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Nice. But remember that there is also very nice Samyang 12/2, and for very good price...

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temama: Nikon?! I'm really sorry for you. I'm a Sony user.

Ah. Your attitude to life is so pathetic and wearisome. Where is all the joy? A7 is a nice camera, but A7RII is something amazing! Buy it, and you will become like a new person <3

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temama: Nikon?! I'm really sorry for you. I'm a Sony user.

You mean: Adapter? Yes, one is enough. Sigma MC-11, and I can use many of these fancy Sigma lenses with my great Sony A7RII camera. Life is so wonderful!

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Nikon?! I'm really sorry for you. I'm a Sony user.

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jorepuusa: It´s great that professional photographers teach amateurs how to shoot. Then amateurs start taking pictures cheaply or pro bono and pros lose their jobs.
Pros go to schools, four years photography there and then they buy expensive gear and use money to get clients. And then some of them teach amateurs in web which causes the profession to collapse, that has happened all over and photography is a dying profession.

I agree with you on this, Jore.

And for others:

Jore Puusa knows what he is talking about. He is a true professional and has made a significant career as a pressphotographer (thought, this is probably the wrong thread to talk about it - ).

Anyway...Did you know that this Jore is the same guy - same pro- who runs in this video with Carl Lewis (Los Angeles 1984 Summer Olympics)?! Yes, he is ;)


(from 4:10 -forward )
...and then took a photograph that was the day's most published photo in America! Believe me .

...He has spent the years as press photographer in crisis and war zones around the world.


And seen there more than wanted to see, more than no one wants to see.

I just wanted to tell you this that you know...He has a exceptional perspective to this topic.

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