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Ian: Queue the usual comments about how expensive it is. I don't own anything Leica, but I don't own a Ferrari, either. They're both expensive and most of us can't afford them.

Get over it and go shoot what you've got.

Key here is the build quality. Getting ones head around the cost associated with producing high-end build quality is difficult. Most of us can't appreciate it. More don't care to do so. I think that if, say, Fuji replicated Leica's build quality for a much lower price, then I'd say critics of Leica had a point.

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Boeing skipper: I'm a Canon 5D4 user, I don't mind its size (in fact, I find the A7 series too small for my hands), I don't mind its optical viewfinder, and I suppose IBIS could be implemented on a DSLR just like it is on a mirrorless cameras.
Could someone who shoots mirrorless cameras tell us what is there to gain from a potential Canon high-end full frame mirrorless, over say a 5D4?
All I can think of is the eye-AF feature. Is there any other benefit?
I never had an issue with the optical viewfinder, is an EVF going to improve my photography or is it just a gimmick given that all my lenses autofocus very well?

If Canon has to create an all new mount, or stick with the current EF-M mount, I don't think Canon users will switch over as they don't want to use an adapter.

I'm a long-time Canon user that used to think as you do (I've got a 5D3). Use the EVF and you will come to appreciate that you can change settings and immediately see what those changes mean to your photograph. No need to chimp. I also use the Sony A6500 for travel and find it great for that purpose. I'm waiting to upgrade my Canon 5D3 to see what happens. I love Canon, they've been flawless, but the new Sony's are quite spectacular, and the 5D4 doesn't seem worth the upgrade to me. Just my $.02.

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On article CP+ 2018: Hands-on with the new Tamron 70-210mm F4 VC (76 comments in total)
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GinoSVK: Canon EF 70-200mm f/4L IS USM cost in EU 823€, Tamron will be sharper, with better controlled optics, and more powerful stabilizer as well, +/- all about the Tamron price tag...

I think along your lines, but would like to add that the Canon will have better resale value. Question is, is the savings of the Tamron worth it? For me, probably not, but for others this looks like a great option.

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Magnar W: I wonder: How many posters here use their cameras often in harsh climate?

Also: How many use their cameras unsheltered in pouring rain? If so, how do you avoid water droplets on the front element of the lens?

In FL and in many climates, without warning T-storms are a common occurrence. One can get drenched in seconds on what was otherwise a beautiful day.

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Thanks to DPreview for this post. I appreciate it.

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On article PowerShot Shootout: Canon's G1 X III vs G7 X II (255 comments in total)
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Lederhosen: This kind of holistic comparison ought to be a staple of your reviews. Rather than always harping on the smaller sensor size of m43 cameras, for instance, why not look at real-world equivalencies? How much light can an Olympus EM1 MkII gather with a 1.2 lens—what kind of depth-of-field can it achieve—compared to a Sony A7riii with an equivalent-sized lens? Given the slow shutter speeds now allowed by sensor stabilization, how often does the advantage of full-frame really come into play?

I think this actual comparisons of image quality are very useful. Without them we take the relative minor tech specs and blow them up out of all proportion to what they actually mean in shooting. There seems to be less difference here than one would anticipate, and that is for reasons the dpreview staff suggested earlier. Well done.

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Shunda77: Boycott the b@stards.
They deserve to take a massive hit for this and no amount of lying can hide that fact that their bean counting and marketing department created this plan to boost sales at the expense of their loyal customers.
At least with their competitors you can buy a new battery for 20 bucks (or less) and do it yourself whenever you like.

Fran’s, hilarious to hear that kind of idiocy from a German! Tell me, Franz, why do Germans hate Europe so? Every few decades or so they try to destroy it. First by war, now by unrestricted immigration, all in the service of one failed ideology or another. Get your own house in order.

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Michael Ma: Was this made for the Canadian military? That would explain the excellent condition of this camera.

What an idiotic thing to say, RolliPoli. Outcome of WWII apparent in December 1941? You should take your own advice and learn some military history.

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HowaboutRAW: And how did this bit of touristing and nightsky photography aid Puerto Rico in recovery from the devastation of hurricane? Don't answer: "monies spent at the hotel went to locals"?

What did José Francisco Salgado do about restoring the electric grid, and citizen's access to potable water? If he can't say, he really shouldn't have visited PR.

Virtue signalling and getting your facts wrong. Nice.

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KubeKube: At this price levels Apple should throw in a free bitcoin to attract enough customers.

Apple is the new Leica.

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On article Teardown: Sony a7R III weather sealing examination (42 comments in total)

I wonder if weather sealing on the level of pro Canon and Nikons would add much bulk and weight and that is why Sony is reluctant to do so. My guess is no, but surely it would have some effect. Mirrorless puts such pride in lightness and compactness that even a mm or two would be bad.

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Loved this article, thanks Barney! Yes, quality and simplicity have their champions.

An M10 is out of my price range but I tried a (perhaps) poor alternative and learned something important about my own style/priorities. I used a Sony A6500 with a Voigtlander M mount (with adaptor) 21mm f4, using focus peaking, for 2 weeks doing the tourist thing in Hong Kong. Loved it! But I have to confess I missed my zooms more than I anticipated, and my autofocus a bit. That cured me of Leica lust somewhat.

All the best, Malik

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I'm switching from the PS and LR for Affinity Photo. Simply don't want to pay month by month with no end in sight.

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Gesture: No way to enforce, but it makes more sense that any batteries be removed and hand-carried and let the batteryless items be allowed in cargo.

Tough to take the battery out of an iPad or many other devices.

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vadims: Michael Reichmann, who shot Hasselblads, top PhaseOne MF backs etc. once complained on his LL site that camera phones became too good and got himself some cheap ($20?) toy camera making 1Mp or so images, just to have some fun with it.

One thing I miss since film days is a sense of wonder I had while developing film and then printing it (I was always doing that myself): what would come out of that shot? And that shot? For that reason, I'm still thinking about getting a digital camera with just an optical viewfinder, w/o any LCD at all. Leica M-D obviously fits the bill, but only metaphorically; a wee bit too expensive for that sort of use... ;-)

I'm not saying Y35 is for me; those cartridges are, well, bonkers. But I wouldn't judge anyone who'd buy Y35 for fun, let alone call them "fools" (as Mr. Murabayashi did). Anyone who even mentions image quality while discussing Y35 is simply clueless; it's all about fun. And anyone who tries to tell me what is and what in't fun may go to hell.

"And anyone who tries to tell me what is and what in't fun may go to hell."

Wow, a bit of an extreme view there, no?

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On article Canon EOS Rebel SL2 / EOS 200D Review (558 comments in total)
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armandino: Great little camera, but as usual by Canon overpriced and underwhelming specifications. Sony A6000 is 3 years old, costs less and does a lot more, and it is a lot smaller too.
Sure people will say, but how about the lenses? Of course! That is why Canon is ripping you off, using its name and ecosystem to leverage an overpriced product. A small plastic box with a pentamirror in it and bottom end technology in it should be far cheaper.

@Armandino: Canon is simply not the company you want them to be. Choose someone else. Canon is playing its role very well, imho. It has the best brand in photography, and that does not require it to have leading edge technology. Other market leaders behave similarly in other markets (Rolex, Toyota, Apple). None of these companies have the best tech in their markets, but they all get the job done and are utterly reliable.

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Bravo, this needed saying, Allison. Esp this bit, relative to DSLR's:

"They're big, confusing and come with a significant learning curve. Camera manufacturers have been able to sell cameras to somewhat unwilling customers because they alone held the keys to better images."

Yet when this exact point has been made by others on the site, they are attacked. "If you don't like the features, don't use them," they say. Yet this misses the point. The cel phone interface is easy and intuitive. Until DSLR's offer a similar experience (short of a Leica price tag), they will be increasingly challenged by phones.

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Jonathan Brady: Between this reticle and the review, it's pretty clear where DPR stands on the 6D Mark II... Unless you're IN LOVE with Canon or are looking for a backup body, then pass on the 6D Mark II. Better choices are the 80D (better value = invest in lenses) or another brand's entry or even mid level FF (because the price is the same or lower for better tech/results).
I have to agree. In terms of benefits for consumers, the 6D Mark II is a rather narrowly targeted camera. Very few people are better off choosing it over something else. Unfortunately, most people won't bother to educate themselves regarding the options and/or they're so married to the brand that they can't wrap their heads around the fact that they're paying more for less.

I think there is a bit more to it, Jonathan. Canon's brand says reliability, usability, and trustworthiness, traits difficult to evaluate by DPR. These branding traits mean a lot to most consumers, far more than features they will likely not fully appreciate anyway. Enthusiasts like us and the folks at DPR value these features immensely and make our selections based on them. But most folks don't. Hence why Canon and Toyota are market leaders.

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Nice story. I'm an ultralight backpacker who gave up on my ilc (Sony a6000) and now use an iPhone as most photos while hiking are in good light. Also, the iPhone is weather sealed, a handy feature outdoors.

Question is, do you believe the photos were worth the weight of your Pen F?

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entoman: Jack of all trades but master of none? A good choice for the general photographer perhaps, but not for anyone with a specialised interest such as sports, wildlife, landscape, weddings, street photography or portraiture (what does that leave?).

Nikon's D750, already long overdue for an update, is better in almost every respect (apart from video), and is considerably cheaper.

So, sorry Canon, I won't be recommending it to anyone, despite being a Canon 5DS and 5DMkiv user myself.

HowaboutRAW: Seriously, google is your friend:

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