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On article Sample gallery: Pentax K-1 II (155 comments in total)

I like the sample gallery. I actually shot the K1 the other day. I love it, for a DSLR. It's so different from MILC these days. I'm just so used to the AF array covering the whole viewfinder, I could never go back.

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User9362470513: Or you could just use a Sigma Quattro camera and get the look for less money.

Yes, you could, if you don't want to use anything over ISO 800.

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mosc: 2,100MB/s through a 12gb/s SAS connection? That's peculiar. The maximum the interface can handle is 1500 MB/s. This is why Samsung went over to NVMe so they could hook directly up to the PCI-E bus. 4 lanes of PCI-E 3.0 will get you up close to 4000 MB/S as see on the Samsung 960 PRO (though whither it's interface limited or bandwidth limited at the quoted 3500 MB/s is hard to tell).

SAS too was intended for daisy chaining lots of drives. Each of these would more than saturate an entire SAS connection. Most interface cards are only PCI-E 3.0 8-lane slots which top out at really only enough for 4 full-speed SAS lines (and as explained this drive is already faster than SAS lanes).

New tech is great and all but nobody should consider this drive unless their limit is TB per rack or perhaps per watt and speed or cost effeciency are pretty much irrelevant. Data center sure. Photographer, no.

Will 3D NAND pass large disks in TB/$? Eventually, but not with this tech.

This is an enterprise-class drive, and it's directed at major data centers. Combine this drive with data dedupe, compression, and compaction and it can potentially hold 100TB. You can't perform those operations inline with spinning disk, at least, not without a performance impact. I was working with an entire rack of the 15s earlier today. At the enterprise, data center square footage is at a premium, so is power and cooling. These drives pay for themselves. In short order we'll be seeing nvme front ending flash front ending dense flash, because the controllers aren't scaling with the density increases.

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On article Fujifilm X-H1: What you need to know (239 comments in total)
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migus: "I really wish they'd make their bodies much larger as I find them too small so won't buy any of them unfortunately" => -1 ;-)

However great, the new high end bodies launched recently --Fuji's XH1 and the m43 GH5S-- are growing large and bulky, exceeding an A7 with a small prime... With ergonomy and features they (XH1 and GH5S) are also adding a lot of bulk around their respective sensors - serving perhaps as heatsink for video and grip :-)

Personally i deplore this 'bodybuilding' trend for the smaller sensors. Perhaps it's OK for their market niches, but straying too far away from the mainstream that wants CONVENIENCE/portability and IQ - the smallest compact systems built around the largest possible sensors (eg., a5100).

I think each vendor needs both. There are times I want a full-sized body with a vertical grip. Then there are times I'm walking around and want the lightest rig possible. Each ecosystem can support tools for those scenarios. I have two m4/3s bodies, one tiny, the other is larger and will take a vertical grip.

The X-H1 is meant to balance the larger Fuji Pro glass. This body is not for "niches", quite the opposite. If you look at Fuji's financials, they're gaining pro shooters, NOT mainstream consumers, and those gains have had a huge impact on their bottom line.

You mention the Sony A7 - have you ever shot that with the Sony 100-400 FE? Good luck with that - it's a terrible experience. For that matter, all the Sony pro glass is too big to use comfortably on their bodies unless you add a grip to them.

I humbly suggest you take a look at the numbers - Fuji is targeting pro photogs with this body, and I expect they're going to have a good go of it.

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Raymond Cho: I am sure there are very nice Windows laptops and desktops like the Macs but they are just as expensive. Apple doesn't make cheap student computers etc etc.

If we kitted out a nice looking desktop with 4k or 5k screen, Intel Xeon. ECC RAM etc etc .. it won't be cheap.

For me at least I can cut corners and get it cheaper but I won't have the same workstation quality parts. With a $80 motherboard I can get NVMe SSD storage for eg... or just the standard SATA3 SSD.

No, just no. The direct comparison is a Windows desktop, and I can cook a 48 core, 1.0TB of RAM system with NVMe and a 3x5k screen for this price point.

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Ebrahim Saadawi: Why would any photographer take this instead of a 24mp eos m or a OVF equipped SL2 (still tiny) or even a GX85?

It just needs to be cheaper being that entry-level of a camera with a 16mp m43s sensor and no EVF.

Yes, the 22/2 is good for the price - I owned it, I sold it. Notice I said the "lens system", not a particular lens, and to qualify that further, I was referring to the lack of options. There's basically no standard zoom I would want to use in the M system. The 18-55 was ok for IQ, but garbage for build quality, and the 15-45 is actually worse. The IQ may not be better with some of the kit options on the m4/3s side, but at least the build quality is better (esp. the Panny 14-42). You are 100% incorrect on your assertion that the 22/2 costs a "fraction of comparable m43 lenses". There's only a $20 price gap between the 22/2 and Panny 20mm F1.7, on Amazon US. In my personal experience the 20mm out-resolves the 22/2, delivers more light, and is sharper wide open (dxo/photozone/slrgear agree).

As an aside, if you want an ultra wide option, I'd save some money and opt for the 12mm F2 Sammy rather than the 11-22mm - it has far superior IQ and is my favorite lens for astro atm.

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Ebrahim Saadawi: Why would any photographer take this instead of a 24mp eos m or a OVF equipped SL2 (still tiny) or even a GX85?

It just needs to be cheaper being that entry-level of a camera with a 16mp m43s sensor and no EVF.

Because the lens system on the EOS-M is garbage, the SL2 is a clunky old SLR that is literally twice the size and has bigger lenses. The GX85 is almost 20% larger, but is a viable alternative.

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On article Sony releases silver version of the popular a6300 (211 comments in total)

The ergonomics on the 6k series make me want to beat my head against the wall. I just don't get it - adopt the A7 layout, or completely re-cook it, but dump this design.
I don't know one owner that actually likes this clunky 6k body. I'd happily use the pairing of the new 18-135 + 6k body if not for that.

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On article Sigma SD Quattro H Review (647 comments in total)

What I find odd is that they don't offer both a Bayer and a Foveon model. If they didn't, I'd buy the Bayer, basically right now. Sigma should just acknowledge that they're not a sensor company - they're a glass company. Sensor R&D is never going to play off for them. Roll that R&D into the camera body itself, buy the sensor from Sony, and give the world a top-notch FF mirrorless body to go with all that Sigma glass.

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On article Sony a9 first look videos (301 comments in total)
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Mike921: Specs look good, sure do. When/if the lens situation firms up they could be serious competition to Canon/Nikon. However, Cameras are such a small part of Sony corp. revenue, the product line can be eliminated in very short order should the balance sheet dictate (a la Samsung). Canon and Nikon have a lot more skin in the game.

I'm not a big Sony fan, but I don't know what you're talking about. They have a "holy trinity" on par with Canikon, they have massive selection available in the prime lens segment (Sony, Sony Zeiss, Zeiss Loxia/Batis, Voiglander, etc. etc.). They plugged the 70-300mm and 100-400mm gaps, and they even have a pretty good all-in-one option with the 24-240mm. What lens situation are you referring to? For that matter, this body will use Canon glass at near native speeds via adapter. Super telephoto sports lenses are a native gap, but definitely not a big challenge.

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On article The Sony a9 is a 24MP sports-shooting powerhouse (1865 comments in total)
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attomole: Could be one of those landmark Cameras like the Canon AE1 or the Nikon D3. whilst not revolutioanry, put enough of the right key new tech features together as to change the market
The real world focusing performance will be key, not something that frequently lives up to the hype.

I don't think they would have released this body if they weren't confident it could match the other market leaders. If you look at the evolution of their AF subsystem, each release has demonstrated a real improvement at each step. This chain started with the A6000 (1st pdaf/cdaf hybrid), then the A6300/A7R2, and now the A9. The A6300 wasn't far off from the Canon 7Dii and in many shooting situations it was better IMO. I would be shocked if this body didn't match the performance of pro sports bodies.

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On article Pentax KP Review (668 comments in total)

I think TCSTV guys nailed it - it's a great camera, HOWEVER it takes real skill to engineer the first DSLR with multiple grips and make ALL OF THEM suck.

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On article Modern Mirrorless: Canon EOS M5 Review (1651 comments in total)

So it's basically impossible for a Canon body to get less than a silver award on DP. They basically cover the fact that this camera is inferior to every other MILC system camera, then give it a silver. LOL.

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On article Photokina 2016: Canon EOS M5 quick look video (259 comments in total)
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laueddy: I like the M5, I think it is the camera I have been waiting for. Aside from my 2 large cameras (5DsR & 645Z), I have been wanting a slightly smaller camera that has decent AF capability (Ability to change AF Point location, Face-detection & AF Coverage). I tried an A7Rii, but I don' t like it. Difficult menu system, large heavy native lens, and don't work well with my existing Canon lenses. I purchased a SL1 for it's size, but the tiny viewfinder and AF Coverage just isn't sufficient for me. (Gave that camera to my dad).
Provided the M5 can addressed some of the weak points on the M1 & M3, I think I'll pick one up.

I suppose if you don't care that the feature set on this camera is vastly inferior to the competition, then yeah, this may be a fit. Given that it appears cost is not a major issue for you though, I would submit that the Fuji X-T2 or Olympus E-M1ii would be a far better choice. With those systems the Menus are much better than the Sony and you'll have a fully developed ecosystem. The Canon glass choices are weak at best. I owned the M1 & M3 and finally gave up. I own the E-M5ii Oly now and it's fantastic.

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This looks great. The only item I didn't see mentioned was star tracing like Pentax provides. I would love to see that, and it really should only require software options to do it.

Link | Posted on Sep 19, 2016 at 18:07 UTC as 110th comment

Frack. The same stupid swing-out screen as the E-M5 series. Newsflash: Nobody cares about selfies - vertical flip up/down is far nicer to use.

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Gray Photography: Pixel peeping taken to the extreme. A solution looking for a problem?

I fear DP Review has lost themselves in the world of examining belly button lint with a microscope.

None of this has anything to do with photography.

You're both wrong. Canon put this "feature" into the body. DPR is simply showing what it does. This technology has direct applications for high resolution shooting and can certainly impact large-scale (post-size+) prints. For that matter you're cropping 1/8th of a 30mpx frame to get a specific element then enlarging, this is also directly relevant.

Don't get so hung up on complaining about pixel peepers that you miss thinking about the real applications of a certain tech.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2156 comments in total)
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stevo23: Seems like a killer camera, well worth the wait.

But Canon's lineup has holes - no upgrade for the 6D, nowhere for a 6D owner to go but pro. They're leaving the serious hobbyist and amateurs with few choices.

Their lineup has holes - which is why my 6D and 4 "L" lenses were sold beginning of summer. I'm tired of Canon's blatantly gimping their product line, omitting ultra-basic features to protect their other models. We see it again here - the video spec for 4k is garbage. This "new" body can't even match the video quality of the GH4 which was released in spring of 2014 and is already about to be replaced at Photokina.

Canon is sabotaging it's own lineup to force upgrades by customers. They're competing with themselves, which is insane. With Sony set to release the A9 before the end of this year, and the X-T2 released by Fuji, it would appear Canon is sinking themselves.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2156 comments in total)
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stevo23: Seems like a killer camera, well worth the wait.

But Canon's lineup has holes - no upgrade for the 6D, nowhere for a 6D owner to go but pro. They're leaving the serious hobbyist and amateurs with few choices.

5D3 is a downgrade in ISO and has no wifi. Not a viable place holder.

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On article Crossing the Bridge: Canon XC10 Review (260 comments in total)
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Intermittentoverexposure: How the h3ll can dpreview give it an 80%? That's utter nonsense. Pretty much EVERY respected review site trashed this. It was named worst camera of the year on several.


Rent it first, I did - it's not good. Most people commenting here haven't shot it. It's OK, at a $1000 price point. At the $2000 price point it's a f***ing ripoff. For that price you can get the Sony RX10m2 or 3 and have a bag of cash left over. The RX10x is better in almost every way. Canon has 422, so if you need 422, then that settles it. If you don't want to grade footage, then the skin tones on Sony may also be a concern. Other than those two items, the Sony is better in every way I know of.

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