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  • Yes, DR was less, but it didn't clip as brutal as digital does. It was more gentle, nicer looking. (Velvia sample below, but goes for Kodachrome as well).
  • The quality of Kodachrome was so high that Canon and Nikon developed 300 2.8 lenses for sport photographers that wanted to use Kodachrome on events like the Olympics. The colours were outstanding.
  • You could get a Nikon D3400 with a 70-300 AF-P DX. State of the art APS-C sensor, 24 mp with no AA-filter. 450 mm eqv reach. Superb value, IQ and weight/performance/price ratio. Fast quiet focusing.
  • It might be more fun to buy a new body, but the greatest difference for low light sports IMO would be to get a 70-200 VR/VR II. The 80-200 is a good lens optically, but the 70-200 VR AF-S is much f ...
  • Sometimes for good reasons. Pros usually accept new technology when the weaknesses are overcome. BTW many major movies are still shot on film.
  • That is nothing new. Casio (and Olympus) made super high speed digicams with pre-capture years ago. Very little in terms of interesting shots came out of it, except for some planned speciality shots. ...
  • A 50 mm lens is "normal" because on a SLR with 1x viewfinder the magnification is 1:1 at infinity . You dont get the impression of getting "closer" as you do with a tele, and you dont get the...

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  • BJL - the important part is that a viewfinder with 1x magnification gives a a 1:1 size image with a 50 mm lens. That is the interesting correlation that motivates the term "normal" on a 50 mm. ...

  • @BJL The Pentax ME/MX had 0.97x magnification. But the magnification is rated/measured at infinity. From a few meters or half portrait distance the image magnification is larger than at infinity....

  • A 50 mm lens gave 1:1 magnification in the viewfinder with a 35 SLR.
    (Todays FF DSLRs have smaller viewfinders.)
    So sure there was something "normal" about the 50, not just that it was easy to...

  • The resolution in terms of numbers of pixels will be higher on the crop sensor- - But: The optical performance of the lens will not be higher. Everything else that makes out the image quality – ...
  • Yes, I just thought I would dip my toes in video. I have a Nikon system (D600 and D3400) which is great for stills, which is my main thing, but I understand is not the most ideal for video (no ...
  • That monopod does look interesting. I guess it is easy to move around, quickly fold out the legs at the bottom etc. Thanks!
  • Yes, highly recommended for anyone interested in photography if they visit Stockholm. They regularly have top class exhibitions from famous photographers like Annie Leibovitz, Salgado etc. Thanks. ...
  • This is a little complicated - the map is like this, and sometimes there are high buildings and sometimes the track is more open. I can estimate rather well the time when the front runners passes ...
  • Created discussion thread How to stabilise a long zoom on a DSLR?
    When you shot video with a 70-300 zoom (with VR) on a DSLR, how do you stabilise it? Does anyone work handheld? Monopod? I want to be able to move around, so I want to avoid heavy tripods. /PerL
  • This is a great forum – it didn't take five minutes and I got two helpful answers. Thanks again – I might write something about how it worked out later. Regards, Per
  • Created discussion thread Good app for sun direction?
    Does anyone know about an app that can show in which direction the sun shines and how high it stands on a specified place, day and time? (Purpose: I am going to shot a Marathon race and try to plan ...
  • Image comparisons and explanations of functions and user experiences are valuable but I dont care at all about the final percentage ratings, I use my own judgement. I dont think their ...
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