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  • At the long-end this lens is F5.6 Vs F2.8
    That means a Sony rx100 or Panasonic LX would have 4 times the light intensity.

    An 1 inch sensor is 1/3rd the size and a bit more efficient (bsi)
    In the...

  • Well I've shoot a Canon G3 550D Pentax KX K30 K500 Nikon D5100 D5500 Panasonic Fz1000 G3 Gx7, Gx8, LX100
    Fujifilm X-F1 X-E2 X-T20 Sony A6000 and Rx100 MK3

    And I just don't see the added value of...

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    While noise performance is better then Canon Fuji does overstate their ISO's. Meaning with the same setting you do end up with slower shutter speeds. In the end the difference in noise performance ...
  • Sounds more like a straw men.

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    I don't know about the new firmware. I have the X-T20 and haven't used the latest update that much yet. (Just installed it 2 days ago.) I can say that focusing in candle light was pretty awful. ...
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  • More dynamic range? No not by enough to ...
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    Not sure if possible the Fuji X flange is only 17 mm. But then collapsible designs help. It certainly would have gotten way more hype then it get's now. If it would be cheaper too. Given that those ...
  • Fair enough resolution is the LX100 biggest drawback.
    That being said it costs approx. Half as much if you can still find one.

    And being Panasonic it can shoot 4k video.

    Low-light will be a wash....

  • The current X100 has very fast AF and it always had a much faster lens.

    Then it's an classic with a iconic hybrid viewfinder and range finder design.

    It is unique while this one isn't this is...

  • I went in knowing that and went away with a solid hit rate and excellent results with a mid range 55-200mm lens. Does it compete with a D500 and a 70-200mm? No of course not. But it did the job. ...
  • While i can understand the slower lens. I can't understand the premium price tag with the slow lens.

    After all we can get this aperture range and sensor for roughly half as much money in the 200d.

  • When the 18-55mm f2.8-4 came out there was no Fuji mirrorless on the market with phase detect AF. The X-E1 was just released and despite having class leading image quality back in the day. It was ...
  • Your right about the unrealistic price. Which I believe is it's biggest issue.

    One can get 2 A6000 kits and have money left for accessories.

    Or a Fuji X-E3/ X-T20 18-55mm F2.8-4 bundle with...

  • Badi F2.8 isn't a stop faster then F3.5
    It's 2/3rd of a stop. Less when you consider that the Sony Apsc sensor is physically larger.
    So it's more or less 1/2 stop in the real world.

    That being...

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    Ow yes my 35mm F2 agrees. Well it's already incredible to be honest.
  • They are different, my Fuji x-t20 struggles more in low-light. But it's more accurate and flexible in a studio set-up. When light levels drop the phase detect system stops working and contrast ...
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    Well just saying the 18-55mm F2.8-4 does have excellent O.I.S. And with a X-T20/X-E3 it's cheaper then this. Ow and it does shoot 4k too.
  • Cgerrard,

    Panasonic g85 is weathersealed and so is are both 12-60mm lenses.

    That being said the old 16mp m43 sensor is no substitute for the 80d sensor powering this camera.

    But then this money...

  • That is a really good point. Given that the lens isn't any faster then a regular kit-lens.

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