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gbvalli: i think that for an only lens would be more useful a 35 mm .

The choice of 28mm is carefully thought by leica. As mentioned above, a crop mode can give you 35mm with decent amount of pixel and some sort of f2 Dof. You don't need to buy add-on lens to change FL as fuji does.

What's more, when you are in 35mm crop mode, you see frameline which gives you the same experience when you use a leica rangefinder and you see the extra space out of the frame, which is nice for street work.

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km25: I have a Leica M7 and I am big Leica fan, but A Fuji X-E1 and a Fujion 18-55 zoom lens cost half the cost of new Leica and you can change the lens and it is less than half. The Leica lens goes from F3.5 and the Fujion is F2.8, only a half of a stop. But at 80mm the Fujion, which is longer, max's out at F4. The Leica is F5.6, a full stop. Oh and the Fujion has OIS. Both 16MP, but Fuji has no AA and killer JPEGs. Oh and the X-E1 has a EVF. You have to buy the Leica.
Leica foot shoot. Like the X-1 and X-2, this camra will not sell. $3k, uhg. I would rather waste $3k on the Sony RX-1.
How sad!

f5.6? you overestimated it.

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On article Is this the new Leica 'Mini M'? (369 comments in total)

when does dpreview turn to be a rumor website ?

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This man was once in Digitalrev.

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was he close enough ?

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DaveCS: I have played with the camera at my local shop and, to be honest, I liked how it felt in the hand. I've been waiting for a "replacement" to the Ricoh GRD series (yes there's talk of a GRD V with an APSC sensor but I've seen no proof nor any firm confirmation from Pentax/Ricoh). I honestly thought Nikon was dumb for bringing this camera out - I've since changed my mind.

This camera has a lot going for it - not just great IQ as many have stated - the ergonomics (which is what led me to the GRD series in the first place) are ALMOST as good as Ricoh - I would say that the Coolpix A is second only to the GRD in terms of ergonomics. The sensor is ridiculously good and so is the lens on the A - yes it costs more but compare it to the Sigma DP Merills. This camera fits into my pocket has better IQ than my Samsung smartphone and I would enjoy using it. Those are 3 winning reasons right there to look at this seriously.

I totally agree with DaveCS. Ricoh is working very hard, I think, on the GRD V. My intuitive thinking is that some very unique feature is being added on, which will not disappoint its core user. Because otherwise it should have come at the same time of Nikon A. After all, I wish they would conserve the auto SNAP mode in the next generation. This active autofocus mode seems working more or less the same way as the old film rangefinder(TC-1, etc). It is superb useful for street.

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MrSkelter: I'm so sick of this. When is Nikon going to give us a pocketable camera with the D800 sensor, a 14-400 zoom lens and 4K video for under $500? It's time to take the lead!

Good job! super ironic!

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tkbslc: Ugh, 28mm equiv? Did they not see how "well" the Sigma DP1 sold?

And no 18.5mm f2.8 will not "allow users to shoot with a shallow depth of field to blur backgrounds for professional-looking photos"

18mm f3.5 is what all the kit lenses can do, this gets me a whole 2/3 a stop of "professional" photo ability.

you totally get the point.
This camera is not meant to sell well, but aimed at true photographers who do not need bokeh to let their photo look "professional".

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atamola: What the hell are those people at Nikon smoking?

Apparently they haven't registered the V1 fiasco

--------- Lens 28mm f/2.8 ------------
(Who the hell was asking for a fixed 28mm f/2.8?!!)
- X100/s Fujinon 35mm (equiv) f/2
- RX1 Zeiss 35mm f/2
- OM-D E-M5 + 34mm (equiv) f/1.8

------- 90% coverage optical viewfinder --------
- X100/s leading hybrid viewfinder
- RX1 EVF or Zeiss optional
- OM-D E-M5 EVF + tilting screen

------- Max Shutter speed 1/2000 ----------
- X100/s 1/4000 + Built-in ND
- RX1 1/4000
- OM-D E-M5 1/4000

-------- Sync speed (???) --------
- X100/s 1/4000 !!!!
- RX1 1/2000!!!
- OM-D E-M5 1/250
------ Max FPS: less than 4 ------
- X100/s 5/6
- RX1 5
- OM-D E-M5 9

Bottom-line 1: Not from my pocket.
Bottom-line 2: Nikon is completely clueless about what's going on in the market

I just want to say the Coolpix A is designed for a true street shooter, but not a spec perv.

Please verify your sync speed data. I think even EOS 1DX can not do 1/4000s.

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Retzius: I am willing to bet that this lens formulation (18.5mm f2.8) for DX format makes an appearance as the long awaited DX wide angle prime lens for their DX SLR line.

I bet not. A 18.5mm f2.8 prime in DX format sounds very nice to a semi-pro/pro, but not to a normal consumer, who determines what product will be on the market.

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ybizzle: LOL! Fuji X100S owns this in every way for about the same price! Good thing I ordered mine already! ;)

Fuji loses in terms of pocketability. It is much less offensive as well due to its very small size. Believe me or not, this camera is designed for a true street photographer, but not a appearance perv.

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h2k: I still think you shouldn't use "DX format" as a general term of photography, instead say "APS-C format" or "APS-C format (called DX format by Nikon)". By saying "DX format", you're kind of making your self part of Nikon PR and make us believe that "DX format" is a regular, general term.

I see that in the intro to this artice you use first "DX" and then "APS-C" equivalently. But to people unfamiliar with Nikon PR speak, it might not be clear hear that "DX" and "APS-C" mean the same thing.

Yes, it is a small quibble; but i always get nervous when a single manufacturer's PR speak gets adopted as general English, when there is already a clear term without brand affiliation.

@ vFunct. I totally agree with you. For instance, Canon's APS-C format is little bit smaller than the one of Nikon, Sony, etc. Use of DX is more accurate.

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On article Nikon Coolpix P330 Hands-on Preview (87 comments in total)

when all the people are attracted onto the Coolpix A. I am still get excited for the big improvement on the small little P3XXX series.

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I am confused by the Hybrid AF ability of the 50 f1.8 and 30 f3.5 lenses. In the extended review of NEX6, which is just posted before, it is claimed that "Note that this hybrid AF technology is not compatible with any of the fixed focal length E-mount lenses except the high-end Sonnar T* 24mm F1.8 ZA. And existing E-mount zooms will require a firmware update.".

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On article CP+ 2013: Casio Interview (44 comments in total)

I originally thought Q is made by Casio instead of Pentax

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xc1427: I heard that when sigma lens mounted on NEX, it needs 3-4s to power on for the camera. Is that true ???

If so, I wll definitely go sony.

thanks guys, I researched the information. That is on the M43 systems where we find a noticeable start up delay.

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I heard that when sigma lens mounted on NEX, it needs 3-4s to power on for the camera. Is that true ???

If so, I wll definitely go sony.

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On article Just Posted: Pentax MX-1 hands-on preview (173 comments in total)

I do think this camera borrows thought from RICOH GRD series, which is the one-hand operationality. This may explain why there is no popular front control ring found on this camera.

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