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jenesuispasbava: Any idea how to access the "long exposure" option on Lightroom CC on iOS?

What's your phone to start with? If it is new enough you'll be able to enable it in the Technology Preview section (also new) in the Settings.

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Lee Jay: "What's more, the output is a 16-bit DNG file"

Richard. I think it's quite important that you mention that this is a 16 bit *floating point* DNG file. A 16 bit linear file can hold around 16 stops of DR. A 16 bit floating point file can hold about 30 stops of DR due to the inherent logarithmic encoding of floating point format.

@Barry: 16Bit float means about 30 Stops of DR. Please provide samples which exceed that...

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Karl Summers: It's downloading now as I type this. The subscription plan really is the way to go!

LOL. If your "business" can't effort the $9.99 a month anymore you are out of business anyways...

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Bruce Photography: I know this is nothing new but I just took delivery on a new Nikon D7200. Can Anybody speculate when Adobe will have a camera raw that can read it?

I think the early shipping D7200 came to Software vendors with a surprise. IIRC the D7200 was scheduled for being available in April.

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ZAnton: Well, basically monopolistic position of Adobe on the photo-software market allows them to do whatever they want.
It is time to try to uncover my Nikon's Software and look closer on the other SW.

NX2 is dead - you know that, right?

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Danny: Say NO(!) to CC software. You know why.

Haters hate.

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Greg in London: Not Happy !

Adobe hell NO !

I LOVE haters.

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smallcams: I am so close to quitting Adobe.


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Stollen1234: thank you for posting these real world fotos.
Canon is just amazing .. isnt it? need more proof? just watch these wonderful fotos.. yikes..


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ZinZun: Nikon users - It doesn't really matter isn't it??
still as long as Adobe uses its own algorithm rather than the official Nikon one to convert RAW files, photos will always convert much better (in terms of IQ) in NX2 regardless the nice features of Lightroom, I'm using D7000 and the difference is so huge that it's really a no briner but to use NX2 as much as I hate the workflow and the poor photo management capabilities.

I suggest to all Nikon users to just try and open a RAW image in NX2 and in Lightroom - you'll see what I mean, not mentioning the results of pushing the histogram...

sad - but true...

I respectfully disagree.

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No Mac version means no money from me.

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