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On article 2014-15 Waterproof Camera Roundup (255 comments in total)

While I appreciate cameras these days can be very similar reaching any verdict on devices which you've separated by only 2% where one contender is rated as having awful battery life seems a bit fatuous. I also suspect that the underwater assessment is somewhat superficial - images proving blue cast or not appear to have differing content. Wouldn't it be worthwhile doing the underwater part thoroughly and consistently - I have offered to help! :-) Rob

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On article Swimming with the Nikon 1 AW1 (193 comments in total)

I'm glad this camera and other rugged cameras are getting coverage but it's frustrating when it's so superficial. Taking pictures underwater is a skill that can be learnt and whilst this review might give casual snappers some idea what just dunking a camera can do it doesn't show what they are capable of.

This model looks like a very strange compromise but does fill a unique niche. If it claims 15m then it could reasonably expect to be used that deep (and deeper) - a camera shouldn't fail at its spec limit. When I've tested tough compacts they have shrugged off trips beyond their spec - which shows they are designed to dive on more than one holiday!


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On article Olympus PEN E-P5 Review (500 comments in total)

There's a few odd bits in here really. I've looked back at the shots I've taken with this - for review - and I'm not seeing unaccountable blur at mid speeds. A lot of that was hand held macro and it just isn't manifesting as a persistent problem.

If I did have a gripe it would be that the Wifi features are pretty basic, and those are praised. And there's the tired old complaint about menus... too much control?

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On article Just Posted: Olympus OM-D E-M5 review (572 comments in total)
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(unknown member): I'm still in doubt whether I should buy the body only, or with the 12-50 lens. I like the fact that it's weathersealed, that could be really useful, but I am a bit worried how the motorized zoom affects battery life. I'm taking this camera out in the wild without any change to recharge batteries for more than a week.

Will the motorized zoom reduce the number of shots per battery dramatically, or will it be limited to, let's say, <10%?
Anyone knows? Thanks!

You can use the zoom manually as well - so power consumption is your choice :-)

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On article Olympus announces TG-820 back-lit CMOS rugged camera (8 comments in total)
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Deleted pending purge: And still they won't make it properly... :(
- no RAW.
- no O-ring-watertighting on SINGLE PORT for ALL access,
- ... and to remove the time-limit and thus that 529 IPX8 standard.
- not enough pressure resistance to make it useful for SCUBA divers.
- still no reed-switches (to get rid of all the holes thru the casing).
- no artificial horizon and no compass (divers would love it).
- no depth meter (not even the capillary one, which costs nothing)

- but you still have extra Pet modes for Cats and Dogs, but no Parrots...

Whosoever projects those "rugged" cameras seem to have been only chairborne adventurists all their lives, with so infinite lack of understanding for what the users NEED...

Please, Olympus... don't you know how to make properly watertight boxes? Looks as if twenty or more years ago manufacturers understood this better.

Not sure where some of these complaints have been saved up from. The IPX8 rating is a choice - one not to spec dust resistance - the liquid rating is for immersion without a time limit. If you are more than an armchair adventurer you find the 10m rating is conservative - if you choose to take it deeper it won't turn into a pumpkin.
Reed switches need longer travel - not a great idea on something this small and you'd just complain anyway.
In fact on most counts the TG-810 would seem to suit you - has GPS and a compass.

There will be a dive housing for them if you want to go really deep and it'll run remote strobes too. Why not try it? Sounds like you could do with getting out ;-)

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