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I don't understand why so few people care about this dropin filter solution - aren't landscapers mounting huge filter systems to the front of ultra wide lenses? This seems so much better. Where is the drawback?

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On article Sony a7S III initial review (1945 comments in total)
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Jor1984: Very disappointed in the samples the detail just isn't there I'm not surprised though as it only has a 12 megapixel sensor. The high ISO won't be much better than the higher res competition either. 3 to 4 grand for this camera is a joke. I don't see what your getting for the money. My phone has a 64mp to put that into context.

Actually many landscape photographers used the A7S for shooting the night sky.

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dansclic: down 93.9% year-over-year and still profitable ?
Does this mean they made huge profits during all these years due to very high margins ?

Net sales went down 30.8% but that wouldn't make such a clickbaity title.

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PrashantDP: Great!! Now hopefully we'll have less of the annoying DSLR mirror flapping sound during important press briefings and other events.

The sound you can hear is mostly the mechanical shutter. Most current cameras use an electronic first curtain but mechanical second curtain. Most recent cameras can be set to use 'silent shutter' which is both curtains electronic but all cameras with the exception of the A9 and A9ii (which use an advanced silent shutter by default) suffer from very slow readout speeds which means a slow travel of the second curtain which introduces unwanted effects like distorted recording of motion.

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ms18: I'd rather shoot MFT with half focal length f/5.6. even smaller than this.

Just checked the corresponding reviews on lenstip and the Nikon 300mm f4 pf sharpness is lacking a bit while the 500mm pf is very good at f5.6 (close to Zeiss Otus 55mm f1.4 at f5.6 which seems to be the best lens they tested at that time).
The Olympus is a bit weak at f4 but matches/outperforms the best lens they tested (Sigma C 30 mm f/1.4 DC DN) from f5.6 upwards.

It might be that Nikon developed their fresnel technology to a higher standard but also the 500mm pf is a very expensive lens.

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ms18: I'd rather shoot MFT with half focal length f/5.6. even smaller than this.
You can compare the Olympus 300mm f4 with the Nikon 300mm f4 phase fresnel to see that there is room for improvement for MFT with fresnel technology. About 40% of weight could probably be reduced.
I agree that i would rather carry a MFT 300mm f4 than a 600mm f8 for full frame. But then you could get the Nikon 500 f5.6 pf and crop a little or add a teleconverter. This lens is just 10% heavier than the Olympus 300 f4 and camera+lens are just a tad longer.,472.506,181.710,851.912,851.911,472.505,181.342,ha,t

If we compare zoom lenses then yes there are no fresnel zoom lenses.

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ms18: I'd rather shoot MFT with half focal length f/5.6. even smaller than this.

mft should have DO or Fresnel optics that would be small and light.

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RobC1: Downloaded and have had a quick play. Seems useful for the price if you have a Mac but has limitations eg recognises Canon CR2 files but not Fujifilm. Mind you - it's only version 1. How long has Lightroom been around for and I'm still waiting for this kind of analysis to be built in LOL.

I use exposure plot on windows which also has limitations. I find it useful to just make the statistics of the export folder where i have only jpegs of the best images.

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left eye: DPR can you check out the screen grab from this news item, here...

really weird never seen this before, on an old iPhone 5.

Oneplus 7 - same here. Desktop site works however.

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NexUser: I'd love a 35-150mm f2.8-4.0 for my A9 :)

From the looks it could well be it - it is little bulky.

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PocketPixels: Looks like a beautiful beast. Glad to see Ricoh do more for the full-frame lineup. I'm still happily APS-C with my K-S2, but if I ever do upgrade, nice to see the pro lenses grow.

Sidenote: C'mon editors, ★ isn't that hard. Promise. type "&#9733" supported by most web browsers.

i can copy paste your ★ but how do i use that code?

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P10004K: "Sony ZV-1 Review: The PERFECT Vlogging Camera is FINALLY here!"

Seems purrfect.

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MichailK: [8-O Whoa!! ans I am not talking about our beautiful model eyes but about their minuscule capillaries at 100% zoom - this looks like a killer lens selling the system

This lens and camera have equal subject isolation as a f3.2 lens on full frame. If you want thin DOF better go fullframe and f2.8. If you want maximum resolution and low noise go medium format (tripod/stabilisation recommended).

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Snapper2013: I don't want to sound like I'm nitpicking but it's too bad that there isn't anything other than a on/off switch on the left side of the camera. Seems like a bland use of real estate to me. Anyone else feel the same? What else could have been added there?

Canon's cameras have a long history of having all controls on the right side designed to be reached with your right hand. This allows to leave the left hand on the lens and maintain shooting stance while changing parameters and settings. As a Nikon user i am jealous of that design. On my old D700 i can't change iso without leaving shooting stance with my left hand which is very annoying with a hefty lens. I feel like my camera is designed for landscape/studio work on a tripod as this design is convenient there.

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The clickbait got me.

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justmeMN: (sarcasm) If your Nikon camera/lens breaks, just buy a new one. Camera companies need the money.

In germany all stores are closed except food and medical supply. This soon may be the case in your location too. You may be able to order a camera Online but i would only do so if it is necessary to put the shop and delivery personal in additional risk of getting infection. I hope there is backup gear where it's needed.

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Opera Man: The manager at my local camera store said they sell more entry level DSLRs than mirrorless. I was shocked, but it makes sense. They are cheap, and do all the basics well, and are easier to hold. Lenses, especially uses, and cheaper too, and that makes a big difference.

A friend of mine doesn't know what a mirrorless is. I told her to look for mirrorless because they are smaller and lighter but she wanted a real camera so she bought a DSLR. People buy what they know.

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On article Is the Nikon D780 right for you? (212 comments in total)
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Horshack: Alternative idea: Buy both a used Z6 and D750 for less than the price of a new D780.

What was wrong with your D800? Im pondering about upgrading my D700. The one thing i don't like about the D800 is that it lacks EFCS on the other hand its much cheaper than a D810. Maybe used prices for D750 will drop now that the succesor is out and i may look into that.

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On article Is the Nikon D780 right for you? (212 comments in total)
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Horshack: Alternative idea: Buy both a used Z6 and D750 for less than the price of a new D780.

But how does Amazon profit then?

Could also go for a used D800 and spend $1700 on optics or a travel.

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Flow Friday: „equivalent focal length“

Well, leaving aside the incorrectness of this phraseology, wouldn‘t it be much easier, talking in terms of ‚field of view‘?

Don't know much about history
Don't know much biology
Don't know much about a science book
Don't know much about the French I took
But I do know what field of view
And I know that if you understand it, too
What a wonderful world this would be...
(Sam Cooke)

What DejayRezme said.
I want to add that we need focal length because many lenses are not only used on one sensor size thus it doesn't have a single field of view. Focal length is always true no matter what your sensor size is. So a manufacturer has to put focal length as a designation because it is not determined on what sensor you gonna use the lens.

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