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On article Leica M10 in Japan: Updated samples gallery (151 comments in total)
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AbrasiveReducer: Nice shots (like you can really miss in Japan.) I'm not sure I see anything camera-specific about them, though.

One thing I found that improved my "skill" a lot is that there is virtually no crime, so you can walk anywhere in Japan with $20,000 worth of gear and not worry at all. No looking over your shoulder or needing bags with buckles, clips and locks.

That's the thing that holds me back from a Leica kit: walking around in strange, touristy areas with $20K worth of stuff. I might be able to scratch together the money to buy it once, but couldn't replace it if I lost it.

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On article F is for '4th': Hands-on with Fujifilm X100F (424 comments in total)
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Jostian: not even basic weather resistance :( got caught in a rain storm with my X100T and it got water in, and never fully recovered :) so I say now what I said then, would love a new X100xxx but must have some weather sealing... guess I'll wait and hope for another year or 2.

But Fuji's very good with software updates.....oh, wait....

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Angrymagpie: I think what the photography world could benefit from is a Leica approach to digital photography at a Sony/Fuji/etc price point. I understand the experience-centric argument, but give it to us at a non-luxury price-point so we the masses can have that option too!
And please give us a manual film advance lever to wind the shutter!

My solution is a Sony A6000 with MF Voigtlander M mount lenses adapted to E mount. I truly love the Leica and more power to the guy or gal who can afford it, but I simply can't get the following scenario out of my head: losing the camera. What if your bag is stolen or you fall? I could probably scrape together enough to buy the M10 and a few lenses. But I couldn't afford to replace them. That is key for me. (And for boring reasons I won't go into, insurance is not an option.)

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CameraLabTester: Time to CLA service those fully manual, no batteries needed, full metal jacket soldiers hiding in the attic...


Yup, and I think that the "no batteries" has something to do with this. Always have to worry about the battery life of your digital while it sits in your EDC bag. Not so with film. A camera loaded with film will always be ready to take the picture.

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On article Next level: iPhone 7 Plus camera review (190 comments in total)

Hey, first here so I just had to comment! Great review! One quibble, aren't cameras mobile photography?

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Malikknows: Not sure I'd buy this camera, but the Explorer Kit idea is clever. Linking products to sexy activities is a smart way to build a brand.

Ha, entoman, that is how the game is played! Rolex built its brand on Hilary's ascent of Mt. Everest and the fact that Ian Fleming had Bond wear a Submariner. Just look at watch marketing to get a pure example of product marketing at its most suggestive. And don't forget Harley-Davidson motorcycles either! Associating products with sexy, attractive activities or heroes is as old as marketing itself.

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pacnwhobbyist: If this were fully weather-sealed, then they would be onto something.

Absolutely. One way for camera manufacturers to gain market share is for weathersealed or "ruggedized" cameras for activities where a cel phone is vulnerable. The new iPhones are waterproof, but who wants to risk their phone when it can be damaged? Dedicated cameras come out for travel, and they are vulnerable to water and dust. A non-weatherized "explorer's" camera is a bit of an oxymoron.

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Not sure I'd buy this camera, but the Explorer Kit idea is clever. Linking products to sexy activities is a smart way to build a brand.

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On article Apple revamps MacBook Pro lineup, adds 'Touch Bar' (866 comments in total)
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MikeFairbanks: My complaint here is valid: please don't review or do articles on non-photography-related gear. Yes, an argument can be made that the MacBook is related, but then we can say the same about a lot of things. The primary purpose of a Mac or any laptop is not photography. Plus, there are a LOT of laptops out there. Are we going to be seeing a lot of articles about them as well? I hope not.

I don't think it is. I bought a Mac Book Pro solely to do Lightroom. I appreciate this story as my laptop is as central to my photography hobby as is my camera.

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b+? Wow, tough graders! Looks great to me. I'd give it an A-

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DavidsfotosDotCom: His house seams way to big to be paid for by his photography. Looks like a annual income of around USA $250,000 to $____________ ? in todays $'s. If you know what his income was compared to __________ or to the average I would love to know. Remember the price of gold then was $35/oz? so $1,000/35=28.6 oz x todays $1,268.20/oz = $36,234. Please comment if you know.

I can merely suggest that AA was quite lucky to have purchased land in CA at that time! Now, yes, very unlikely for a photographer/artist to afford such a lovely home. It does happen, though. Note Mr. Lik!

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Lovely little video, thanks very much.

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This is a good, timely article. Thanks for putting it together.

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On article Drone footage captures the raw power of Iceland (56 comments in total)

Beautiful video. Not much fire, though. Lots of water.

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Would be nice to connect this camera to some of Adams iconic shots. That might drive up the price.

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If they'd lower their prices I'd buy one covered in bat s_it.

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jaqob: That price difference between US and Europe is insane, almost any way you look at it. I can literally fly from Europe to the US and buy it there for the same cost as just buying it here in Europe.

It is simply more expensive to do business in Europe.

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Malikknows: So I guess this means DSLRs are not dead. Mirrorless is not king. The flapping mirror still makes sense for certain applications. Wow! Whodathunkit?

Thanks to all, my mistake re the flapping mirror.

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So I guess this means DSLRs are not dead. Mirrorless is not king. The flapping mirror still makes sense for certain applications. Wow! Whodathunkit?

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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1634 comments in total)
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Najinsky: A couple of weeks back I spent about 4 hours walking around a large mall in Thailand, about 15 camera shops I guess, some dedicated camera shops, some electronic device shops, and some brand outlets (Sony/Panasonic).

It really smacks you in the face just how far ahead of the game Canon's retail operations are. They have the biggest presence, the most space, the best displays, the best coordination and the best draw.

It's hard to expose yourself to it and not want to walk away with a Canon, and this from a guy who reads review sites everyday, knows the weaknesses, and switched from full frame Canon 5 years back to experiment with M43, Fujifilm and Sony. A regular consumer has no chance. Resistance is futile.

The M5 will almost certainly sell in significant numbers just on the strength of this presence. It will have special appeal to those with cash and an interest in trying something different yet trusted and familiar.

The lens may not inspire, but are light, compact and they work.

This is an excellent post. Those of us in the US and Europe are caught up in the world of internet sales, but much of the world still uses the tried-and-true retail sales outlets. Thanks for reminding the denizens of dPreview of that fact.

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