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Autolycuss: The best older film cameras...? Olympus OM-1 and Trip 35 for me, but we have missed the point here...
Which of the "Big 5" will be brave enough to be first to release a Digital Insert for their Pentax ME Super or Olympus OM-1 bodies of old...?
Think about it.
Open the back, remove take-up spool and see a large space on one side for a rechargeable battery pack - where the film canister once was. On the other side is a space for the microcircuitry and memory card - with both bits connected by a thin plate that contains the (large), sensor.
Add "Low Battery" & "Card Full" beeps, audible when the camera is closed, allow mechanical connection from winder to insert for "winding-on" and make the Sensor instantly reactive to shutter opening for automatic image retention.
The only problem is cowardice in the accountant-led CEO's of the CanNikOlyPan Corporation... Who will be first to go truly retro and regain old custom - but lose sales of as-yet unreleased future inventions...?

The idea of an analog insert for analog camera's is as old as digital photography. In the beginning there was one coming, complete with enthousiast articles in magazines, but it never reached the market. After that there have been several startups, but it just does not seem to work. Digital camera's are so cheap now, so why not just use the camera the way it was made. And if you really want one camera to use both digital and analog, you can always buy a Hasselblad 500 for a few hundred euro's and get yourself a digital back for it.

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