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  • Did you sell this camera that you listed in 'excellent condition'? https://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/57832662 Please do something to restore my fractured faith in the integrity of internet based ...
  • Great - great great shot. That would certainly be a shot of the week or even month for me Optimal equipment is probably another way to sink a lot of money with this hobby. I am not an expert, but ...
  • Overall it appears that the NR is much different in the JPEGs from one camera to the next. Maybe the NR is set too high on one or the other camera? Maybe the JPEG quality is different on one of ...
  • Replied in Microbes
    A lot of microbes make flourescent by-products.   My father is a microbiologist and he had me take pictures of some of his results. I have been told that this is a very interesting photo.
  • Replied in Elephant ivory
    But owning something from a poached animal has only very recently become an issue.  (And even now it is really only rare animals that are protected like this.)   My point is that the laws change - ...
  • Replied in Not that much
    Confirmation that you can get the Sony
  • Replied in Not that much
    The body is about .75 inches thick The lens when the camera is off adds an inch - so in pocket width is 1.75 The lens protrudes another 1.5 inches when on and then goes out about another .75 when ...
  • Nice view of venus on the 2nd one. A serene metropolitan impression.
  • You are describing the Sony alpha 7S or 7S II. But I will say that when I see a lot of pros at work, they use the FF camera for the stills and have the assistant using the APS-C on video.  I must ...
  • Replied in Wildlife = birds
    NZ is a serious birding destination - penguins included.  I think the only indigenous land mammals are bats.  Birds filled many of the ecological niches.  But if you know birding, it's a lot of ...
  • It looked like the cupola had some different colors in your series.  Its no surprise that voters with that taste in public art would legalize psychoactive drugs! Have a nice trip home and happy ...
  • Replied in Elephant ivory
    Elephant ivory, aboriginal culture artifacts,  et cetera.  There are a lot of things that can fall in the same kind of category.  Some are legal to own only if you came into possession of them a ...
  • Now I know why marijuana is legal in Colorado. BTW - please don't try to bring any back to the Philippines.
  • Just in case you needed an ID.
  • This is my USA experience I have sent every camera that I have owned with a larger sensor in for warranty repair to clean the sensor.   I end up paying for postage to send it but not on return. Wit ...
  • Replied in Nasa Spartan 201
    A reusable satellite. Cool! https://science.nasa.gov/missions/spartan
  • from pocket size to MF, there has never been more photographic equipment available to the enthusiast.

  • Entry level Nikon DSLR do not have a DOF preview button so you can only get information about wide open Bokeh or DOF via the VF. And even in DSLR that offer that function, it is quite a feat of...

  • Entoman - Mirrorless already outperform DSLR on a size/weight to feature ratio. The mirror box is now a liability for speed of operation and vibration artifacts. Only on the highest level models...

  • If Nikon sells an entry level DSLR for $400 then there is no incentive to advance the technology in these models. Current high end DSLR are nice, but at ever decreasing prices, there is nothing...

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