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Pixel level: Time time time.. One of the mainproblems to solve is something like an automatic feeder that you can fill with a pile of negatives or slides that will automatically batch scan at good to high quality.

For strips of 35mm film there's this one:


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On article DPReview TV: Tamron 70-300 F4.5-6.3 review (60 comments in total)

"Support DPReview. Shop with Amazon". The DPR and/or Amazon algorithms that displays listings for the product being reviewed could do with some work.

Here in the UK I'm offered "Tamron 70-300 F4.5-6.3 Di RXD III results on Amazon.co.uk" which include a "Tamron 18-200 mm DiII Zoom Lens for Sony Camera" (this one's A-Mount), "Tamron 18-400mm F/3.5-6.3 DI-II VC HLD All-In-One Zoom For Nikon APS-C Digital SLR Cameras" (er...) and the "Tamron AF 70-300mm F/4-5.6 Di LD Macro 1:2 for Pentax A17" (a little closer, but no cigar).

Amazon is actually selling this one, listed as "Tamron - Telephoto Lens - 70-300mm F/4.5-6.3 Di III RXD for Sony FE ". ;-)

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Elisam: Their first ever camera? That doesn’t seem quite right. Perhaps first ever digital camera?

Lots of cameras were made in the past with Zeiss in the brand name - Zeiss Ikon, Zeiss Ikon Voigtlander, Carl Zeiss Jena, etc. These have various levels of separation on the family tree of the current company.

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"With respect to the angle of tilt, Lensbaby states that it is 46mm."

Eh? The filter thread is 46mm, but surely the (maximum) tilt angle should be measured in degrees, shouldn't it?

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onda: Thanks Sony for paving the way. We now own your a**. JOKING!!! (Kind of).

> Single lens cameras, SLR, wasn't made before 1936...

35mm SLRs maybe, but the first models appeared late in the 19th century:



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Heritage Cameras: "...about [thee updates]’ this coming week..."

Forsôð, dôð mægden bêon hidercyme unfyrn.

It's Old English. Because I'm old. And English!

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"...about [thee updates]’ this coming week..."

Forsôð, dôð mægden bêon hidercyme unfyrn.

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Based: Is the LA-EA5 fully compatible with the a7C?

Here's a link to confirmation from a Sony web page that the A7C/LA-EA5 combination only auto focuses with SSM/SAM (and by implication NOT screw-drive) lenses:


Also, "When using a Mount Adaptor in the movie mode, adjust the aperture value and the focus manually"...

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Based: Is the LA-EA5 fully compatible with the a7C?

Upgades? Upgrades!

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Based: Is the LA-EA5 fully compatible with the a7C?

No, it won't AF with screw-drive lenses. It might be usable in the future with firmware upgades – who knows?

Link | Posted on Oct 7, 2020 at 12:29 UTC
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LowPassFilter: Interesting idea. Some people learn best as part of a group rather than on their own. The curated shared experience is what you are paying for. If it's just box of new film every couple of months you'd be better off just doing that on your own. If it's a community of people learning and experiencing the different emulsions together than I think there is enough added value to justify the expense.

Agreed. Any effort to promote the use of film is laudable, and the group aspect could make all the difference to people who might otherwise end up saying "Film? Tried it once and didn't like it." One to watch, and we wish them well.

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trungtran: Didn't see a usb port for firmware upgrades

The LA-EA3 adapter firmware is updated via the camera. so presumably this one will be the same...

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MinAZ: A brilliant and innovative product. But why can't they make a generic version of this that just mounts on the front element of any lens?

You mean, something like this:


I think it was in introduced around 1978... ;-)

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Mika Y.: I'm getting "Video unavailable This video is private" error message on my Android phone as well as on my Linux installation with both Firefox and Chromium browsers.

Old luddites like me tend to prefer human errors to computational ones... ;-)

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On article Film Fridays: Konica Hexar RF review (57 comments in total)
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vscd: If you like excellent range finder quality for small prices with Leica grade lens, check the Konica auto s3. Fixed lens, but 38mm f1.7...with awesome sharpness and central shutter. Full sync up to 1/500 and very small.

...with automatic balanced daylight and fill-in flash too. I can't remember if the S3 was the first camera with this feature, but it was certainly advanced for its time.

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On article Ricoh video details the next flagship Pentax APS-C DSLR (656 comments in total)
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pro photo 2011: I just wonder why modern Pentax cameras don't look as aesthetically pleasing as its film era camera counterparts such as the Pentax MX/KX/KM/K2?

> Strange how Pentax bodies have become so thicc.

A (stabilised) digital sensor and LCD plus the accompanying paraphernalia are going to be thicker than a 35mm film and pressure plate, for now at least. Compare the Nikon DF to an FM and you'll see a similar difference.

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Tom Schum: The used lens market offers hundreds of options for C mount lenses. One can easily spend thousands on such a lens.
About 10 years ago there was a rumor of a compact camera that had a C lens mount, but it never materialized into a product until now.

Yes, the camera was (going to be) a Kenko product:


There is something similar now, but aimed at the astronomy market:


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LeDatas: Yea, but can it take photographs?


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LeDatas: Yea, but can it take photographs?

You'll need a firmware update for that...

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landscaper1: "Speed Booster" What does reducing the size of video crops have to do with "speed?" Sounds like a really bad case of a misnamed product.

Does it also increase the apparent aperture of the lens being used? If so, by how much?

Yes – approximately one stop. A focal reducer works like a tele converter in reverse, reducing the focal length and increasing the aperture. Here's an explanation from when the first one was launched a few years ago:


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