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Clown Guy: Please can people read and like the post? I'd like to get some support for this view.

Nikon are suggesting that they honour pre-orders prior to the point that they released an internal communication to dealers / retailers. At that point, the price change wasn't public and confirmed. Therefore it is unfair to penalise genuine Nikon customers who bought the cameras over the weekend, after the 24th, but before the price change had fully taken effect on some websites.

Seeing as though all retailers have now changed their prices to the new higher prices from today, I'd like to call on Nikon to honour pre-orders bought up until their press release announcement today when the mistake was admitted and the new price change was officially confirmed... and NOT to honour pre-orders from the point in time that they made an internal announcement to dealers.

It would be unacceptable for Nikon to officially confirm they had made a mistake, then to catch genuine consumers in a narrow 2 day lag.

Though I'm sure you're part of the minority of lagged pre-orders, I agree that Nikon should note the increase POST-press release.

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Martin Gowar: A professional photographer friend of mine over here in England tells me that recently his faulty Nikon D1X was returned via Calumet from Nikon unrepaired, with a letter stating that as the camera was discontinued, no servicing was no longer available. The D1X was first launched in 2001.
On contacting Nikon about servicing his D3, (launched in 2007) he was told that Nikon will stop servicing this camera in 2016.
So it seems that Nikon have firmly embraced the 'throw away society' maxim to their (professional) products, and the philosophy is there for everybody to see : if your camera breaks down, buy another one - you know it makes sense.
Corporate greed personified.

Reduction in "warranty-years" from 10-11 (depending on how recent this was) for the 1DX compared to 9 years for the D3 isn't a huge jump, but I see what you're sayin'. I would say it has more to do with Moore's Law and demand-side trends than corporate greed. This price increase, however, is all supply-driven (possibly under the guise of a really big corporate finance muss-up).

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Why not just call it a 404 Error?

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