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Paul Farace

Lives in United States Cleveland, United States
Works as a photographer/writer
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About me:

Camera collector/scrounger facing the horrors of the digital
evolution -- the nullification of all his film cameras! Now, two
years into digital and loving it... still, all these film cameras do
not make good door stops or paperweights.
Other work: curator of a WW II submarine, USS COD,


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I just got back from London (work & vacation)... visited the Abbey Rd. site last week and made the crossing with about 50 fellow Beatle fans on either side of the road. It's a working street and I have only to say "thank God for the patience of London drivers!" If it were in New York there would be incredible death tolls weekly :o) ... some of the locals make a few quid by wearing yellow traffic vests and risking their lives to snap pictures of fans in the crosswalk with their various cameras and cell phones. The recording studio just a few yards behind the "Zebra" as the locals call these crosswalks has to endure the graffiti of thousands of fans who mark their tributes to the Fab Four. Rest in peace John and George!

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Rather than take the suggestions literally, they serve to help us think outside the box... improvisation is a major accessory that never takes up space in your camera bag!

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On article Beyond the ordinary: Tim Dodd's Everyday Astronaut (102 comments in total)

The last image transcends the ordinary and becomes a political statement of Obama's NASA... our nation left to play on a toy shuttle...

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On article 1991 Nikon-Kodak hack was first DSLR in space (67 comments in total)

It's the first "civilian" digital camera in space... I'd love to see what the NRO engineers used in those days...

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On article Lost 1960s moon photos recovered from analog tapes (41 comments in total)
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CanonKen: Developing film in space!? Cool! I know they would do satellite recon, then drop the film back to earth, but didn't know they developed in space.

He was brilliant... but he also nearly bankrupted the company with Polavision when video based products were already hitting the market. After all he was human... we could use a few folks like him today!

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On article Drone films SpaceX rocket launch and landing (73 comments in total)
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Roland Karlsson: So - what is that rocket doing?

Lifting a little and then landing?

When is that capability useful?

Yes but the amount of fuel needed for a soft landing pretty much halves the booster's capability... or makes it twice as large... this has its uses, but it is not the ultimate technology. I don't see this technology being used in a Saturn V-type booster... But maybe a way to recover the crew module... just like in Buck Rogers! No parachure (unless emergency) and no runway!! But a big rocket needed to slow down the terminal velocity to a soft touchdown.

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InTheMist: I miss the old birds. Private companies are getting it done faster and cheaper tho.

InTheMist, appropriately named... you're lost in the mist of wishful thinking... we need the government to create bold initiatives and provide the funding and let private industry accomplish the goals... privatizing space is never going to take us to the moon or create the next Shuttle. No private company could build the Hoover Dam, the Interstate Highway System, win WWII, or put us on the moon! As a former NASA staffer I saw what had become of the great Moon program in the early '80s and it made me sick... what that morphed into today breaks my heart. We need a space-equivalent of Edison's workshop, not a limited route truck hauling system limited to a couple of pickup trucks with Russian-built engines!

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Vaughn T.Winfree: I miss the birds and what they were capable of doing.. They built the ISS and NASA was a great place to work for when I was there. I sat in that very comanders seat before at Launch Pad 39A in the vertical position of course. It was a great era and I was sad to see it go... I feel like we have fallen behind on space exploration and what we could be accomplishing now. I can only hope that private companies can get things going in the right direction in a much faster pace... Space X is doing a fantastic job thus far. I am glad I was a part of it....

No private company in it right mind will ever fund something on this scale... not in our New Amerika... dollars to social program blackholes, not to study stellar blackholes! I fear for our Nation when we turn our backs on bold space initiatives that actually RETURN money to the coffers... not drain it and cause more debt. America once dominated high-tech... no longer... and underfunding NASA was one big nail in that coffin.

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it will be decades, if ever, that we reach this level of space travel capability. Comparing this to the tuna cans of Orion (that may never fly) or the 1960s era Soviet rockets now the only route to orbit... it make me want to vomit and it's not from space sickness... it's from our backwardness and shortsightedness....

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On article 1991 Nikon-Kodak hack was first DSLR in space (67 comments in total)

And now we have to pray the Russians don't forget to unlock the door of the next Soyuze rocket for a single Amerikanski to pay mega Rubles for a ride into space ... Thank you Mr. Obama and your Republican counterparts for underfunding NASA all these decades!

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On article 1991 Nikon-Kodak hack was first DSLR in space (67 comments in total)

Kodak folded because (among many issues) they allowed the RS-232 port to be on the front of the camera! Amazing stuff... wonder what the crop factor and pixel count of this Million Dollar prototype was? Anyone say in the video... I jumped around and didn't catch every line.

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Coliban: I´m so sad.

Anja Niedringshaus was a german photographer, i try to translate and would like to share some quotes with you, she gave in one of her last interviews for a german magazine.

About Afghans:
"I see their (warm) characters, which doesn't exists (in the west) anymore. How often i slept on the ground in houses from normal afghan families. They share all their belongings and they even don´t know me!"

About war:
"We (in the west) believe that we can bring peace with militia and weapons. But with that you achieve nothing. I became the greatest pacifist, since i work (as a war photographer). You don´t solve problems with tanks."

About dead:
"Dead is coming to me when colleagues are dying. Then i ask, if is it worth it. But no one of my (now dead friends) would say: Stop your work. As long as I do not get tired and about what I see every day, do not feel normal, I will continue."

Anja, RIP... and remember her legacy

(forgive my bad english)

typical European leftist response... you don't solve problems with tanks??? How about how the Allies ended the nightmare of Nazi butchery in WWII with Sherman Tanks??? How about how NATO tanks defended you Europeans from the horrors of Soviet oppression during the Cold War??

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On article Mockups emerge of new Olympus OM-D 'OM-G' (333 comments in total)

As a write/editor for the last 40 years, I can say that not everyone should be producing "FUNNY" things on April 1... and especially something as stupid as this... beyond the name OM-G, it's not funny! Just because the writer watched Monty Python TV shows and thinks he/she is the life of the party when drunk or high... you shouldn't try to be funny in print!!! I would have liked something more "in your face funny" for April Fools, if you absolutely have to do something... but here you have a lot of folks thinking that Olympus may have really hit on something great.

This is about as funny as the April Fool's article that appeared in a heating and air conditioning trade magazine published by a company I worked for... saying that R-12 refrigerant would be replaced with R-13 1/2 was the rib tickling highpoint of that disaster... now this...

DP Review... BAD ON YOU!!!! You could have done something REALLY FUNNY!

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MichaelIsGreat4: These pictures would be SO MUCH BETTER IN COLOR!!!

There is this false idea (sometimes even snobbish, falsely "hip" idea) that quality pictures ought to be in black and white! Wrong!! It is much worse when a good picture is in black and white than if it would have been color.
Why? We live in a world full of colors, WE DO NOT LIVE IN A WORLD THAT IS BLACK AND WHITE!!!!!!

Thanks for sharing anyway these pictures.

True, our world is full color (unless you're colorblind)... but photos are NOT REALITY!!! They are two-dimensional representations of that reality and BW images are a way of emphasizing content, what is happening, rather than the totality... just as you might darken boarders to bring the viewer to the main subject... BW says LOOK AT THIS DETAIL... and not the totality! NOW GO SIT IN A CORNER AND FACE THE WALL while you look at all the work of great photojournalists of the last 160 years!!! :o)

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Numbers 9, 10, and the last one... WOW!
The child trough the rainy window is a masterpiece IHMO!

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On article Camera from NASA's moon missions sold at auction (104 comments in total)
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Ergo607: seriously, some people have way too much money....

I think that every time I see someone buy sporting event tickets, most concert tickets, RAP album downloads, etc. To each his own... at least somebody has the cash for reinvestment!

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On article Camera from NASA's moon missions sold at auction (104 comments in total)
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Nukunukoo: The Chinese, with their current lunar missions would definitely love to expose the USA of staging the missions, but nothing. The Russians, would love exposing the hoax to the world about those fake missions, nothing would boost them more during the Cold war, but nothing. The Indians with plans to land an unmanned lander close to the Apollo 11 site and will show pictures someday but the conspiracists will scream "props!". The LRO (Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter) have been taking Landing Site pictures since 2008 but NOOOOO... those are obvious fakes.

Need Proof? Take it from a master Cinematographer:

Wow, an intelligent space-savvy gal who stands her ground... I'd ask you to marry me if I weren't already married, old, fat and falling apart! -- a former NASA PAO

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On article Review: Ona Lima camera strap (148 comments in total)
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samfan: I pity anyone who uses the original strap that came with the camera and doesn't know better. Those straps prove the camera manufacturers have just contempt for their users. So uncomfortable they might as well be made of chains and poison ivy, but of course, with a huge colorful logo or several.

No wonder my head keeps getting severed! And my arm fell off twice in the last month! Thank God there are hipsters like yourself who understand the true nature of the universe and keep the accessory strap manufacturers in business! :o)

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On article 900MP portraits show human face in extreme detail (284 comments in total)

God, we are all hairy beasties! I checked out the young lady...don't think I have the guts to zoom in on the grannies... Sure does help you understand the work of dermatologists!!!

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On article Nikon D4s unboxing: It's arrived! (258 comments in total)

I played this photo sequence with "strip tease" music... I am so hot right now... :o)

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