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  • The new CPU models. Thank you Russell
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    Pentax has some models with Hyper Program Mode.  You might want to play around with it to see if you like the way it works if you have a body that supports it. Thank you Russell
  • I would say it is all about QA testing and cost; that it will be a bit of an effort and take some time, probably more time that is left in the lifecycle of Win7 and Win8/8.1, so there is little ...
  • If someone did steal your drive, even if they didn't have plans to do anything with the information, you still would have to react to it and place credit stops, monitors, and whatever else needs ...
  • If you use the option to write XMP files, you will have both the database and the XMP files to fall back on. Thank you Russell
  • MS isn't probably doing any QA with the old and new updates on the newer hardware, so maybe it is in yours and their best interest to block the updates. It probably would take MS three years plus ...
  • You might want to give Windows Update Minitool a try. Even on Win10 it is a nice to have tool. ...
  • All I can say is that you aren't buying the same product as you get in the Adobe subscription. If you want the product in the Adobe subscription, there is only one way to get it. Thank you Russell
  • LR6 is not the same as LR-CC. There are features are missing from LR6 compared to LR-CC, so it is more like LR6 is an old version that just so happens to have the old licensing model. It's the ...
  • Doesn't do everything on your list, but it is ad supported so you can check it out. If you like it, you can remove the ads for us $1.99 Phot ...
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    If you insist on staying ignorant, then by all means, wallow on. Thank you Russell
  • Capture One can be a one time purchase or a subscription. It is the same with PaintShop Pro. Only Adobe as the subscription only policy. A subscription service is useful for business users for tax ...
  • Deleted files that have synced to ACD are moved into a trash directory on the cloud service for 30 days. You can log into the web site and move the files back. Thank you Russell
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    Responding to a post is the same in either Flat or Threaded view. You need to select the post you are actually replying to, before hitting the Reply, or Reply with Quote, button as the forum ...
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    You are not using the technology right then. Do you not see the "In reply to ______" at the top of the posts in every reply posted? It specifically says what poster you are replying to. If you ...
  • S2 cable, US $7.79 DSLR Remote Retractable USB cable, ...
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    It seems like saying "PhotoSync, it just works" in a reply to my post, means you expect Send Anywhere not to work?  I haven't had any issues with Send Anywhere, have you? Send Anywhere just works, ...
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    IOS, Andriod, Windows, Mac, Linux, Kindle, Chrome App, and Web, clients. Thank you Russell
  • For just on camera and to carry around, the Godox TT350s at US $85, is the lowest priced option with HSS. If you are ...
  • Do you have the free version for the DXO one? That one only works with DXO'S canera. Thank you Russell
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