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As a professional photographer I generally do not do weddings. However that said, the last wedding I shot was a gift to a close relative. Total shoot time 15 hours. Processing the photos approx 40 hours. My usual fee is $50 per hour on a shoot - cost $2750. That did not include the price of sewing up the usher's pants that split when he put them on; altering the maid of honor's dress at the last minute because she had lost weight; and playing counselor to the two bridemaids that had too much to drink. Wedding photographers put up with a lot of insanity caused by the pressure of the day. I have no problem with what they charge. The couple cannot afford the price have there friends donate all of the pictures they take at the wedding. Of course, they will get what they pay for.

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As a photographer who has been shooting black and white and color for 45 years. (I use a Canon D30 for color and a Mamiya 330c for black and white.) I appreciate the great cropping and visualization on the dog images which can be applied to any creature including humans. It is rather nice to read a non-technical equipment article on this site. As to the person who shoots 5000 images a day - all I can say is get a life. I was taught if you couldn't gat an image you could hang on your wall in 12 shots you were wasting film and you needed to start looking at what you were shooting.

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