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Ashley Pomeroy: I have the 14mm - as a cinema lens the biggest problem is the odd and very noticeable distortion, which is barrel-y in the middle and pincushion-y around the edges. Makes it odd for filming unless you don't mind the quasi-fisheye effect. I wonder if they fixed that?

Cinema and HD video is more tolerant to distortion. The values of the 14 UMC are still in this tolerance. The lens is quite sharp and resolves a lot more than Nikkor 14-24, for example, close to rangefinder lenses.

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Tim F 101: Aaaaand there goes the rationale for buying an EOS-M. I'm a m4/3 user, but it is hard to imagine one solitary reason to choose the new Canon over a Nex7 and this adapter for use with EOS lenses. Maybe it focuses better, though I'd bet dollars to donuts that SLR lenses will focus like a dog on any mirrorless body.

Oh, there is the inexpensive and (possibly) very good pancake. So I thought of one solitary reason. But aside from that...

IMHO there is little use for mounting most big, autofocus and average performance Canon lenses on a NEX, which is better suited for shooting with high quality rangefinder and other exotic lenses, maybe from Nikon, AI included... And the NEX-5n has a much better sensor than NEX-7 (same details beacause of the weaker AA filter, less noise, less fringes, more saturation).

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