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On article DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T100 Review (341 comments in total)
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ozturert: So why is nobody complaining about lack of 4K video? (15fps is not a video).

Because as much as the photography/tech sites like to bang on about it, it's not actually that widely used/viewed?

I'm guessing a huge, huge percentage of video content is viewed on phone screens, 4K isn't exactly critical in that respect.

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ChrisH37: This would be a nice camera if anyone but Canon had made it. Sadly though, Canon are notoriously risk adverse and terrified of cannibalising their own sales.

rrccad. Of course they aren’t going to come out and say it, but it also doesn’t take a genius to work out that they sometimes go to some effort to not step on their own toes. There are many examples, I drew the line when I brieflyhad an M10, incredibly it didn’t have a bulb mode (or panorama functionality). It probably required effort to actually remove it.

Contrast that with Fuji, who will happily update cameras even if it means users are less likely to upgrade. The X-T10 was effectively an X-T1 on cheaper clothing and sold for significantly less, every software feature found in the X-T1 that could be included found its way directly over to the 10. Can you ever imagine Canon releasing a flagship, then putting ALL of that tech in a cheaper body for nearly half he price? Never going to happen.

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This would be a nice camera if anyone but Canon had made it. Sadly though, Canon are notoriously risk adverse and terrified of cannibalising their own sales.

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It’s less and less likely with every passing week, but c’mon Sony, update your ‘lesser’ a7 models with some painfully easy to implement tweaks, mainly minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO. Do that and I’d buy an a7Rii as a main camera (which has that feature) and an a7ii (which doesn’t) as a backup.

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HarryLally: Pretty impressive, but shame Sony didn't put an APS-C sensor in it. It's big enough to handle it.

The lens would have to increase in size dramatically with an APS-C sensor. That said, I think there would be a niche market for a fairly large high quality super-zoom camera with a bigger sensor.

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Do Canon need to innovate? For all the plaudits Fuji are getting and for all the effort they're putting in, they are apparently comfortably outsold by the much maligned Canon M system, literally a system where minimum effort is expended to generate maximum revenue.

Canon can and will trade on their name and their existing userbase. Many people wanting to buy a first DSLR buy Canon on name and ubiquity alone. As they move through the ranks and become ever more invested in the system it doesn't really matter what Canon do or don't do, 95% of those customers are essentially 'locked in'. Canon also have the infrastructure afforded by that to support pros in ways that only Nikon come close to.

The only way Canon would ever need to innovate is if the pros said enough is enough, started ditching their gear in droves and moving to whoever else. The trickle down would eventually impact across the whole range. Simply not going to happen is it.

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Recommended the 56mm 1.2 for me, one of my favourite lenses!

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200mm f2? Wow, wasn't expecting that. Instant buy for me.

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skanter: Fixed LCD? Useless.

Yes, entirely useless, it of course won't physically take pictures without it!

The X-T20 is perfectly positioned for those that want tilty screen. The X-E range has always been fixed.

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Bulb Exposure, how spoilt are we?! I thought my M10 was broken when I couldn't find Bulb Mode (or Panorama Mode, for that matter).

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On article Video: First look at the Canon EOS 6D Mark II (125 comments in total)
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GinoSVK: Best price/performance full frame camera ever made!
I use DSLR for 10 years and I no record more than two hours of video, I don't need 4K anyway.

"Best price/performance full frame camera ever made!"

The D750 is holding its hand up. Several years later (and pretty much still the same price as when it was released) it's still an absolute peach of a camera.

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Over 1000 comments on a niche camera relating to an even more niche way of setting it up.

You'd be forgiven for thinking this camera has got people's backs up in some way.

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It's worth noting that there are professional photographers and professional Instagrammers, they're quite different. Professional photographers can live quite happily without Instagram if it was switched off tomorrow. Professional Instagrammers rely almost solely on their numbers to generate work.

It's the second group that many of have an unhealthy obsession with algorithms, what time of day to post for maximum reach, tags etc, and that kick off when Instagram move the goalposts.

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CallumG: Honestly it would make some photographers lazy and simply "point and shoot". For events and weddings, great! I'd never use it for my own work. Call me a purist.

Most wedding photographers can blitz through 2-3k+ photos with ease as it is. What practical benefit does having 20k images to work through instead have? Sure you might get a few more moments in the bank, but at the expense of a debilitating volume of trash to sift through.

Most wedding photographers can read moments and be within a few frames of the perfect one as it is, the efficiency of that process is crucial to being a good wedding photographer.

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Dante Birchen: You'd need enormous storage or select the frame on camera. Chimping all the time. It will take more than a 8k chip to be practical. Transfer speed and computer storage will also play a roll. Also card capacity and battery life. Good for pro's and enthusiasts but consumers also need an easy fast workflow. Eventually the technology will become commonplace and it will change photography for ever. To capture the moment is no longer an issue when you can just capture all moments. The real art will become to choose the moment you want to show. As technology makes everyone a pro, it will not make everyone an artist.

We're kinda there though in some respects, the a9 does 20fps but as you say the operator still needs to pick the right one.

More importantly though, the photographer/videographer still has to use all of their ability, experience, knowledge, contacts etc to be in that place at the right moment.

It's not really a game changer in that respect as there are huge practical limitations. I could shoot an entire wedding at 20fps tomorrow just gunning the whole way through. Firstly there are the time and storage implications of processing all that, and critically the photographer still has to be an expert wedding photographer with all the knowledge that comes with that.

It changes everything but oddly enough changes nothing for the vast majority of us. Just because you can doesn't mean you should or would want to. There are a few niche applications for it sure, but outside of that what exactly do we achieve?

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On article Fujifilm X-A3 sample gallery (87 comments in total)

Excellent stuff. This camera is really under the radar (in fact it's an exclusive to one chain of stores in the UK), but it seems like a really decent bit of kit.

Have to admit I had no idea it's the same sensor, presumably very good low light performance etc then.

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On article Nikon announces prices for 100th Anniversary products (110 comments in total)
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YA9Productions: I hate this company more and more every day.
Pretty sure they will disappoint with their new announcement and it will be the last pin in the coffin.
Sony here I come.

"Sony here I come"

Sony, who released a £2500 full-frame compact with simple but hugely annoying bugs and never fixed them with simple firmware tweaks (but feel free to spend another £2500 on the bug-free new version).

Sony who have no interest in adding some really basic functionality to their 'lesser' existing a7 models, such as minimum shutter speed control in Auto ISO (but feel free to spend £2500 on the a7RII to get this functionality).

I have no beef with Sony (apart from being an aggrieved RX1 owner once upon a time), but my point is, no manufacturer is perfect.

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2711 comments in total)
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straylightrun: Now only if they could stick the guts of Sony mirrorless camera into the ergonomic shell of a Canon body. It would literally be the perfect camera.

For you, presumably? Plenty of people (me included) simply don't get on with Canon handling but find Nikon perfect (or vice versa).

I'd take the guts of the a9 in an X-T2 body, personally.

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2711 comments in total)

I'm amazed and impressed that despite the lack of a true global shutter the a9 doesn't appear to getting tripped up with regards to banding with artificial light or distorted images for fast moving action at all.

Really impressive and hugely exciting for the future. It's way, way out of my league but I eagerly anticipate the trickle down into future a7 bodies.

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ChrisH37: Build an APS-C system and actually release commonly used focal lengths natively, what a shocker that it's been successful! Meanwhile the 'big two' to this day haven't released fast-ish primes at 35 or 85mm equivalent, just as two examples.

"But good FF lenses are still good on APS-C"

But are compromised in terms of effective focal length. Wide-ish fast Prime on DX or EF-S such as 28 or 35mm equivalent. Nope.

You could just about fiddle it with an FF 24mm 1.4 but then you're needlessly carrying around a bit of a tank.

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