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On article Gear of the Year 2018 - Carey's choice: Panasonic GX9 (305 comments in total)
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Marty4650: Carey nails it.

Anyone who has owned Panasonic cameras since 2004 as I have knows he is right about the vast improvement Panasonic has made in jpeg processing. They went from yellowish skin tones and greenish skies to color tones as good as anything from Olympus or Canon. So Panasonic deserves praise for fixing that problem.

And he is right about the the advantage of a tilting EVF, and the disadvantage of having a field sequential one. So there is more work to be done for the next iteration.

There really are two other nice things about this camera. The 20MP sensor is an improvement, albeit a small one. And the included kit lens is a cracker, which pretty much justifies the higher cost. Panasonic is including a $400 lens in this $900 kit, and that is a good thing.

Personally, I think this camera should be sold three ways. Body only, with 12-32mm lens and with 12-60mm lens. This really isn't an entry level camera, so it should be sold as body only.

For the 100 euro premium i'd take the Fuji 18-55mm F2.8-4 over the Gx9 with the 12-60mm anyday.

The previous iteration had a massive Oled viewfinder that was pretty much the best on the market on release.

Panasonic returned to their dated one which for the initial pricepoint was utterly ridiculous. Sure i understand they needed a smaller one given that the Gx8 flopped due to being too large. But come on they should've made new optics for the Oled display with a smaller magnification instead.

Now the field sequential display looks really bad compared to it's peers which also downright beat it in image quality.

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On article Gear of the Year 2018 - Carey's choice: Panasonic GX9 (305 comments in total)
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keeponkeepingon: Nice choice!

I'm so tempted to give Panasonic a try but the GX9 is above the price point I'd be willing to pay for a MFT.

For casual shooters hanging out with family the Panasonics all have the capability to take a picture while you are taking a video. There's several different modes with varying resolution and impact on the video being taken.

For things like taking a video of a kid blowing out the candles on a birthday cake it's excellent, letting you get a video and a few stills at the point of capture without needing to video everything then trudge through the video afterwards looking for artifact free stills in post.

Every manufacturer had some version of this capability but Canon and sony's latest $1000 point and shoots and $2000 mirrorless and $5000 DSLRs have all dropped this feature so even for a simple thing like "blowing out the candles" you need both a dedicated still and video camera if you want to avoid the drudgery of trying to snag decent stills from video

Yeah at that price it looks very good
Here it's 669,- Euro body only. Which is Okayish.
You can get a X-T20 for 649,- in the same store (after cashback) which honestly is just the better overall camera and therefore the much better deal.

At that price it's okay. However at it's launch price of 899,- you'd have to try REALLY hard to get something worse.

I don't understand it as a pick for the year either.
The 20mp M43 sensor ain't that good. The EVF is downright outdated looking at it's peers.

Sure it has 4k recording But then most have that these days. Most Notably both Fujifilms which are close in price (but have much better AF tracking and with the Apsc sensor better image quality.

There just isn't much going for it.

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Camera Rubbing: I agree, the 28-75mm RXD is hands down the best lens for Sony E. I hope they bring it to other systems as well sooner rather than later.

Nah, it isn't.
But then at it's price does it have to?
In my opinion it's well a must have unless you have unloaded your wallet on the GM.

It's better then the 24-70mm F4 for sure

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Roland Karlsson: This is a good camera. The Panasonic cost $1000 and the Leica $1200. Both are expensive for compact cameras, but as I said, they are good cameras.

For the 20% premium price you get a more sleek design, with square buttons and a Leica red dot. I can also only find the Panasonic in black.

If you disregard the two problems, that it is embarrassing to have a Leica and that it might be more prone to be stolen, I would say that it is a good buy.

With the original LX100 you got a "free" copy of lightroom.
A red dot, Leica colour science and a Lightroom license for 200 bucks premium isn't that bad.

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On article Best cameras under $500 (364 comments in total)
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Aroart: How can Canon win with such a poor selection native lenses...

The Eos M series doesn't have a better native lens collection then Sony.
They're however friendlier to the wallet or optically better. (Sony 16-50 and 55-210 really need replacements)

That being said Canon does have better consumer options interesting to people buying a entry-level camera. But the same applies to Fujfilm which does have higher-end options to grow into.

I'd easily pick Fujifilm over Canon even at these price-points because of it.

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KoolKool: i still remember sx50, it's used to be the best bridge zoom camera at time it's released,
but now....what the hell Canon thinking?

- 1/2.3 sensor size is unacceptable at 2018, and even no-no in next years
i expect sx70 will be 1-inch and powerful rival to RX10 series


The g3x?!

You mean that slow bigger that could barely get 1 fps when shooting raw.

Lacked the EVF unlike it's direct competition.

And had a slower softer lens to boot?

God that was an awful try to achieve nothing too.

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Stephen McDonald: Will the SX70 be a dud, like the SX60 or will it restore the quality of the SX50? So glad it doesn't have a touch screen, as I always use only the large viewscreen, with a diopter viewing loupe. I'd rather it was about 25mm X 1,625 in the lens. Why the cheap price? Does this tell something about quality? The frame grabs can certainly be captured in PPP. The lens doesn't open up wide enough. Will Sony join the crowd and come out with their own one of these? I wonder what the Canon hacking group can do with it? I like the higher 4K encoding rate. If Sony comes out with a comparable model, with 60P 4K, there will be buyer's remorse.

Or even better the trusty old Fz1000.
Should be available for just an hair more. But roughly 5 times better.

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On article Fujifilm X-T3 Review (2478 comments in total)
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sharkyyy: Is fuji still cheating with iso?
If i set the same exposition value(aperture,time,iso)on nikon,sony or canon and my fuji x-t20, on fuji is underexposed photo. So i have to increase iso...

I dunno, but yeah the X-T20 does do it. As did my X-E2.

Roughly 1/3rd stop compared to my micro 4/3rd and Pentax.

But then when picking the same ISO the Fuji files were noticeably cleaner. Especially when compared to the Panasonic. But has more to do with the difference in sensor size.

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OhWeh: 24 MP, 1/200s sync, 5fps, flash built in, one card slot, battery live 1550 .....

Hey wait a little! Why should I buy the Z6?

The Z6 has a mic and headphone jack.
This has neither. It's 250 dollar on ebay predecessor has that covered though.

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Jefftan: $499 with lens!
what more can one ask
look at some mirrorless pricing

A mic jack and built-in sensor cleaning. You know like what the D3300 had.

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Jefftan: Questions, never use DSLR only mirrorless

1 need AF micro adjustment?
2 with PDAF, even 11 AF point enough for landscape?



For landscapes you simply don't need autofocus at all.

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Didn't bring back the jack nor the in camera sensor cleaning.
The camera they made 2 iteration's back is still the better one.

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baggy1: As a former Nikon user for 20 years who now uses a Sony A7III, I would of gone back to Nikon just for love, if they had kept the autofocus the same and bunged in another card slot.My Sony hasn't given me an out of focus pic in 10,000 shots and all the settings are on defaults.I just tap eye af for people shots.Nikon fiddle with features to fit bodies into price points.I think those days are over,consumers are saying "just give us what you have got"
Also Sony makes XQD cards, the sensors, probably touch screens and EVF's too,and have always made pro broadcast camera's.They will always be ahead,in theory anyway.

It's not possible to keep the autofocus the same.
Their Dslr's use off sensor phase detect autofocus. While this uses a on-sensor hybrid system.

They could've tracking a bit more like Fuji's system though. Where you select a area of Phase detect points. Which should be a bit more familiar from what i've seen from hands-on thus far.

But then i'd had to bring a Nikon Dslr and my fuji's to Cologne to verify that opinion.

The lack of second card seems to unify photographers in turning away.

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On article Nikon announces 64GB and 120GB XQD memory cards (224 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: more like sony than nikon at this point ....

262 usd for 120 gb of storage on a memory card ?

hahhahahahahahahh.... who the heck does nikon think they are ?? apple?

I just bought 2 64gb SD's for 53,- total.

Sure they are slower but 100-80 read write near maxes out my Fuji's X-T20 write speed anyway.

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On article Nikon announces 64GB and 120GB XQD memory cards (224 comments in total)

Ah now the single card slot makes sense.

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zakaria: As expected over priced.
Thanks Nikon you saved my money!

That other people's money was earned by supplying a service. Professionals don't just take it. They are not the government.

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LessMirrored19: Nikon wants you to buy expensive XQD cards but gives 18 and 23 raw buffer ?
This is laughable.

Honestly i'd say it's rather clever. Nikon doesn't have to pay for expensive built in fast Ram. And consumers can just shot nearly continuously when they have a fast card. Irony aside no cheaper SD option for back-up Seriously?! And yeah my X-T20 has a deeper buffer at that framerate. Which should be a class or 2 behind.

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LessMirrored19: Nikon wants you to buy expensive XQD cards but gives 18 and 23 raw buffer ?
This is laughable.

well at least you don't have to wait until it clears.

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On article Nikon Z6 is a lower resolution, less expensive Z7 (405 comments in total)
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Smitty1: Here is your D750 successor.

Apart from the lens mount :-D

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rubank: Can someone tell me what kind of USB connector/port the Z7 has?

Is it C-type or the useless old type (like on the DSLR:s)?

And it powers the camera with the USB-C.
They got a lot right. Apart from the storage options. Which will be a dealbreaker for many,

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