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Paul Farace: A stolen camera ends up on some web-retail site or in a hock shop... purchased by some unknowing or thinking nudnik who then may and I repeat MAY post a picture... only to be confronted by the original owner.

It reminds me a friend of mine who had her very expensive camera stolen out of her car in Florida. The police gave her the usual "can't help you without a signed confession of the theif, etc." Well a few days later she sees her camera on a certain website (yea, it was that rare of a camera that it could be ID'd immediately)... she purchased it and arranged to pick it up from the "seller" who only lived a few miles away! She called the police again and they again gave her the run-around until she said she was going to meet them anyway and would be "armed." The detective got on the line immediately and they all went together to arrest the crook.

There's a lot of varied opinion flying around here.

There will always be better ways of doing things and manufacturers should always listen to this kind of thread but at the end of the day, ANYTHING that helps a little has to be better than nothing.

10 bucks is nothing and the other link is for free. Use them and if they work then great. Don't try them and I can say 100% that you won't even have the benifits no matter how limited.

I do agree with the privacy issues a little.

Interesting stuff.

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