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ZD 14-54
ZD 50-200 SWD
ZD 70-300
MFT 12-50
ZD EC-14
ZD EX-25
FL-50 flash
Sigma 30mm F1.4
Sigma 150mm F2.8

Legacy Lenses
OM 300mm f4.5
OM 50mm F1.8
Tamron sp 90 F2.5 macro
Kiron 105mm F2.8 macro 1:1
Hexanon 40 mm F1.8
Haxanon 57mm F1.4


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goshigoo: Because many people think f/4 is f/4 regardless of format
They do not understand m43 only cover 1/4 of 135FF

Panasonic sells fewer lenses then canikon
The R&D cost accounts for the expensive price of m43's lenses

It is more worth to buy canikon super tele lenses then m43's
And it won't be portable anyway and you will have to take a tripod/monopod when using super tele lenses, which adds another weight

M43 is makes more sense in wide / normal zoom range

f/4 is f/4.... even between 35mm and APS-C, DOF is the only difference

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Marc Ramirez: Need 4 times the light to expose the larger ff sensor, so f8 dof equivalence. Or crop a 300 f8 full frame sensor to m43 levels and see how the images compare.

Marc give it a break, when your using a 300mm most dont care about DOF eqivalence, we care about getting optical reach.

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