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I fiddle with violins (& cellos) when I'm not fiddling with cameras.


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amateurphotographer: If this rumour becomes reality, all I can say is "yay!". Don't mind using an adapter for F lenses, I see patents on pretty complex designs already online. But this then gets this camera on a good start. Buy the adapter and body and all good to go for work. New Z mount lenses, more compact, great for travel and when no need to lug around those f2.8 lenses. In event shoots I rarely use any zoom at f2.8, primes are used instead. The 16mm is brill, as allows the use of an Actus Cambo as Schneider/Roden glass can achieve infinity focus, thus get some awesome stitches (this I do already with my Sony A7rii). Personally I see this camera being 24MP to replace the D750. I see a reduction in price of D750 so possibly reducing stock. In someways the D850 (which I use) when switched to 24MP Raw is the same as the D750, just slightly heavier and no on board flash. So maybe no point of a D760. Plus why have two 24MP cameras. That's my opinion. Exciting times anyway!

"Lenses are not magically smaller just because they are made for mirrorless cameras :).", but they can be (& are) when designed with a shorter flange distance.

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ProfHankD: 16mm is a darn short flange distance... might need to drop the mechanical shutter to make that work... which would be great. :-)

I think Sony E suffers a little from having underestimated the demand for higher-end and FF bodies -- it clears, but just barely. Canon's M has a more flexible mount and it also makes sense that Nikon should. The interesting question is if they should be planning on sensors even bigger than FF. Of course MFT is the big loser here, having bet on sensors staying rather small and 4:3 aspect ratio....

MFT is not losing for those that need a system to be more portable than alternative offerings. It fills a need in the market. Remember the old saying, "the best camera to use is the one you have with you" & MFT is easier to "have with you" than a FF system camera & lenses, which in a lot of cases is left at home because of its size.

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Clyde Thomas: Would be good to make a native F mount version. Adapters suck.

Having an adapter, which is ruggedly built by the camera manufacturer, is better than having a limited body that will only take, what will become 'old' DSLR lenses. Newer technology in mirrorless bodies can & will do more with a natively designed lens than trying to make the older DSLR lens perform up to the specs of the new mirrorless systems.

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Biowizard: As it's the UK, I'll spell "offense" the proper way! ;-)

Thing is, this proposed new set of rules almost entirely, already exists. We already have a 400ft / 120m flying ceiling (above ground); we are already banned from flying near or over airports; we already have to keep our drones within line of sight. And responsible flyers, like me, do that. Because I want to be socially aware and be allowed to continue with my flying.

Oh - and our amazingly tech-savvy (NOT!) government, will "work with drone makers" to introduce GPS-based geofences around sensitive locations. Huh?


The ONE and only NEW thing - is that all drone pilots should be forced to sit and pass a "safety" test. AND ...

My ONE and ONLY gripe, is that I wonder WHO is going to be made to pay for that test? Yep, you gottit. Jo Public is going to be paying Yet Another Tax.

Of course, the "Bad Hombres" will continue in their misdoings, while WE pay the price. No OFFENCE intended!


Anything that needs licencing obviously has to be paid for by the licencee. If you want to drive, shoot or fish, guess who pays for that? ;-) Not someone else & that is how it should be for drones too. Unfortunately, gov'ts are playing catch up instead of being ahead of technology with appropriate laws & rulings.
Also more unfortunately, it's the 'wrong doers' that cause more uncomfortable laws & rulings to come into practice.
While I am interested in what happens in the UK I am more concerned how it is managed (or not being sufficiently managed) in Australia.

Than again, if I am flying on a commercial flight into the UK I don't want the risk from some nong flying his drone anywhere near the flight landing path etc either.

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If Canon wants to be creative they could do the Christmas coloured light display sequencing with them too. 😉

Link | Posted on Nov 24, 2017 at 13:22 UTC as 14th comment
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Blaklynx01: Patent? Are they for real?

In the auto industry I've designed backlit buttons with LED's for years. No light guides, no light leaks. The silicon switch can prevent light leaks but it's not the only way to prevent light leaks, either. Item 210 in Canon's diagram is the silicon switch (5 switches moulded as one unit)

The silicon switch is basically a cone shape with the tip cut off. Think of it like a funnel or tube. The cone angle can vary depending on design. The top surface of the cone touches the button. The bottom surface of the cone touches the PCB. This is now sealed and no light can leak. The LED throws light through the centre of the cone towards the button. The button has two coats of paint; a white coat and a dark top coat. The top coat is laser etched exposing the white coat which is the graphic shape. The white coat lets the light through.

Whoopee-doo. Nothing new here. Over 15 years late.

If Canon get a patent, the Patent Office is more stupid than I care to say.

Olympus had illuminated buttons in their E620 before that. I don't know why it only happened in one model though.

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OliverGlass: The dynamic range of the coffee taste will lag behind the competition. :(

My coffee mug is "InFocus". In other words, focus on the subject or content as it is more important. Besides, they didn't have an Olympus one. ;-)

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Chris Dodkin: Maybe Canon should focus on innovation rather than toys - just a thought

I don't have Canon (camera or mug) either, but thanks.

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Chris Dodkin: Maybe Canon should focus on innovation rather than toys - just a thought

Maybe you should lighten up & enjoy life. I like my lens cup.

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brycesteiner: It's kind of scary what will happen when all these nice high powered Lithium batteries age.

What we aren't been told is if the battery may have been shorted at all. A metal object moving around in the bag might cause it, but one would think that would not be the case. If it exploded in the camera then I would suspect a cheap battery.

Link | Posted on Nov 15, 2017 at 10:01 UTC
On article Canon patents a huge, hinged and reversible DSLR LCD (179 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: It is actually a well thought of solution for a bigger and better screen, the biggest there is, so far.

This is like the scroll wheel that Canon innovated many years ago.

This is the sort of feature I look forward to in Canon cameras.

*Golf Clap*


Are they trying to satisfy the 'American dream'? Bigger is better! No, that's right, "Biggest is Best!" :-D

Link | Posted on Oct 22, 2017 at 11:07 UTC
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IamJF: Of course they look similar when you stop down to 2.8 and "match" focal lengthes! I hope nobody is wondering about that? And btw - the Sony 55mm is a gem.

But that's the whole point - you buy FF to shoot a F1.4-1.8 lens wide open and get shallow DoF! If you want to shoot at 2.8 you are probably fine with a smaller sensor (when you get these very good lenses)
There is great and not expensive F1.8 FF glass out there - you will get a cheaper system as with 1.2 lenses on M43 :-)

"you will get a cheaper system as with 1.2 lenses on M43"
Seems like you're trying to start an argument! ;-)

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bluevellet: Em1 markII... when is the firmware 2.0 coming?

This is a response I received when I asked on FB.

"Thanks for your message. The current firmware available for the OM-D E-M1 Mark II is version 1.3. When the E-M1 Mark II was announced all features and functionality that were promoted where available at time of release therefore no major firmware update was required soon after. As Olympus has a strong history of regular product support and updates you will find it's only a matter of time before additional firmware updates become available. Thanks for your patience and loyalty. We will be sure to communicate when new firmware details are released."

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Cheezr: Hopefully this will nudge Olympus out of their stupor!

Maybe they aren't blowing trumpets (yet) with what's to come (hopefully).

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Ross the Fidller: Oh dear. Yet another reason to stay away from Macs!

BTW, is iOS11 coming to iPads as well with this file format?

Link | Posted on Sep 21, 2017 at 10:16 UTC
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Ross the Fidller: Oh dear. Yet another reason to stay away from Macs!

The Galaxy A3 is a couple of years old now & uses Micro USB-B. The price was good & I only use home WiFi with it (or locations that have it if I really need to) with a basic phone plan I've had for several years that only costs me for the calls & texts I use only being much cheaper than any other plan can offer & does me just fine. It runs Olympus OIShare for remote WiFi camera use if I need it & does other smart phone apps fine. Why spend a fortune on a phone I don't need? Now with the camera I extended myself a little (E-M1 Mk II) but that budget is limited for much else for now. On my PC I use Capture One & everything is dandy! :-)

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Ross the Fidller: Oh dear. Yet another reason to stay away from Macs!

I don't buy 'flagship' phones, only cameras which uses USB-C though. My Samsung A3 phone serves me for all I need & I don't need to install that annoying iTunes (or other software) on my PC to transfer files, as I refuse to do with the iPad. I use an SD card dongle to put some photos on it (I could use the Olympus WiFi programme, but physically connecting the SD card is quicker, so long as I can find the dongle when I need it).

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Ross the Fidller: Oh dear. Yet another reason to stay away from Macs!

I must say though, I was happy to give up a flappy mirror in my camera but there are many diehards that just won't & how old is that technology?

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Ross the Fidller: Oh dear. Yet another reason to stay away from Macs!

It's their removal of standard connections that remain on PCs etc & limited method of transferring files (iTunes etc) that I hate, plus the need for dongles. At least I can just plug my Android phone into a PC with USB & I can copy & paste files like it's a flash drive. So simple to do without all the other BS needed with transferring to & from my iPad. If this file compression standard is going to be adopted by everyone then fine, it sounds great, but not if it limits & complicates file transfers between systems etc.

Link | Posted on Sep 19, 2017 at 23:40 UTC

Oh dear. Yet another reason to stay away from Macs!

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