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EduPortas: Just scanned the 50+ plus winners and finalists on National History Museum website and discovered just one mirrorless camera amongst the lauded pictures (Olympus E-PL1). Lots of "old" DSLR gear: Canon's original 5D, 7D, Nikon D300, Nikon D90 with good glass. Lion's share seems to be shot with the Nikon D800 and Canon 5D Mark III. Heck, there's even a Nikon F4 film camera! Surely mirrorless is the future, right? RIGHT?! (Edit: I only checked the "Adults" section of the competition. Lots of great shots in the younglings section also).

Mirrorless is still the future. Those images were all made in the past.

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- Be careful not to ruin a scene with your foot prints.

- Exhaling with your nose prevents the viewfinder from getting frosted.

- When you have to put your tripod through a layer of crusty snow, don't spread the legs all the way or they will spring back up, or break if you force them too much.

- Bring extra layers like a big mittens and a puffy coat because you might have to stand around waiting for the light. This is especially true for wildlife photography where you might have to stand still for long periods.

- Keep your tongue away from metal tripods.

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On article Ballot-selfies are now legal in New Hampshire (49 comments in total)

New Hampshire : Selfie or die.

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On article YI M1 Mirrorless ILC First Impressions Review (419 comments in total)

Can it operate while charging?

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I read the title as "Behind the Sewage" for some reason.

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TV of the future:

Actually, we're already there. Hook the TV to a computer and you can have as many windows as you wish.

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roblarosa: A lot of people who are commenting either have a reading comprehension issue or have no idea what the difference is between wink and blink.

A wink is on purpose - Gilly.

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On article Photographing fireworks: The basics and then some (67 comments in total)
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M1963: "F8 (equivalent)"?
It's f/8, irrespective of sensor size. But it can also be f/5.6 if you favour shorter exposures like 3''.
This said everything else in this article is textbook - and of the wise kind. No, you can't do away with the tripod; no, you can't use high ISO and short exposure times; and no - your iPhone won't give you the kind of image you were led to believe it would. Forget it. You need a proper camera for this.

F8 equivalent refers to DOF. And yes, you can hand hold short exposure at high ISO.

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On article Medium-format mirrorless: Hasselblad unveils X1D (1191 comments in total)

Nice, like a digital Mamiya 7.

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Aaron801: Why do aerial photography? That's an easy one, if you have the time and money to afford the travel to exotic locations and the gear needed and or the hiring of the plane to be able to do it. If you have all of those items lined up, there'd be no reason not to, right?

For everyone else, there's Google Earth.

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HGFGKM: A much less expensive and (to my opinion) equally satisfying approach to aerial photography is to always ask for a window seat and away from the wings when you travel by plane. It does not always work, what with clouds, haze, the sun against the view....etc. But, when it works, there are many spectacular landscapes to take pictures, especially when traveling over the Rockies and over the Arizona Nevada area. Surprisingly, the small sensor cameras are as good as the more expensive ones. I always try not to miss any such opportunity.

Ideally, get a window seat in front of the plane (away from engine fumes) and opposed to the sun.

EDIT: repeating stuff is what happens when you don't read the whole post. Sorry.

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On article D500 owner formally accuses Nikon of false advertising (477 comments in total)
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odpisan: Once upon the time I had Nikon & I sold it because I do not like their market strategy.

They are the first pirates on the photomarket & they organize products only to suck so much money as possible from customers ... with using some despicable marketing tricks. 4 ex.: they say that Nikon has the biggest selection of lenses on the world .. BUT when a new customer buys a Nikon-body, he recognize that only few of lenses are compatibile with his new camera. So .. if customer wants a better lens, he is forced to buy a new - more expensive - body.

It is simply not fair.

But Nikonisti do not see something like that - as some religious believers do not recognize the science & they believe that 6000 years old Earth is flat ...

OK .. I told it .. now I am waiting to be embarrassed of Nikonisti.

I sold and AIS lens to a Canon user. He could stop-down meter with his Canon while I had no meter at all on my Nikon.

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alcaher: NASA sucks, they always waste alot of money and resources. Take all that money for better things to do here in our the planet.

How about cutting down on the military instead?

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On article Crossing the Bridge: Canon XC10 Review (260 comments in total)
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nathanleebush: You guys were much too delicate with this monstrosity. "Not so good for: photographers who require RAW file support" .. What is this, 2003? How did the A6300, which seemed to fall from the heavens, only score 5 percentage points higher? It's half the price with 10x the features, and a nicer image to boot, for both stills and video! This emerged like a hot turd from the depths of hell, and will soon return whence it came.. Canon really needs to get it together, but they obviously are not aware of the internet, or they would have fixed their broken product development culture by now. It's amazing to watch them blow their massive video lead with disappointment after disappointment.


How much does that classification matter when broadcast TV is filled with GoPro and cellphone footage?

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Biowizard: Only two filters are necessary in this day and age: a polariser, and a multi-stop ND, because both let you create images that cannot be achieved in any other way. Arguably, an IR filter too, if you do IR photography.

But graduated NDs are not necessary, Indeed, they nearly always produce unnatural results. For any landscape photo where you want to darken part of the image relative to others, you can simply take a bracketed exposure sequence, and merge as desired in Photoshop.

This approach lets you follow irregularities in the skyline (like mountains, buildings, trees) that an ND grad would artificially darken.


I'd rather not fiddle with filters while the light is fading.

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fairfaxian: Always amazes me when photo backpacks appear without a waist strap (cummerbund). Toting weight on shoulders is tiring/painful. All proper outdoor backpacks put the weight onto the waist band, and shoulder straps only need to be thin mesh -not weight bearing.

A belt on a small pack isn't very effective. What puzzles me is the lack of decent side pockets for bottles.

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On article CP+ 2016: Things we found that had been cut in half (136 comments in total)
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kineticdg: I have to say I'm a little disappointed in this post. Haven't we said for years that it's not the camera that matters, it's the photographer? Couldn't you find a single photographer who was cut in half for this show? Oh well, maybe next year.

See last picture.

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Horshack: This is what the RX100 would have been if Sony engineers were told the camera doesn't have to fit in a pocket. As it is, the DL 16-50 is thicker than an LX100:

DL 16-50: 106 x 63 x 58 mm
LX100: 114.8 x 66.2 x 55.0 mm

Get bigger pockets.

My jacket pocket can take an Olympus EM-5, a couple of zooms and some accessories. Love that jacket so much I had it repaired for more than I paid for 18 years ago. :-)

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Any word on weather sealing?

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On article Primer: Why would I buy a mirrorless camera? (562 comments in total)
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photominion: the ergonomics always get left out..

while a small body might be nice to have, a full frame sensor still asks for rather large lenses. Especially, if they're supposed to deliver perfect sharpness all across the frame.
That said, a tiny body with a huge lens simple feels awkward to work with, especially when you have buttons/controls on both sides of the body and have to let go of the lens to adjust settings.

On a tripod this may not play a role, but then again, when you bring a tripod and work with heavy lenses anyways, why would you need 200g weight saved on the camera body?
(You'll need to bring 3 spare batteries anyways, which almost nullifies that weight gain)

I explained above why it's not just weight but also where the weight is.

There are only a handful FF mirrorless cameras and lenses. The systems aren't mature and diverse.

Compare APS vs APS or m43 vs plain 4/3. The GH4 is as big as the 4/3 DSLRs but you also have the tiny GM1 with the same sensor and lenses. You can't have that with DSLRs. With Sony, you can have a FF camera and a tiny a5100 (even the sensor in a tube thing) using the same lenses and batteries. You can even put DSLRs lenses. What's the point, since you need adapters, batteries, etc? It's choice. I don't know about you, but I don't carry everything everywhere all the time. I do like that everything is compatible (well, almost).

If you can't understand that, mirrorless isn't for you.

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