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MLPhoto88: Will anyone beside the die-hard color hawk photographers see any difference in color? How many printers & monitors can actually show the rendition from the camera accurately? On paper you can fantasies about any specs but in reality are they ever even seen? At the end of the day sRGB JPEGs online can only show so much color & then unless you are actually selling large format 16-bit printed work in galleries there is not really any benefit to this camera.

how is it going to save me money..does it shoot 4k video? can i shoot high iso and get nice clean pictures? how good is the AF system?

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On article Sigma SD Quattro H Review (644 comments in total)
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41mm: Yes, the very best image quality will be seen in a correct raw development by the original raw software, but the fast DNG workflow with lightroom is an easy way to get very good results for the daily work. I shoot RAW+JPEG and its fine. The best of both worlds and the jpg results are on par with the very best jpg engine from FUJIFILM for example.

In other words. This camera is designed for guys who loves photography.
From my personal point of view.

And thanks for the dpreview!

every camera is designed for "guys" who love photography.

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Dan Tong: Congratulations to Sigma for this unique camera featuring the novel Foveon Sensor for keeping creativity alive. Along with Fuji, who also have designed a unique sensor, they have avoided the far safer "Me too" approach and have pushed technology toward constant improvement.
I sincerely believe that multiple approaches for tackling any problem are far more likely to result in surpassing yesterdays best, than a single path toward that goal.

Innovations of this type, as well as Pentax K1 shift technology, are needed to further improve photographic technology, and too many of these innovations are not coming from the biggest market share (richest ?) players such as Canon, Nikon, or the upstart Sony.

Perhaps many of the cameras that leave off the Bayer Filter, have been inspired by the Foveon Sensor.


who is whining?

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I guess DPREVIEW missed that little flaw.

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smafdy: I wonder how much a photog using one of these would have to charge, and how many shoots they'd have to do, in order to get an ROI. The end users of the images must be loaded — they, after all, have to foot the cost of the camera, the photographer, and profit margin.

IMO, most of these will be sold to non-pros who can afford them — bankers and such.'re so right.

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CameraLabTester: Impressive low CA and distortion, but poor on vignetting. A good balance.


everybody is allow to have an opinion Kendall.

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