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Sylverphoto: I find it disturbing that everything is sold off to China. 80% of what we consume is being made in China. The Shareholders don't care instead of taking social responsibilities. Most company leaders forget that they have become rich with their local workforce before moving everything abroad.

Western corporations are only interested in a "rape me" level of profit. Presumably, asian ventures are satisfied with a simple profit.

Now you know why western corporations give bonuses to executives while selling their manufacturing divisions and laying off employees.

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Meh. I'll stop using Vegas when they pry it from my cold, dead hands.

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Triplet Perar: False economy of the Japanese camera systems
→ Leica T/TL (practically same models, differences are small), with some of its "slow" lenses available at a very good combo price, delivers image quality that surpasses any other crop camera mentioned here, taken with a so called premium lens for that camera.
So what the Japanese ask for a premium and then barely deliver compared to Leica, Leica delivers by default. That is why Leica don't waste time on two lineups of "budget" and "premium" lenses. I have found Leica T sold in combo with 18-56 Vario Elmar is *CHEAPER*, *smaller*, delivers *more amazing* optical results and is overall *more satisfying* deal than any camera mentioned above plus its "premium" comparable lens.

Leica? Wake me when they make something both interesting and affordable. ZZzzz..

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Doug Pardee: Skip the AE-1 in favor of the AE-1 Program. Either one probably will have disintegrating felt light seals scattering bits and pieces through the camera. An inexpensive "seal kit" and a bit of cleaning will fix that up, except for one thing: the focus screen. You can't remove the focus screen on the AE-1 for cleaning, and any attempt to clean it will only make things worse. But on the AE-1 Program, removing the focus screen is a relatively straight-forward process.

The AE-1 Program was my first 35mm camera. It was great learning photography on that camera. Program mode was great for casual point and shoot too.

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IdM photography: Canon and Nikon should speed up and start producing FF mirrorless cameras, or only Sony will take profit of the growth...

Don't trust everything Sony marketing tells you. A lot of it is make.believe....

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Amateur Hour: Sure it's a smaller, lighter weight camera, but you stick one of those big honkin' 'white' lenses on it and it begins to look silly.

It's obvious that any camera looks awkward with a very large lens attached. My quip was more of critique of Dpr's choice of image for the article than anything. Then again maybe they figured on the lens's 'drool' factor to increase the number of eyeballs here.

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On article Sony a9 Full Review: Mirrorless Redefined (2719 comments in total)

Sure it's a smaller, lighter weight camera, but you stick one of those big honkin' 'white' lenses on it and it begins to look silly.

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On article Canon will add C-Log to the EOS 5D Mark IV for $99 (433 comments in total)

Forget all the useless chattering.

It's simply an option for those who feel they need it,

FWIW, if I felt I needed log video output, I'd be looking at one of Canon's professional camcorders.

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On article Canon EOS 77D Review (287 comments in total)
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Kaso: Thank you so much for an excellent review. I can relate to the time and effort behind it. I find these two statements particularly insightful:

> . . . with the addition of Dual Pixel AF, Live View shooting on the EOS 77D is arguably just as robust (if not more so, in some situations) than either the Fujifilm or Sony mirrorless options. And that gets to the heart of what really makes the EOS 77D so appealing; it may not offer the best of both the DSLR and mirrorless worlds, but it does offer a compelling balance at this price point.

> In truth, the EOS 77D stands alone. There just isn't another option in the marketplace at this price that offers a decent optical viewfinder, a polished Live View experience and this level of control.

That's pretty much my view as well. Canon picked a very distinct niche for this model. We may as well sit back and watch how it does in the market.

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The whole of 'pop' art seems to be based on celebrity more than anything. Marcel DuChamp proved you could attach your signature to an ordinary urinal and proclaim it as 'art', originality be damned. This is why the Warholians are making a preemptive strike. They know they can be seen as standing on thin ice.

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Ok, it's just one market data company popping off for Sony, based on only one quarter.

Let's see the "awesome" sales numbers on alpha-mount cameras... Let's see how much "love" Sony has for the Minolta folks.

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On article Light's L16 camera is in final stages of testing (289 comments in total)

And so it begins.

"We don't know who struck first, us or them, but we know that it was us that scorched the sky. At the time, they were dependent on solar power and it was believed that they would be unable to survive without an energy source as abundant as the sun."

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I see 'high added value' as a Freudian slip for 'high added margin'....

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Whoa - such outrage at the outrage... I figure if Nat Geo gets caught with their proverbial pants down, let 'em have it. Their a big outfit, they can take a knock.

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Nice nifty EF-S lens at a good price. Of course, some FF purist is going to make the obligatory objections, and blah, blah... Forget those clowns. Photography has always been about using the tools you have.

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tlinn: I've been surprised by the number of people who don't understand why this is newsworthy. Death Valley is a significant and increasingly popular photographic location in the U.S. with Badwater Basin being one of its major sites. While it is true that the salt flat is vast, there is only one easy access point with parking, exhibits, and a boardwalk to make it easy for everyone, young and old, to get out onto it and experience for themselves its stark beauty. This is where the van did its damage.

Maybe you don't shoot landscapes. Maybe you don't find wilderness beautiful. Hopefully you can still muster up enough empathy to appreciate why this is a significant and newsworthy event for the millions of people who love this place.

Welcome to 'Merica. You can park your brain at the door.

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On article Ask the staff: electronic or optical viewfinder? (891 comments in total)

What we have here is a false dichotomy. There's no reason why OVFs can't have advanced features identical to what EVFs do - digital images can be overlaid on an OVF. The economics of making a hybrid viewfinder is where the argument is.

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Did someone steal the toilet plunger?

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On article The Canon that can: Canon EOS 80D Review (736 comments in total)

I spent a month reviewing and researching a new DSLR, I'm finally upgrading from my XSi/450D - which I still like and use. I'm really impressed with the ease of use. The upgrade to the 45 point autofocus is wonderful, and the increased resolution gives me more latitude to crop over my older camera. I'm glad I went with this.

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