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vesa1tahti: What is the situation in Europe? No information from Nikon or from retailers available?

Netherlands: service email to registered D750 owners stating they will address the issues and inform customers about timing. IMHO nothing wrong with the strategy here. The flaw which was discovered is unfortunate and will be addressed proactively so what else would you want?

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On article Behind the Shot: Lost in Space (89 comments in total)

I don't get it! None of the negative posters "saw" the shot conceptually to begin with, much less going out in a challenging environment actually mastering equipment which tends to function less, break down faster and be difficult to set up or control. (think gloves, polar suits, limited range of movement etc.).

Yet lots of people seem to "know it all" when it comes to differentiating between "art" and "photography" (if there were ever a need to do that) and those same people know instinctively what was wrong with the processing steps, the software used or the tweaks performed.

Yet here we have a stunning image with a complete narrative of how it was created, provided free and open for all to learn from. Maybe nobody will go out to that particular mountain in that particular country to shoot those particular panorama shots - yet we all get to pick what we want to learn from this.

For some, the answer seems to be "we do not wish to learn anything", sad.

I have learned a lot!


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GraemeF: I have mixed views on HDR - I definitely prefer the more natural look where HDR has been used to try to capture the scene as it looked to the human eye. I'm not so much of a fan of the over-cooked 'artificial' look that's often produced by HDR processing. However, that's just my personal taste. Photography is an art form - like any other art, it will polarise opinions....

It's a very informative and well written article. Thanks for sharing!

I second that wholeheartedly. Using HDR can be a boon when capturing scenes that tax a sensor's ability to capture DR. HDR is also extremely useful to bring out textures and small detail that are often lost. When used carefully, with restraint, HDR can be really awesome.

Once it goes over the top, it CAN work but only very rarely does. A bit like solarizing, posterizing, Warhol-like treatment and all of the other extremer image deformations. It quickly becomes a gimmick - a boring one at that...

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samyb123: Also from what this video shows they just took photos of the buildings with security guards, which would be suspicious to a security guard.


Come on! If you want to blow up a building you need something better than a compact superzoom. The IQ on those is terrible! You can't really blow that up beyond A4 and even then it's not going to look good.

My advice to would be terrorists: if you want to blow something up, go for large-format camera's like the Pentax645D or at least a full-frame DSLR. The little-bitty spy cameras will not do the job!

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