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DPPMetro: I feel sorry for anyone not buying into Fuji, Sony, or Canon (the latter for dSLR). Nikon will survive, so the sorry is to a lesser extent. Anyone else buying Pentax or any other brand is mostly dead in the water and don't know it.

Olympus seems to be doing better, but they really need to up their sensor tech. Why is there no word of a BSI U4/3 sensor yet that can close some of the gap between it and APSc?

If you're looking for medium frame performance out of u4/3's then maybe you're not realising the advantages of the system in the first place. Every system is a compromise in one way or another.

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Sacher Khoudari: Still needs to be a bodybuilder to be able to lift that lens + *the counterweight*!

30lbs is 13.6078kg. 20kg is the allowable maximum for products like cement etc downunder (used to 40kg bags before OH&S saw too many back injuries), but I would not like that sort of weight on my shoulders though, although I can see how effective it would be (so long as there is safe swinging room).

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lambert4: Needs a yellow and black striped safety area as well for when he swings that rig around panning, I can imagine the impact that would make on nearby photographers.

I do enjoy a good DIY though and this is well adapted for him.

Yeah, it would definitely hurt! ;-)

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Kharan: What camera is he using? Because if it's a DX body, well, I can understand... but that ridiculous contraption (painted MAGENTA, because it wasn't ugly enough) for an FX with 800mm is just stupid.

Maybe it's a warning colour to anybody stupid enough to stand near him. ;-) He'd knock your head off with one swing! :-D

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I suppose he has a hydraulic hoist on his vehicle to lift it onto his shoulders too. ;)

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BrightTiger: "We have not had the chance to put the FZ300's image quality to the test"
Then why post a round up review with a conclusion? Isn't that the purpose? And then the gall to consider it the top option. Where's the standard for quality reporting? We now safely assume this site is just a complete shill for Amazon.

And then there is a photo of the Olympus Stylus 1(s) above but.......?

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Toni Salmonelli: The more important question would be "How do I get my wife to know, that I need a new camera?". ;-)

When I do buy my wife something she asks, "What camera equipment have you been buying?" :\

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On article How do you know you need a new camera? (409 comments in total)
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Toni Salmonelli: The more important question would be "How do I get my wife to know, that I need a new camera?". ;-)

"How do I get my wife to know, that I need a new camera?"
When you show her the new camera you bought. :D

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On article How do you know you need a new camera? (409 comments in total)
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Scottelly: You know you need a new camera when your camera stops working - simple as that. (. . . and you probably don't actually need a NEW camera, because you can get an identical camera or even a slight upgrade to the camera you had by purchasing used at much lower prices than new). I've been buying used cameras since I bought my last new camera, a Sony A55. Every one of my used cameras seems to be almost as good as new (except one of my Sony A65 bodies, which had some delamination of the review screen, but it worked fine and the screen worked fine when turned on). You can pay as little as 1/4 as much money by purchasing used. You can buy two for less money than one new camera. The only reasons I can think of to buy new is that you don't care about saving money as much as having a warranty, you absolutely want the latest and greatest, or you are a working pro. who just can't afford a break-down. (all fine reasons)

I currently shoot with a used Sigma SD1 Merrill (with Sony A65 as backup).

That's fine if it's just for your own enjoyment, but not for making a living from photography.

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On article Nikon D3: The camera that changed everything (282 comments in total)
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Impulses: Wow, all this time I'd been pronouncing it right? Nick-on was just my inclination when I read it phonetically as a Spanish speaker, but I'd long noticed no Americans seemed to pronounce it that way...

They pronounce many words they think are English! They have their own language distinct from English though. ;)

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Graeme Davidson: That brings back some memories - I had the good fortune to have a printing business next door to me in the 90s that solely used printing equipment from this era. The Linotype behind the person in the 1st picture was a wonder of mechanical engineering and an experience to watch in the hands of a master.

I'll never forget the noise of that machine rattling out type on a summer's evening, the smell of oil, ink and tobacco wafting out their door in which the workshop cat sat contentedly.

There are a number of videos of Linotypes on Youtube - anyone with a mechanical background would be fascinated.

They were certainly noisy with a whole battery of them going for a newspaper. Definitely needed earmuffs then.
See these at Fairfax Sydney (in Hunter Street before they moved to Broadway, Ultimo in Sydney). And I had forgotten, but was taken by a relative of the family HERBERT FISHWICK being a news photographer.

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Natalino Russo: If you like Linotype machine and technique, watch this doc on the work of Carmine Cervone in Naples, Italy:

Thanks. That brings back memories as a Linotype mechanic.

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Biowizard: WOW! Just WOW!! With today's DTP and digital printing, we all forget the amazing manual craftmanship of our parents' generation!

Amazing photos, thanks for posting.


I did my apprenticeship as a Linotype mechanic (15 years) before that time & got out (doing other work) within a few months of becoming a tradesman & it wasn't long before that trade was gone in the Sydney (NSW) newspapers. I remember the tradesmen going on strike for several weeks. All they did was give the newspaper a chance to try newer technology without them getting in the way.

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BadScience: hot metal

mind your p's and q's

I'm quite familiar with Hot Metal when it comes to newspapers when picking up fallen matrices from under an Elektron Linotype machine as it operated from punch tape, only to have timed it with a back splash. It was a bit painful with that Hot Metal splash on my hand! Memories! :-)

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On article The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse (1905 comments in total)
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sknippen: Mirrorrless is a rather new evolution in the camera market (like digital was a few years ago). Canikon produce very good and reliable camera's and have the advantage of a mature system. But electronic's are finding it's way into the camera market and electronic evolution can go very fast. The problem with DSLR is that it's depends on mechanical systems where less evolution is possible (Sony tried with SLT). The problem with Canikon is that they hold on on their "mechanical" DSLR and invest little in new tech. I agree that current pro's won't ditch their system for another, but young pro's who haven't invested yet don't have that problem. I hope that Canikon will bring mirrorrless camera's that can compete with Sony (competition is good, it keep's the prices down and keep challenging the camera producer's)

I can't believe the continuing argument here! Mirrorless is MILC etc & not strictly absolute cameras without a mirror, such as compacts & bridge cameras. Let's argue about 'fall' instead. How crazy that some people think it is a season! ;) That's OK, the rest of the world knows they mean Autumn. :)

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Zalllon: If only he was allowed to fly his drone to take a picture/video, then he may not have driven closer to get a view 😉

Maybe we should leave the brown & pink out of it (less playing with it) & hope whoever uses a drone has the grey instead (that would be 'grey matter') to use it responsibly. ;-) :-D

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Zalllon: If only he was allowed to fly his drone to take a picture/video, then he may not have driven closer to get a view 😉

One should double check spelling, shouldn't they. ;) :)

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Zalllon: If only he was allowed to fly his drone to take a picture/video, then he may not have driven closer to get a view 😉

If he had half a brown to drive out out there then I wouldn't like to to see that half brain twit fly a drone.

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OzRay: All of my SHG lenses (well over 10 years old) still work fine on my E-M1 and they get used daily.

All you need now is the E-M1 Mk II. 😉

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soundknight21: Krykee! Dingo stole ma bag!
Struth! Did ya see those colours!?
Gaya than Sydnee.
En Ozstraya carryin ya bag means goin on a date.
Wot duz puttin ya camra en ya bag mean?

Ozstraya has plenty of Italin bags - just gotta go ta Melbin.

Don't come the raw prawn with me! :D

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