my shot couldn't... a bit too wide.

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one poster below said contrived... well yes and no... I've seen kids playing with animals in very similar situations... just that there was not beautiful sweet light and rim lighting to shoot in! Or a foggy country road or wonderful haystack as props. Obviously this lady executed her vision exceedingly well... but I never once said, "oh that never happens in the real world..." Sadly, it does and I never am around with a camera! Oh, and yes, the rabbit would bite me because this is Russia and they eat rabbit like we eat corndogs! :o) Bunnies ... pets and MEAT!

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On article AP cuts ties with Pulitzer-winning photographer (166 comments in total)

Too bad their journalistic integrity doesn't extend to other areas, especially writing and editing! As a former newspaper journalist, it makes me crazy to see how leftist and biased the media is...
so this photog was spiked because he "cleaned" up an image that didn't need it... stupid on his part, nuts on the editors part.

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On article Pictures emerge showing widely-leaked Fujfilm 'X-T1' (372 comments in total)

I went crazy and left my wife for that whore Df from Nikon... thankfully my wife took me back when I saw that the Df was not who she claimed to be... now this siren comes calling at my door. Think l'll sell the kids to the Taliban to get one.... if it's not another pig in a poke.

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Too bad Kodak can't have a decent funeral with a stately graveside ceremony... it was a great American company that passed into history (it's photographic div. at least). No, instead we have to deal with this zombie "Walking Dead" creature that looks a bit like our dear friend, but isn't. Will someone please put a round through its decaying brain... or maybe a bolt from Darrel's crossbow?

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On article Fujifilm to release X100S in solid black (25 comments in total)

Bond's the name... James ... errrrr... FUJI... I mean Fuji's the name... Fuji Film... EVERYTHING LOOKS SO DAME FINE IN BLACK (tie)!!!!

Gotta go play with my black X100 ... and lust after this new version.

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Yep... our grandkids will sit on our knees and ask us what it was like in the great conversion era... (OK, if they happen to be photographic collectors/historians and even think of talking to people more than 10 years older than them). Or if they can even talk... maybe they will sit in a dark corner somewhere and text their grandparents.

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On article Classic photographs recreated in Lego (118 comments in total)

That is soooo wrong in so many ways... and I love them all! Missing: Capa's Spanish rebel at the moment of death (I bet Lego would probably not want that in their corporate store)... or the shot of the firemen raising the flag at ground zero in the days following the 9-11 attack... but Iwo Jima is there and so is the VJ Day Kiss! Well done!

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On article Backstory of Phantom Flex4K video shot at 1,000 FPS (92 comments in total)

Yes, a lot of water misses the mark... just like in combat. I'd guess less than 1% of bullets fired by our guys hit their guys too... but this is the problem when CPAs, MBAs, and other "experts" analyze reality and make conclusions based on facts without being there. There are always factors that don't show up on film or on analysis reports :o) -- Now every process can be tweeked to improve efficiency but I don't want a handful of CPA and MBA-managed firemen showing up to a fire... or the Army responding to a local disturbance that might become WW III !!! It might lead to the next Cocoanut Grove fire or Little Big Horn!

Amazine images none the less!

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On article Homemade rig captures extreme macro shots of snowflakes (186 comments in total)
In reply to:

Paul Farace: I understand crystal growth mechanics, but still... to look at these and NOT believe in the hand of a creator!

I see God in a shoe, a hammer, and even ugly things. Random forces don't result in us!

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On article Homemade rig captures extreme macro shots of snowflakes (186 comments in total)

I understand crystal growth mechanics, but still... to look at these and NOT believe in the hand of a creator!

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On article Lytro adds 3D viewing capability to its photos (46 comments in total)

What is the deal with digital stereo imaging for the public? As a member of a stereo club, I can't figure out if it is growing or dying! Fuji has dropped their 3D camera production along with other makers... but movies are all 3D... I am so confused... in stereo!

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On article Hands-on with the retro Nikon Df (231 comments in total)

I went soft after looking at these pictures... Nikon you led me on! Samfan said it looks gorgeous... well to me the chrome version looks like a fat FM is wearing a silver beanie cap!

Link | Posted on Nov 5, 2013 at 05:37 UTC as 87th comment
On article Nikon Df combines classic design with modern technology (314 comments in total)

Not at $3K dear Nikon. Go back and work on a little brother/sister for $1.5K maybe... ?

Link | Posted on Nov 5, 2013 at 05:21 UTC as 126th comment | 2 replies
On article Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows (1392 comments in total)

Me like! And they are using the traditional non-italic NIKON logo !!! YEAH... I REALLY HATED THAT ITALIC LOGO!!! -- my designer soul was offended! Now all is right with the world ... or until I choke on the price tag for this apparent gem in the polishing shop!

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review (2082 comments in total)

What a beautiful looking camera! And although I am sure the EVF is state of the art... if only I had the option to buy this camera with a prism viewfinder! Wow, what a competitor it would be for the rumored Nikon digital FM or the gems in the Fuji X lineup! Well done Olympus!

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On article Niki Feijen's haunting images of abandoned houses (218 comments in total)

Wait, this is my old roommates room... who let you guys in to take pictures? Geez, can't a guy let the paint go for a few years? Just needs a bit of dusting is all...

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On article Nikon video hints at long-desired 'digital FM' (551 comments in total)

Camera tech aside... this is a great piece of advertising art! Set up a buzz before you even see the camera! Nice work Nikon. Now DELIVER a camera worthy of the ADVERT! A digital FM? Where were you in 2006? Oh well, in the words of the old negro spiritual, "you didn't come when I called, but you were right on time!"

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