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Bravo, this needed saying, Allison. Esp this bit, relative to DSLR's:

"They're big, confusing and come with a significant learning curve. Camera manufacturers have been able to sell cameras to somewhat unwilling customers because they alone held the keys to better images."

Yet when this exact point has been made by others on the site, they are attacked. "If you don't like the features, don't use them," they say. Yet this misses the point. The cel phone interface is easy and intuitive. Until DSLR's offer a similar experience (short of a Leica price tag), they will be increasingly challenged by phones.

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Jonathan Brady: Between this reticle and the review, it's pretty clear where DPR stands on the 6D Mark II... Unless you're IN LOVE with Canon or are looking for a backup body, then pass on the 6D Mark II. Better choices are the 80D (better value = invest in lenses) or another brand's entry or even mid level FF (because the price is the same or lower for better tech/results).
I have to agree. In terms of benefits for consumers, the 6D Mark II is a rather narrowly targeted camera. Very few people are better off choosing it over something else. Unfortunately, most people won't bother to educate themselves regarding the options and/or they're so married to the brand that they can't wrap their heads around the fact that they're paying more for less.

I think there is a bit more to it, Jonathan. Canon's brand says reliability, usability, and trustworthiness, traits difficult to evaluate by DPR. These branding traits mean a lot to most consumers, far more than features they will likely not fully appreciate anyway. Enthusiasts like us and the folks at DPR value these features immensely and make our selections based on them. But most folks don't. Hence why Canon and Toyota are market leaders.

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Nice story. I'm an ultralight backpacker who gave up on my ilc (Sony a6000) and now use an iPhone as most photos while hiking are in good light. Also, the iPhone is weather sealed, a handy feature outdoors.

Question is, do you believe the photos were worth the weight of your Pen F?

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entoman: Jack of all trades but master of none? A good choice for the general photographer perhaps, but not for anyone with a specialised interest such as sports, wildlife, landscape, weddings, street photography or portraiture (what does that leave?).

Nikon's D750, already long overdue for an update, is better in almost every respect (apart from video), and is considerably cheaper.

So, sorry Canon, I won't be recommending it to anyone, despite being a Canon 5DS and 5DMkiv user myself.

HowaboutRAW: Seriously, google is your friend:

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marc petzold: Wow, a first - no dpreview silver Award, and especially also not a gold Award. The 6D Mk. II does have into the End, inferior performance compared to it's competition.

Not meaning it's a bad DSLR, just not exactly good enough for its performance and price range. I've handled more then twice the past years the original 6D, and always disliked the somehow more mushy, rear Scrollwheel, and less defined Buttons, compared to the original 10D to 50D, 5D series.

A great DSLR doesn't life by it's Sensor performance all alone, the whole System (AF Module, Sensor, Haptics, Electronics, Optic (OVF coverage & Quality) etc. needs to play as a whole great together.

Whileas the D750 isn't the direct competition for the 6D Mark II (the D610 is), it's being a bit long into the tooth, waiting for being replaced by a D760 or other successor, it's still a lot cheaper & also better from IQ, AF & performance than the 6D II.

In Germany, the 6D II is (almost) 400 EUR more expensive as the D750 Body.

An often neglected are of performance and one difficult for DPR to assess is reliability. Nikon products, esp. the D750, have been plagued with reliability issues and recalls. Canon does better on this. That is important to many consumers, perhaps more so than some of the performance metrics so important to DPR and the worthies posting here.

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entoman: Jack of all trades but master of none? A good choice for the general photographer perhaps, but not for anyone with a specialised interest such as sports, wildlife, landscape, weddings, street photography or portraiture (what does that leave?).

Nikon's D750, already long overdue for an update, is better in almost every respect (apart from video), and is considerably cheaper.

So, sorry Canon, I won't be recommending it to anyone, despite being a Canon 5DS and 5DMkiv user myself.

Well, the D750's reliability problems should be mentioned. Several recalls. The Canon will likely prove rock solid, reliability-wise.

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The internet is putting millions of people out of work. Why should photographer's be any different? Adapt or die. No one cared when other craftsmen and entire industries became technologically obsolete. All this moralizing is missing the point.

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Zigmont: Meanwhile, 40,000 Americans died in car accidents in 2016 and 8,800 people have died so far in 2017 from gun violence. But hey, you got to have your priorities, after all, terrorists are scary.

Nothing proves your point better, jnd, than going through Tel Aviv. No terrorism and no nonsense. They profile. Time we began doing so.

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CaMeRa QuEsT: So, 3 years on and Canon can't make the 6DMKII competitive against the D750? Why bother then? Oh boy, is this camera gonna get spanked!

Noogy is right. The D600 was a debacle.

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Marty4650: Nice photos. Well written article too.

I really think Canon EOS M is the real sleeper in the MILC world. This is a very capable camera that is only hampered by being priced way too high, and having such a limited selection of native AF lenses.

Once those two issues are resolved, it may end up being the dominant crop sensor MILC format, due to the huge installed base of Canon users, their brand loyalty, and the overall competence of Canon in engineering, design and marketing.

Sony, Fuji, Olympus and Panasonic should be very grateful that Canon chooses to price EOS M cameras and lenses so high.

Not without a viewfinder, it isn't.

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This is excellent. Very much appreciated, as these sorts of questions are exactly the ones I ask myself. I've got two kits, one a no-compromise full frame beast, and the other a travel kit. It is the travel kit I agonize over, debate endlessly and continually second guess. Seems there are shortcomings among admittedly excellent offerings from several camera makers. My only quibble would be to put low-light capability higher on the priority list as that capability is of particular concern to me when I travel. I seem to be always visiting the interior of museums, cathedrals, etc., and do appreciate a fast lens for those.

Oh, and the OVF/EVF debate is settled for me in that for travel I simply need a VF of some sort. Sorry, M6.

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Banhmi: Really would like to see Olympus make an m43 tough camera.

That said, considering that Nikon never made a successor to the AW1, perhaps the 'big sensor, tough body' market is considered too niche.

Interesting point, Banhmi. I've thought the same. Interesting that this Olympus is can be considered one of the last man standing point and shoots. All because of its build quality and ruggedness. As the market gets smaller, niches become more important, methinks.

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On article 5 reasons to choose the Leica Q for street photography (29 comments in total)

Lovely video and description. The user experience -- joy of use and ownership -- seems to be what truly sets the Q apart from other offerings.

I use an A6000 with a manual focus Voigtlander for street and travel photography but I think a Q is in my future.

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mxx: I did not see "USA" mentioned anywhere, but the article seem USA-centric, so the multitude of DPR members from the rest of the world should just ignore it, I assume.

For instance, the "top publications" you mention certainly are not the top publications for people living in other countries.

Newsflash: DPreview is a Seattle, USA-based publication.

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There seems to be a growing market for EDC (Everyday Carry) items that are beautifully designed and manufactured. This seems to be part of that trend. A nice idea beautifully executed, just not for me. I'll stick with my phone.

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Mrrowe8: Could be a fun camera especially for real photographer that view this as an art form and what to make images that have a soul or that X factor ... Not for the typical DP Review reader that whines insistently if the image is sharp from edge to edge or noise levels, etc ..however the image is incredibly beautiful because of those " flaws" ... They would rather make sharp as a tack soulless boring image ..please feel free to leave a snobby Photonerd response.. it just proves my point ...

Wow, Mrrow8, no way did Simon's response deserve that level of vitriol. Check your anger.

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AbrasiveReducer: Nice shots (like you can really miss in Japan.) I'm not sure I see anything camera-specific about them, though.

One thing I found that improved my "skill" a lot is that there is virtually no crime, so you can walk anywhere in Japan with $20,000 worth of gear and not worry at all. No looking over your shoulder or needing bags with buckles, clips and locks.

That's the thing that holds me back from a Leica kit: walking around in strange, touristy areas with $20K worth of stuff. I might be able to scratch together the money to buy it once, but couldn't replace it if I lost it.

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Jostian: not even basic weather resistance :( got caught in a rain storm with my X100T and it got water in, and never fully recovered :) so I say now what I said then, would love a new X100xxx but must have some weather sealing... guess I'll wait and hope for another year or 2.

But Fuji's very good with software updates.....oh, wait....

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Angrymagpie: I think what the photography world could benefit from is a Leica approach to digital photography at a Sony/Fuji/etc price point. I understand the experience-centric argument, but give it to us at a non-luxury price-point so we the masses can have that option too!
And please give us a manual film advance lever to wind the shutter!

My solution is a Sony A6000 with MF Voigtlander M mount lenses adapted to E mount. I truly love the Leica and more power to the guy or gal who can afford it, but I simply can't get the following scenario out of my head: losing the camera. What if your bag is stolen or you fall? I could probably scrape together enough to buy the M10 and a few lenses. But I couldn't afford to replace them. That is key for me. (And for boring reasons I won't go into, insurance is not an option.)

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CameraLabTester: Time to CLA service those fully manual, no batteries needed, full metal jacket soldiers hiding in the attic...


Yup, and I think that the "no batteries" has something to do with this. Always have to worry about the battery life of your digital while it sits in your EDC bag. Not so with film. A camera loaded with film will always be ready to take the picture.

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