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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Sony a99 II (435 comments in total)

Did they really take the camera to the trade show and let all the press handle it with a big old chunk of tape holding the cover for the memory card slot closed?

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Sony a99 II (435 comments in total)
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SmilerGrogan: DSLR with no mirror shake? Awesome!

@bmwzimmer The reflection from the translucent mirror is for the AF sensor only, it does not "shine some light to the viewfinder". The viewfinder is totally electronic and run directly off the sensor, similar to a mirrorless camera, which they can do because of the translucent mirror.

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Mateus1: How poor 5D mkIV looks now... and for same price.

noflashplease, this camera marks the 10th anniversary of the Alpha series as DPreview points out, but also the 10th anniversary of people claiming each new Alpha series camera announced will be the last...

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On article Google Photos for iOS improves Live Photos management (21 comments in total)
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M1963: Only fools would use Google products for their iPhones. If only iPhone users knew how fortunate they are not to depend on Google... I have an Android-powered smartphone - I bought it two weeks ago - and I swear I won't sleep until I learn how to get rid of all Google rubbish. It's like being monitored all the time. I even needed to configure a Google account in order to download the Firefox app!
Is Google becoming the new Microsoft, or what?

I assume you need a google account to download apps from the google "play" store. Even if free. But there are other methods of downloading apps to an android phone, Amazon's app store for example (or so I've been told, I've never actually used Amazon, but have used a work provided corp app store, so I know such things are available on Android).
But an Iphone, you aren't going to download any apps without an apple account using the Apple store (unless you "jailbreak" it). Of course, the cult of Apple doesn't see this as an issue using Apple, only when Google does the same thing.

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So, a photo EVERY time I blink? Every semi-autonomic blink throughout the day?

That's going to end up with a rather low "keeper rate".

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KrisAK: And in case you DID manage to record the concert, we're also taking away your headphone jack.

"Tuesday is Soylent Green Day day."

@ Kirk Bruner - PAYING? I can buy recorded songs from, say Adele for about $3 each from amazon.com. Her concert, here in Seattle later this month, tickets start at $160 (and go up to over $3000).
Purchasing those songs is a helluva lot cheaper. I think you misunderstand what is motivating people to record the concerts on their phone.

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SeeRoy: Apple is surely one of the greediest, most vile, companies on the planet, if not the outright prize-winner. Whilst sitting on vast cash reserves it makes decisions about what its customers will be allowed to do with its products (we've seen this before.) It's laughable that the company still has a reputation for being "cool" - if a terrific PR success to be able to bamboozle so many people. As an early adopter of Macs (Apple used to make computers...) in 1987, I had enough of their unreliability and bad value by 1994. Their subsequent transformation, a triumph of style over substance, has given me some cynical amusement.

They won't "let you" replace a battery? or they simply designed the product with no extra dedicated casing around the battery with a quick release mechanism to minimize size and weight?
I also have a toshiba built similarly. And it didn't stop me from upgrading memory and SSD. much more difficult, having to remove 12 screws and get things popped together properly in many places at once. But, I didn't have to call them up and get their permission first.

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On article Accessory Review: Peak Design Slide Camera Sling strap (146 comments in total)
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photogecko: Best camera strap I have ever owned, same sling greatness of a Black Rapid without the camera bouncing against you all day long.

Haven't had any problems with the metal adjustment buckles, I usually detach the strap when it goes in my bag because it's less hassle.

Not sure how those cons dock it 2 stars but never mind. >:)

He spends a paragraph explaining how he never uses straps. Assuming he's just anti strap in general, likely doesn't realize there is no perfect solution and this one is about as good as it gets.
I'd like to see how he would rate other strap systems to compare, without that, the number of stars he gives is meaningless.

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On article Picasa will be phased out in favor of Google Photos (154 comments in total)

Picasa may have seemed to kinda align with Google's overall product line and core services 10 years ago but it just doesn't anymore. And, it was free, so there's little motivation for them to continue maintaining it.
I am curious if they have considered selling it. There has to be some value with it's popularity, which is not only because it's free. Other companies that currently have image editing / raw processing software with no indexing organization functionality could benefit, or some of the camera manufactures?
Having used it for many years now, I started trying to migrate myself to lightroom last year. But, I still find it's often quicker for me to find something in picasa at times, and am disappointed at seeing it phased out.

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On article Hands on with Sony's a6300 and G Master lenses (289 comments in total)
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stevo23: Why must they all be significantly more than the competition?

Because enough people are willing to pay that premium to make it successful for them. So they can. (wouldn't you?)
earlier this month there was some financial information about Sony reported on dpreview, number of cameras sold was down, profits were up. If they were selling the lens for the same price as everyone else they'd make less money...

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On article Hands on with Sony's a6300 and G Master lenses (289 comments in total)
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lotuz9: Sony product release meeting:" this is it guys we are about to announce the most advanced aps sensor a6000 follow up ever, fastest af..check..most advanced 4k check.. Most advanced ef viewfinder..check.. Tilltable screen check.. Touch screen......wait we forgot touchscreen!!........meanwhile at Canon product planning:...good news, we thought Sony will put our Eos M division out of business with their A6000 follow up...they didn't!..we got touchscreen!..

Sony used touchscreens on some older NEX cameras. They weren't very popular. I'd have to assume Sony believes that all the people complaining it doesn't have touch screen probably wouldn't actually buy it if there was one. And, all the current users who have actually bought one of their cameras don't want one.
It's kept them going this far since dumping them.

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On article 2015 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $500-800 (276 comments in total)
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Tower: Use a diesel car to compare a patrol car. Too complex!

I wouldn't take my diesel truck to the race track. And I wouldn't start towing my RV with the "petrol" car.
But they'll both go the grocery store, take me to work, friends house, kid's swim lessons. Objectively, one is going to work better for these every day functions most people use their cars for. One will be cheaper, easier to park, quicker to start, easier to operate safely.
I may have uncommon usage that falls outside what's typical (towing a 28 foot RV with a 1 ton Diesel pickup) or a subjective desire to have something I like (a '74 land cruiser), but if people ask me what's a good car, I recommend a Prius. Because that fits what most people need.

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On ChallengeEntry:10537 (19 comments in total)
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gidgetto: sex ob·ject
a person regarded by another only in terms of their sexual attractiveness or availability.
" The main subject must be young, have a photogenic face, a lean toned figure and beautiful legs"

But those beautiful legs can be cropped off!
So, why bother requiring them???

Posted on Oct 5, 2015 at 17:29 UTC
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justmeMN: Canon cameras are good enough for professional sports photographers to take photos at events like the "Super Bowl, NBA Finals, and a few World Series", but they aren't good enough for DPR Measurebators to take photos of their cats. :-)

Picking up the fine detail on a black cat is no laughing matter and requires a very good ability to capture contrast. (maybe not so much dynamic range, except maybe if he's got a white spot?).
Capturing Golden Tate's winning reception of the final pass in the Seahawks victory over the Packers in 2012, pretty much just have to be there and focus quick enough, it's obviously so clear he caught that ball himself and brought it to the ground. Should have been able to get that with his Holga!!!

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KodaChrome25: This article seems biased in favor of Seattle teams..... Go Seahawks!

Says the photographer is based in Seattle.
So, ya, Go Seahawks!!!

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On article Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and... (562 comments in total)
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AdamT: Yep, it`s lossless compressed that`s needed - like canon and Nikon have had for decades

They were compressing it long before they began selling mirrorless cameras, and the evaluations of them could find no issues or reasons not to use the compression.
And the comparisons were much easier, with some cameras offering compressed and uncompressed RAW.
The issue with the compression was that it was loosing data with the new, 14 bit output, which only some very new sensors support.

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On article Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and... (562 comments in total)
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The Davinator: My goodness....what will some Canon users complain about now? Good news though. I wonder if DPR had somehand in Sony making this change.

They'll complain the 36MP files are too large.

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On article Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and... (562 comments in total)
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Lightcapture: Will the uncompressed RAW be updated in RX (10ii, 100iv etc.) series cameras, eh, eh, eh??? ;) I recently bought the RX100iv, so I am interested to see if these humble series will get the 'totally RAW' option too...

It's only an issue with the 14 bit sensor output. The older (12 bit?) sensor output worked fine with the compression algorithm, the A900 offered both compressed and uncompressed and everyone that's discussed it used the compressed, those that compared never found a difference to bring up.
So, unless those cameras support the 14 bit output, the only reason to have the uncompressed RAW is to waste disk space.

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BeaverTerror: Looks like they got lucky. Here's what Half Dome looks like on busy days:


I assume there's less of a line on the other side?

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On article White House ban on photos and social media has ended (63 comments in total)
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DavidKennard: And what "damaging effects of flash photography on artwork" would that be?

Modern flashes output virtually no UV. Even a flash modified specifically to output UV fired at full power only outputs the equivalent of a few seconds worth of UV sunlight.


While most modern flashes apparently do filter UV, there are probably some that don't. And the tour guides can't exactly make up a decision about which do and don't.
And even if only a few seconds worth of UV sunlight... The number of visitors, and maybe only half actually take pictures, but those that do, none are going to take just one picture. Pretty soon, might as well just put the art out in the sun...

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