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Currently shooting K-5 IIs (since November '13) and Ricoh GR (September '13) and loving it!

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  • Created discussion thread GR does Budapest panorama
    A handheld panorama made up out of 4 horizontal shots (each with 3 bracketed exposures) which cover the western bank of the Danube river between the Margit bridge and the Chain bridge. (Click ...
  • Replied in Blown away!
    I'm a great fan of HDR (tastefully done for all the right reasons, not the gory stuff) on the computer, with multiple exposures (sometimes even from a single raw) but have always held you cannot ...
  • Although the OS has been upgraded over the years and is the latest and greatest. As all of the bits and pieces are still working I see no reason to upgrade the hardware just yest. My laptop is ...
  • Like you I sometimes wonder. We have always owned dogs, quite large ones as well but I'm sure they'd merely bark (if at all) and possibly cuddle up against the burglar whom they'd see as merely ...
  • If I hear them in the house, switch on the lights and call the police. By the time they enter the bedroom it'd be too late for that. A pillow fight wouldn't be helpful, I do not keep anything in ...
  • Replied in I can only
    offer you a Pentax answer. I've been caught at times in a downpour with the K-5 and the DA*50-135mm which is a fully WR combo. I do always take care not to open any doors on the camera body ...
  • Replied in NEVER!
    Simple logic: 1. If I would ever, at any time in the future need DNG for some odd reason (unlikely as most software ratains backwards compatibility with existing raw formats), I can always convert ...
  • my time and everyone else's. Thanks for the heads-up, Janoch. Appreciated.
  • Replied in Good and bad
    No virus: good No recovery: bad It seems you are stuck then. How badly do you need those files and why were there so many on an SD card? Never backed up?
  • But I don't use Windows so can't help you there.
  • At least before going overboard and opening the card up. An SD card shouldn't need a dustfree environment, sounds like someone trying to sucker you into spending big bucks. Try Recuva or PhotoRec ...
  • What a ridiculous question. No sense of reality or any understanding of the global nature of this forum.
  • Replied in Wrong!
    That's for the traditional windmills which are not so much of an eyesore and regarded as pecrious historic heritage. There is actually a lot of protest any time a wind turbine is planned anywhere, ...
  • Replied in Darktable
    is quickly becoming the standard and the new GIMP2.9.5 even uses it as raw plugin in order to complete a wing2wing 16-bit workflow.
  • We've had our share of complaints in the Low Countries as well, especially that tourists would stay away from our NorthSea beaches because of the windparks 20 clicks out to see (as in the below ...
  • My "who cares" was a response to your statement that "plenty of better educated and wealthier people voted to leave". If you don't really have a clue what your own statements are all about, why are ...
  • Why exactly would Brexit not be "any of my business"? Being a citizen of one of the other 27 EU member states makes it very much my business.
  • Well, the US elections are not my concern either, that's for the Americans to worry about.
  • Replied in Who cares?
    Just file the darned article 50 already and get the h3ll out of the EU. I'm sure you'll do perfectly fine and to be honest, we'll do so much better without the UK weighing us down. There will be no ...
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