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On article Nikon 1 System First Impressions (248 comments in total)

As for the price? Yes, that's $200 more than a high end pocket, but this has 3-6x the sensor size and accepts interchangeable lenses. If you guys actually cared about the price, Samsung would not be an also-ran. If you guys didn't care at all, then the Fuji X100 would be commanding $2000 on eBay. Neither are true. Instead the mirrorless in the $600-800 kits are the only ones selling in numbers that don't scream to Nikon and Canon as being a niche (and in Canon's case, they need to scream a bit louder).

Nobody is buying a mirrorless with external optical viewfinder. That's why even the V1 has the viewfinder integrated.

By the way, I voted with my $. I am a Nikon photographer, but also own/owned a Leica M8 (retro styling and quality lens selection), Olympus E-P1 and E-P2 (enthusiast ILC with anti-shake), and Sony WX1 (processor features). My vote was counted, but I was outvoted.

I learned to deal with it, you should too.

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On article Nikon 1 System First Impressions (248 comments in total)

Here is some tough love:

If a lot of you people griping would vote with your dollars instead of your mouth, Nikon would have come out with a camera you wanted.

Want a mirrorless with APS-C sensor? Buy a Sony NEX
Want a mirrorless that is a good value? Buy a Samsung
Want a mirrorless with retro compatibility? Ricoh GX with A mount
Want a smaller compact with ILC? Buy a Pentax Q
Want an optical viewfinder and retro compatibility? Buy a Fuji X100
Want a mirror less with enthusiast friendly controls and a grip that doesn't cost $? Buy an Olympus E-P3.

The reality is that nobody is buying these in numbers to justify a new lens mount for Nikon (need a new mount because of the smaller register distance). What is selling well is a mirrorless ILC ~ $600 with styling and features similar to a compact. All the new designs are heading to more automation, clean lines, and touch screens because that's what people are buying

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