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blacklion: Did this Leica have any connection to Leica which makes survey tools, binoculars, optical sights?

Leica manufactures numerous optical systems, everything you mentioned plus a range of advanced microscopes and even software. They have been known for decades for producing some of the finest optics available.

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nathantw: I found an XA on top of a pinball machine. I felt bad for the people who lost it and would have given it to the owners if they were around. They weren't. I ended up taking the camera and using it to until it started falling apart. My sister borrowed it for a trip and someone stole it out of her purse. She bought me a new camera and I got a Nikon L35AF.

I used that camera everywhere. What I liked was the pop-up flash that automatically popped up. If I didn't want to use it i just held it down and I had long shutter speeds for proper exposure. I was able to put a filter on the front and change the asa anytime. The only downside was that it had 9 focus points but it always chose the correct one. Awesome camera.

By the end there was loose glass in the viewfinder and it was a mess. Funny thing, my coworker out of the blue, gave me his wife's L35AF and it's in mint condition.

So instead of turning it in to Lost and Found, you felt justified in just ripping it off. Your motto "losers weepers, finders keepers" Sad

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The Canon T-90 was MILES AHEAD of any camera listed here. Check it out.

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Alphoid: I wonder what MSRP will be -- that lens has got to be expensive. If they can keep the price down without compromising the optics, this might be the compact camera to beat.

I only wish it had GPS.

According to USA Today, the price is $799.

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