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I am interested in a street camera that would have good resolution, can take spontaneous shots quickly, and range in natural or artificial lighting that would not look expensive. We have had problems with our DSLR's and expensive lenses attached. I used a sturdy unipole, which evens things out a bit. Any suggestions?

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Virtually Grey: Several of the preceding suggestion, but above all ...

A circular sensor (7072 px radius) would allow a square image of 5000 x 5000 pixels. The aspect ratio would be selectable to any that fits the circular sensor. So, no rotating the camera for portrait format shots - instead select aspect ratio via (yet) another controller.

A circular sensor allows the maximum pixel dimensions for any given aspect ratio. Presently I lose 1/3 of the pixels from my 7D sensor if and when I crop to a square.

Hexagonal would be more like it to get more sensors on the silicon wafer in production. Other wise, your design would be too impractical to put into production.

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Prognathous: The CX6 looks like a nice camera (all current Ricoh cameras are), but it should have included the following features:

- RAW format support
- M mode
- 1080P movie mode
- Wider-than-28mm wide end

Without the RAW support I won't personally consider buying one. Modern Ricoh cameras (released after the GX8 and GRD1) use such heavy noise-reduction in JPEG mode, that RAW is simply essential. The CX6 is likely to suffer from the same NR problem, making it far from ideal to anyone who doesn't like smeared ("smooth") pictures.

Thanks for your critique. I am looking for a pocket camera to take any where in lieu of my dslr for those spontaneous times when I wish I had a camera. My primary concerns are image quality, diversity in the lens, ability to shoot fast, and a degree of ruggedness to withstand going any where I go. I plan to put pictures on the web site, but don't expect to make large format hard copies above standard letter size. Staying under $500, what would you recommend?

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