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dylanbarnhart: Too bad, now we will never know if Canon 1D X would have any focus issues :-)

All joking aside, I'll miss Rob's expertise on sport and strobed action shooting. The combination of his professional experience, technical expertise and writing ability is unparalleled.

I think his analysis of the 1DIII fundamentally changed the pro market, giving Nikon a serious boost just prior to the Beijing Olympics. Ron Wyatt, a well known sports photog who shot for Kodak (Remember them?) for the Beijing Olympics was a dyed-in-the-wool Canon shooter since the 1970s, but he switched just prior to the games and took nearly every piece of NPS gear with him. (NPS was so happy to see him switch, they let him take almost the entire pro kit on loan.) Galbraith's analysis was fundamental in pros realizing what a turkey that unit was, and a LOT of people switched. Prior to that, it was nearly all white lenses at big sporting events. That has changed a great deal. Now you actually see some black. I wonder what the value of a 1DIII is on ebay compared to the orginal D3? The 1DIV came out really quickly after that, much sooner than usual. One person can make a difference, it seems.

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