Greg Eddinger

Greg Eddinger

Lives in United States Mountain Dog, CA, United States
Works as a Photographer
Has a website at
Joined on Mar 31, 2001
About me:

Don't shoot, I'm just a sarcastic short guy! Usually tongue and
cheek. Started DPR back in 1999. First photo interest was
landscape & Motocross pics.
Later 90s
moved into the publication end of Real Estate. Bought my Oly E-10
May 2001. June
2003 bought Canon 10D I'm impressed. The oly E-10 was a good
but the 10D takes things quite a few steps up. March 2006 Canon
5D I love being able
to exploit the full frame and high iso. Winner National Association
Real Estate
Publishers best cover photography 2004,2005. I mostly shoot
upscale homes including
many celebrity
homes such as, Dick Clark, Oscar De Lahoya, Tito Ortiz, Fernando Vargas,
Brad Garret, Pricilla
Presley, Dennis
Weaver, Liberace, Rosanne Barr, Coolio, Brian Wilson, Walter
O'Malley, Dr Laura, Jim
Pike (The
Lettermen), Frankie Avalon, Marc Mancina (Yes, Lion King) Joe
Walsh, Pia Zadorra, Sammy Haggar, Herb Alpert, Bela Lugosi, Dr Laura Schlesinger, and
many more.

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