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On article Olympus PEN E-PL7 compact mirrorless camera announced (80 comments in total)

"the on-board FAST AF system"

I'm trying to imagine an AF system that isn't "on-board" :)

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You have to watch this hilarious take on the Lastolite Urban backgrounds:


from thecamerastore...

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Royal1: kinda of a poorly exposed grainy picture. No wonder the Iwo Jima picture was more popular. It looks like one of those plastic Kodak lens pictures.

Don't judge a photo by its low res jpg ;)

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On article Ricoh announces Pentax XG-1 superzoom (205 comments in total)
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JamesD28: I think far too many people are forgetting that this camera's aimed at beginners.
Yes, the sensor is tiny.
Yes, the viewfinder is under par in terms of resolution.
No, the pictures aren't going to be brilliant above ISO 400.

But are beginners really going to care about this?

If there is one thing I've learned from different size cameras, it is that there isn't a whole lot of difference going to a 'slightly' larger sensor. MFT to APS-C, 1" to MFT, 1/1.7" to 2/3", etc. All fine for sharing with family and friends on facebook and prints as long as you don't get into low light situations. And then, if you do, you need a fast lens, too - that adds up to a higher priced camera!

That said, the zoom range is definitely the draw for this camera...

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 and E-M1 get firmware updates (53 comments in total)
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schawo: Any tests of the new FW with legacy 4/3 lenses like the 50-200 SWD?

Seems better with the 50mm macro as well. Seems to avoid hunting, and favors small steps towards finding focus... Combined with the shutter shock 0 setting it is quite a powerhouse for sharp photos!

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On article Olympus OM-D E-M10 and E-M1 get firmware updates (53 comments in total)
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schawo: Any tests of the new FW with legacy 4/3 lenses like the 50-200 SWD?

I'm impressed too - just tried with the 50-200mm and it seems to know which way to go now, with much lens hunting than I've seen in some situations. Looking forward to the next kids soccer game, or other opportunities to try out tracking...

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On article Did Amazon just patent the seamless background setup? (133 comments in total)
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ystein Bach: This proves the fact that the patent agency doesn't do their jobs. I simply don't understand how it is possible to get such a patent. I just wonder what the next will be.

I agree - there is little that is novel or non-obvious about this patent to anyone who has spent some time on it. I think if you asked any professional product photographer how to get an object on a white background without photoshop or a green screen they would describe a lit backdrop with a semi reflective base for the object to sit on. One of many tutorials on setting this up, this one from 2008: https://zackarias.com/for-photographers/photo-resources/white-seamless-tutorial-part-1-gear-space/

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On article Fujifilm announces 1.4x teleconverter for X100/X100S (129 comments in total)
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ThePhilips: Why there are no TCs for mirrorless, which go between the camera and the lens? Only the ones to screw on the lens?

You can use the Olympus 1.4x and 2.0x along with an MFT adapter and presumably still get AF with a four thirds lens...

Given that they tend to work better with longer focal lengths and reduce light, I can see why the MILC companies need to focus on the longer, fast lenses first, before bringing out a tele-converter. All f/2.8 or faster MFT lenses so far are 100mm or less, if I'm not mistaken.

Given that a smaller kit is one of the strengths of a MILC system, you'd think a 1.4x TC would be a desirable thing - but fast teles aren't going to be small or cheap, so they don't seem to focus on them...

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Excellent news!

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Mark Smiles: Suppose a guy went to an hardware store to purchase a tool, say a hammer. The clerk would then run a credit check to see how much he could afford and quiz him about his intended use of the hammer including if he was going to make any money using the hammer. Then the clerk could then decide on what would be a fair price to charge for the hammer.

Suppose a gal had a sore throat and went to the drugstore to get some cough drops. The clerk would then check how much she could afford to pay, and determine how important her voice was to her earning a living. The clerk could then determine what he could then charge the gal.

In both of these examples the selling price of the product was not based upon the cost of production, but rather the intended use of the product.

I can hear the hammer manufacturer saying he used my hammer to build a million dollar house, of course I deserve a cut of the action, for I made him a tool. Likewise for the gate at the gal's concert ...

Ferling - you have just summed up exactly why there are always two side to these debates. $175 is a lot or a little, depending on the image!

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On article Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera (896 comments in total)
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Valentinian: Questions (waiting for Jan 28 for answers):
is AF better than E M-5 ?
is EVF better than E M-5 ?
is shutter up to 1/8000 ?
is as reliable as the E M-5 ?

If the answers are "yes", if more lenses will come up, and Olympus does not upgrade the E M-5 within 12 months (forget the E M1 -that's for 4/3 lenses), then I will switch to Fuji

Why reject the em-1 as being for 4/3 lenses?

Link | Posted on Jan 21, 2014 at 20:09 UTC
On article Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera (896 comments in total)
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edur: FINALLY!!!

This is the way a camera should be controlled.

Shutterspeed, aperture ... and ISO.

The three primary parameters of exposure.

Why did it take this long for camera makers to ditch PASM, and place ISO alongside shutter speed and aperture? This is much simpler and straight forward.

Thank you Fujifilm!
This will be my next camera.

Like any user interface, different needs will mean that there is no one way that works best for everyone. I used to be very familiar with older SLR style controls with a shutter speed dial and aperture ring on the lens and thought I'd like going back to that type of interface. But it didn't take long trying it out to realize that I've adapted and find features of PASM to be more useful. For example, I can setup my SCN and ART slots on my E-M1 to quickly set ISO, shutter and aperture to some known values, along with other mode settings like drive mode. I can quickly switch between studio (low ISO, sync flash speed, mid range aperture, single frame with shutter delay) and low light (auto ISO, hand hold shutter speed, wide aperture) and so on with one click. While dials expose the interface in a 'better' way visually (assuming you don't have your eye to the camera), you potentially have four dials to change to switch 'modes'. Both have their pluses and minuses.

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Jeff Seltzer: Good grief. I think people need therapy - so much hostility. All they did was introduce an improved version of an optional grip. You can choose to buy it or not. If you really like it, but $150 is too much and you can't afford it, then you probably shouldn't be buying expensive cameras in the first place. I don't know, I guess I just don't see the bad side of all this like so many of you.

I agree - manufacturing is all about incremental improvement. The ability to change the battery without removing the grip is nice when you are working with a camera, especially when on a tripod.

Link | Posted on Jan 15, 2014 at 05:08 UTC

Looks like a great lens to rent, in the same way that I could never justify buying an 85mm, 50mm f/1.2 or tilt-shift lens when I shot a dSLR... Nice addition to the MFT system.

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On article DPReview Gear of the Year Part 3: Olympus OM-D E-M1 (394 comments in total)
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Fred Mueller: Andy

- I can't see that there is an equivalent of AF-On or any button that it could be comfortably assigned to - which is how I've shot my Nikons for years now. That would be missed by me.

- Another comment - the "full frame Gestapo" make a big deal out of DOF "control", but more often than not (w. D600/D700) I find myself shooting at smaller F-Stops than I would like in low light to INCREASE available DOF. There goes your FF noise advantage.

It is also my impression that most of the better M4/3 primes are quite sharp and behaved at max aperture - this is not generally true, at least historically, for the full frame lens catalogs. It is what is so notable about the 35mm Sigma for instance.

Another question - if you fit and ND filter does the EVF show normal gain?

And finally - multi aspect ratios in the VF - that seems like a huge thing to me.

As well as - the flip screen and shooting discreetly, and just a generally over-all much more stelthy shooting rig than full frame

See page 98 of the manual. Setting the AEL/AFL button mode to mode 3 make the shutter button to exposure lock and the AEL/AFL button do one shot focus in S-AF mode. When in C-AF it does continuous AF when the AFL button is pressed...

Mode 2 flips that around to do focus with the shutter button (but not exposure lock) and exposure lock with the AEL button.

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On article Fujifilm X-A1 real-world and test scene samples (105 comments in total)
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RFC1925: It would be nice to see the exposure values right there on the comparison tool. Not very convinient having to download the JPGs to see them.

Think it's pretty important information to know while comparing the results that for example in the ISO 6400 shots the X-A1 required a longer exposure than the NEX-3N with the same ISO and aperture:

NEX-3N: 1/3200 f5.6

X-A1: 1/2000 f5.6

Hover over the 'i' in the corner...right next to the download link.

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new boyz: Well, if you're looking for the best IQ, built-in adapter is better than detachable one. Roger Cicala has tested the effect of adapters, and the results weren't so good.

He does quality his findings with "Like a lot of tests, you can detect a very real difference in the lab that doesn’t make much difference at all in the real world." Generally I'd prefer one adapter that means my lenses could be used on both mounts, than adding bulk to every lens - but can't complain about having too much choice in this case :)

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On article DPReview Gear of the Year Part 3: Olympus OM-D E-M1 (394 comments in total)
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PerL: Slowly coming in full circle and looks very much like the APS-C DSLRs it is competing with. The usual argument for mirror less is that people leave their DSLRs at home, because of the weight and bulk. Is this so radically different?

Sure: http://camerasize.com/compact/#469.287,482.30,440.333,ha,t

PS: What do people use for a wide prime for Canikon APS-C these days?

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Greg VdB: Of course this lens is not for everybody, but some people could become VERY happy with it. If the 10mm is of the same high standard as Samyang's FF lenses, this will become the must-have lens for crop-system nightsky photography. I couldn't wait and bought Sigma's 11-16mm in the meantime, but if coma and astigmatism are better corrected in the 10mm than in the 11-16, I'll probably be changing. The manual focus is no problem for a lens this wide, and the manual aperture is even an advantage for shooting timelapse series. Can't wait for the Photozone, Lenstip, and maybe David Kingham reviews!

Tokina 11-16 f/2.8? http://www.tokinalens.com/tokina/products/atxpro/atx116prodxii/

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On article Camera shipments continue to fall (133 comments in total)
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lightnfast: My young nephew was watching me struggle with a Galaxy tablet to take a picture in sun light. I had left my camera home. He made a statement that kind of made sense. He said, why don't they just put a view finder somewhere convenient on those tablets, they are big enough and that would help eliminate that 'I can't see the picture on the tablet in bright light issue'.
I said they do not put view finders on that smart phone you have. He said I guess it doesn't have enough room , but Uncle that table sure does. And I think they would sell a boat load of them.

Here you go - the world is yours for $29.95! http://www.daylightviewfinder.com/

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