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Wow, same price as a brand new Audi 😁

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Lol, street photography was dead the minute cars came in a color besides black.

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grock: Hmmm, when I saw "Red Foxconn" I was hoping for some sort of animatronic Sanford and Son staging.

Sounds like a stage name you’d see on Comedy Central 😄

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It probably forwards all your nudes to Russia just in case you run for office later.

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agrumpyoldsod: I am sure they have a sharper image than the first image (horses) that you guys could have posted.

There's a good chance the website's webmaster horsed around with the photos to resize them for the website, a task no webmaster should ever attempt. Few are really good at that.

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Jambon-Beurre: Lots of hate here...I've had one of these for 3 years now, and it replaced a 7-yr-old MacPro tower. It's handled everything I've thrown at it, and then some! It's a great machine!

I disagree... Mine does 4k just fine. Far better then my windows machine, which binds up any time I throw 4k at it. The MacPro is smooth as glass... it's like comparing silk to burlap.

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On article Adobe CC Announcements: What you need to know (181 comments in total)

I'd say that those who whine about CC probably have no idea how to effectively use 95% of the features LR or PS. For those of us that have already used PS for 20 years, and LR for maybe 10, the sheer power of the software for enabling us to turn pixels in to $$'s, including infinite updates, is a grand bargain!!! I spend more then that on coffee every month, which is btw, equally important.

This is good business, not some crybaby Tea Party event. :)

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