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Bill Bentley: This kit along with one of those tent pole, compact style, tripods in a small bag under the front seat or in the trunk would make for a decent travel solution. I'd buy this if I could afford the carrying costs of owning an iPhone5. Alas, I'll have to make due with my Samsung WB150F for now as a compact travel camera.

I couldn't agree more about your comment that "I'd buy this if I could afford the carrying costs of owning an iPhone5". The total cost of using an iPhone 5 for two binding contract years is about $2,500! I guess it's the vanity thing. For me, I use a $200 Lumix digicam and a $50 LG Optimus no-contract smartphone. The Google Android OS is great, and I save more than $2,000 over two years!

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Yup. That would be iPhone 5.

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After previewing some pages of the book through, I must say any potential buyer should also take a look before buying it. IMO, the most attractive photo is the one on the cover. The ones inside the book are taken inside a studio. There are a lot of pictures but no textual info on camera, exposure setting, lighting, etc. It is really of limited use, other than an idea book.

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The review is too general, critical and negative. It is of no use to me.


"The images comprised here are almost exclusively of conventionally attractive young models. Trial and error would be required to assess if some of the poses would still be flattering for women who exist outside the book’s narrow bandwidth of age and shape".

Of course one would choose "conventionally attractive young models" to pose for a book like this. Would you just hire people off the street to do this?


"many of the shots appear staged, dated, and artificial".

Dated isn't necessarily a bad thing, and of course the shots are staged and artificial. Glamor and fashion photography are that way. The book is not titled "500 Candid Poses of Women".

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