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  • The only thing lacking in current Fujifilms line-up is long telephoto primes and a good 1:1 macro.

    The latter is on the roadmap. And to be fair a D500 is a better match for long telephoto...

  • The Canon isn't bettter as it's contemporary though.
    The D5300/5500.

  • Potential customers ain't gonna read an in depth article.
    Otherwise there is no way the 1200d and 1300d would sell at all.

    His short summary is more then enough and could potentially have...

  • The D3300?

    No problem recommending that camera to beginners
    It has sensor cleaning too uses the same extensive lens system and is priced according to it's basic feature set.

    Yet like the D3400...

  • Mirrors still allow the through the lens viewing. Which is still and will for the foreseeable feature have it's advantages for sports/wildlife.

    However this argument doesn't hold up for this...

  • To be fair i don't know a camera in this price range that has a headphone jack.
    Even up the ladder manufacturers are extremely stingy with this basic feature.

    The removal of the mic jack on the...

  • You really don't wanna clean the sensor of your light compact Dslr every time you decide to travel light.

    Luckily the D5500 is barely any heavier. It also has a useable AF system and a well...

  • Well the X-E2S didn't remove anything from the X-E2.
    And looking at the original X-E2 firmware there has been a LOT added over the years.

    Electronic shutter. new film simulations overhauled UI....

  • Well the 1200d and 1300d have dust issues as well.

    They also have a sensor from the flintstone age. Same for the processor which doesn't even allow burstrates over snailpace nor recording in...

  • If you'd want that connectivity the D3300 has that WiFi adapter.

    Then you can always use an eye-fi card.
    It's just not worth losing the sensor cleaning over something that trivial

  • Even with unlimited budget i wouldn't get most of Fuji lenses. My Dream Setup(i am getting close) Samyang 8mm Fish Fuji 10-24mm (now the samyang 12mm due to limited budget) Fuji 18-55mm (main lens) ...
  • You were right but they bloody do have a Ibis capable Apsc body now.

  • Canon has even less native mirrorless lenses then Sony.

    They take their system even less serious.

    If you want a mirrorless ILC it's best to pick between 3 systems.

    M43 if Size advabtage is...

  • In europe only € 100 including the grip.

    Sony does have IBIS and a touchscreen

  • Sigma's 3 F2. 8 primes are small. The 30mm f1. 4 is definitely a lot smaller then a Dslr equiv. Sony also has the 20mm F2.8 pancake Then the Samyang 12mm F2 and the 8 mm fisheye. Then the 18-105mm ...
  • Sony added more meaningful upgrades in 8 mere months then Canon did to the Rebel line in the 4 generations and 5 years between the T2i and the t5i. See the problem Stagnation vs progression
  • both my fuji and my girls Gx8 both have that limitation.

    You X100t, has a leafshutter which can be open for a LONG time.

  • "Phase One says that exposures of between one hour and 1/4000sec will be possible in electronic shutter mode"

    Wow that's very impressive

    After all many mirrorless are still limited to max 1...

  • Maybe you take it to more places due to their smaller dimensions.

    Like the Way Fuji operates

    Then Nikon doesn't have a DX lens compareable to the 56mm F1.2. You'd have to get a D750 with the...

  • While it has the same sensor it doesn't have access to the 14-bit raw files.

    So there is. less. latitude in the files compared to the d5500 and D7200.

    Still image quality is more then fine....

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