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Canon EOS 6D, various L and non-L lenses, tripods, Astrotrac, ball and azimuth/elevation heads, polarizers and IR pass filters. I shoot available light.

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  • Here are some that caught my eye over the years:


  • Here's the thing about a 14mm lens and "shooting the milky way."

    That's pretty much all you can shoot with it. Because by the time you dig around in the image for anything smaller, you're out of...

  • Well, for starters, it isn't 14mm - that's a landscape lens. That's way too wide (provides no magnification, includes way too much ground at almost all angles.)

    I like to start at about 85mm and...

  • Dragonrider, DPR can have someone who is not in Seattle take the shot. Or they can set up a room with a simulation of similar contrast ratios and point sources. It's just that simple. Not doing so...

  • The gallery needs an astro shot with the lens wide open.

    That is the kind of real-world image that actually reveals a lens' shortcomings in CA and coma. Lenses that do well with such a shot will...

  • > CC only requires internet once every 30 days to check your membership.

    100% of a good enough reason to never, ever, buy CC here.

  • Rishi, that's very funny, but no. :)

    > but if you care, you should check the box that says 'Store all originals locally', or use Classic CC instead, yes?

    I have Lightroom 6 and Photoshop CS5. And...

  • So I had lightroom 4; I upgraded to lightroom 6 today. The adobe site sent me my serial number, but my account failed to display my downloads. I was able to get the product installed by finding a...

  • Commented on a photo in the Sony a7R III sample photos sample gallery

    Beautiful shot. Nice to see some work that isn't drowning in political correctness.

  • $500 (or whatever) once can indeed benefit from updates. That's a policy decision.

    I've been updating my users of various of my applications at no charge for decades. There's no downside to it;...

  • Vince P:

    > Thousands of times more people lose data from their home computer than from any cloud service.

    Thousands more people lose their lives to being run over by a car than by a bulldozer....

  • Vince P, yeah, no. :)

    One specific instance, I leave the rest to your...

  • Mystic38: Okay, but we're talking about Adobe here.

  • @Vince P:

    > When has a reputable cloud service been Hacked at the Cloud...

  • > Leasing a car gets you a new one every two years for $150-400 a month. What's so terrible about that?

    It's not terrible, if that's what you want to do.

    But there are viable other options. If...

  • $10/mo, $120/year, $1200/decade.

    Or, for example, $500 once.

    Which one is the better choice for your wallet? Only you can decide; it depends on how long you expect to use the software. I already...

  • esorenson, I assure you, my beard is shaved before it reaches my neck.

  • > Why is it so hard to understand that pleasing the stockholders means first pleasing the customers?

    Because that's not a given. It often means getting the most money out of customers by any means...

  • > Embracing the future

    Yeah, embracing the improvement in Adobe's financial picture, and the constant, numbing degradation of your own.

    Subscriptions: No thank you. I'll resist this until there...

  • vyusseem – yeah, we're just annoyances to them now. But leaving large numbers of unhappy customers around just opens up market opportunities and other incentives for others. Adobe literally pushed...

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