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HomoSapiensWannaBe: I'm still waiting for Fuji to make the X100s in black. If they do, and don't charge a higher price for it, then I'll consider buying one, depending on what else has been released by then. Meanwhile, the Sigma 35/1.4 on a D600 gives great technical results, but I sometimes wish it were smaller and lighter, hence the desire for the X100s. Another attraction of the X100s is the ability to sync flash at much higher shutter speeds. C'mon Fuji, don't keep me waiting!

For what it's worth, when I began in photography in the fifties, all camera had chrome. It was the standard finish.
Then it was common to cover all the chrome with Scotch black photographic tape. I did that to my Contax IIa, then three Leica M-series cameras, Nikon, Pentax, and so forth. It made them less conspicuous to subjects and less valuable to thieves.

Now that most cameras are black, I still use the tape to cover non-essential markings (they aren't paying me to promote their name!).

Tyler Monson

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