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Stephen_C: Nothing says "Success" like dropping the price so low. The problem is that I am reminded of Admiral Ackbar's famous line when it comes to getting invested in an open ended subscription with a program that uses proprietary image files.

I am not a fan of "subscription plans" been against it since it's inception. This being said, the Adobe dng file format is NOT a proprietary format, it is an OPEN format. As for the psd files practically every serious photo editing software can open it without any problems, even Gimp can do it"
On the principle alone I still prefer the old licensing scheme even if at 10$ a month it's a good deal. Because nothing would stand in their way if they decided to increase their rates, which by the way if they do they'll lose me, I'll then go back to my Photoshop CS6 and look for good alternatives.

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mdmiataman: Its a scam. Nobody in this day and age gives away free software unless they want to get something else back from you in return. You get a very pretty page stating you are the proud owner of a Perfect Effects 8 Premium Edition and showing you a long series of numbers as your License Number. Then when you go back a second time to open it up it asks for a sign on, prompting you to add your license number. That page won't accept the numbers that you're given.
Bottom line is you have a 30 day trial program,..
DPREVIEW,... you should be ashamed of yourself for letting your readers this this is a free software,..!!

Not a scam, they made the same offer with version 4. which I used for a long time, now they do it with version 8. Installation went through without a hitch, didn't have to turn off the Anti-Virus, just adjusted the firewall so it recognized the software and that's it. It's NOT a 30 days version.

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joe6pack: Before I install it, can someone tell me more about this software?

How big is the installation? I don't have Lr or PS.

Are there services running in the background even if I don't run the software? e.g. DRM, Update, etc

Review on Amazon isn't so exciting. I understand this is FREE but there are a lot of harm a bad software is capable of doing.

OnOne Software is a serious company, I used Perfect Effects 4 for a long time as a plugin, Perfect Effets 8 is a great addition to your tools at no cost to you. As for services running in the background well, your guess is as good as mine. I feel more secure about using PerfectEffects contrary to using apps on Facebook like lots of people do.
Your call.

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As long as they keep Lightroom OUT of the Cloud I'll be upgrading, though I will NO LONGER transform my RAW files into DNG.
More so, as a CreativeSuite user, I will NOT subscribe to the cloud, because we are not in the habit of upgrading to every new version (we were upgrading every other one or so) the increased cost is unacceptable in our current business plan. Time to return to QuarkXPress I guess.
And if Lightroom becomes subscription only then I'll switch to DxO

Goodbye Adobe

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