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Who's running this country anyway? Strip off another freedom, add another fee. Enough with the nanny state.

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No RAW files = loser. Limited manual control = loser.

Far better off buying a used Canon G-series camera.

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I've been wanting this camera since it was announced. I'm primarily a DSLR shooter, and FF at that. I also have owned a G6 and currently G10 and S110. So, I'm pretty familiar with where this camera fits in and what a step it is for Canon to take.
I just bought a used version at a very nice price so will be trying it out in the near future.
I would have rated the camera a little higher, based on my past experience with Canon and reports I've read from reviews and owners. Particularly, Optics and Performance would have got a couple ticks up in my estimation. I think a 79 or 80 would have been appropriate -- being practically in a category of its own: attached zoom, large sensor, compact camera.
It won't be a camera for everyone, true. But if you want better IQ than P&S and use it as a second camera to your DSLR for quick grab shots and take-anywhere convenience, you should be well served! :)

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Most annoying ad campaign -- at least for 2013. I wish we had Razzies for ads.

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JohnMatrix: two questions:
1. why would you want to do this? (the end result is quite annoying to watch IMO).
2. why is this even 'news'?

Pierre -- Amazing, and very exciting to see how you capture the band in action. Nice still shots! I really appreciate your remarks here in the forum too. Love the punk/grunge scene, thanks. What ISO were you shooting the two cameras at? Thanks for the insight. Jim

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Awful, biased reportage! Leave Nikon, gun owners and hunters alone.

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Best for me is the 5D3. It helps drive down existing prices for used Canon full frame bodies. It made a 1Ds3 affordable for me at $2300. Great!

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Awesome!! Looking forward to this resource. :)

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