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Almost without exception, for all the people I have been close to who have left this world, I wish I would have taken more pictures. And almost without exception, having displayed portraits honoring the departed, I get cries of joy and "I want that!" from loved ones because I was lucky to capture a cherished look or moment in their lives. It's a great feeling knowing that I was able in some way to honor their memory and life in ways that touched and brought peace to the mourning in need of comfort.

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You can give everyone a fancy paintbrush and canvas, but not everyone can paint a masterpiece. Like everything else one is good at, it requires a degree of skill, understanding how your tools of the trade work, and a never ending commitment to drive yourself towards excellence in what you do.

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"... the passion the drives them"?

I'm guessing copy editing isn't one of them.

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On article Simple demo shows the power of a polarizing filter (134 comments in total)

Most people I know who have no clue what a polarizer does for a camera would just assume that there's a smartphone app for that.

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History is full of examples why you can't trust things you don't pay for. As long as you are footing the bill, the company at least is more beholden to their customers. Removing that from the equation, business and economic models change without your knowledge until it's too late. You're always going to be the last one to know about it.

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Any word on whether or not National Geographic's owners can enter their own contest? Asking for <strike>Sal</strike> a friend.

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tonywong: Here is a much better article and another reddit link:

On the Imaging Resource link Sal engages back and forth with the community in the Disqus comments at the bottom of the article. It's pretty entertaining.

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Old Cameras: I envision a special edition Leica M10 with an aged whiskey barrel oak veneer outer covering coming soon. And it's going to cost you.

Could also be a Hasselblad.

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Having worked previously for 20 years in the newspaper business, this article tells me that the photojournalist is being compensated a bit more for greater responsibility and content production. Which will eliminate somebody else's jobs...

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On article Photokina 2016: Hands-on with Sony a99 II (441 comments in total)
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(unknown member): PRE-ORDERS NOW OPEN FOR IT! Time to walk your talk guys. On the weekend the Canon M5 made the Amazon Top 100 but has now fallen off, the initial pre-order'ers have pre-ordered. Can the A99-II break the Top 100 on Amazon?

The A58 is at 100th position as of posting this. Surely with all the noise and how this is the death warrant for Canon, it can break 100th place? The Canon 5D-IV has been hovering in the Top 4 to Top 10 for quite awhile now, it's sitting at 6th as I post this. It's also the most expensive camera on the list as well so don't be using cost as an excuse.

Vote with your wallets! And don't feel bad if you choke at the buy button, apparently you're in good company. A bunch of 'definitely gonna buy it right away' folks over on SAR are now coming up with excuses why they aren't. Everything changes when rubber has to hit the road eh?

The Toyota Corolla is a fine car and a best seller. However, that fact doesn't automatically translate into "everybody who doesn't want to own one is insane".

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ssww: Does anyone know If the GPS function is still around?

Mattz10 Not in countries where GPS is illegal. At least the option is there. I'd be interested to at least see if the implementation is relatively seamless or clunky.

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Chaitanya S: This is a nice surprise to A mount users who were left out in cold in recent years.

I never saw that. To me it was more an adjustment to market reality. I remember when Sony had some 57 different models of A-mount bodies on the market simultaneously when there was no need for that (and good luck remembering the difference between them). They got smart, put money into developing E-mount, pared back DSLR development focusing instead on a few key models with meaningful improvements between model generations and lengthened the unnecessarily short product cycles. We all know what later happened to the camera market for DSLR sales in the years that followed. Between sensor development and the pioneering introduction of the new mount it seems to me that Sony put itself in an outstanding position to thrive and succeed in the future and continues to play the long game.

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BarnET: holy crap A-mount was supposses to be dead?!

People have liked to say this for 30 years now. It makes them feel secure for some reason.

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antares103: Clearly the end of A mount. They have extra pixels and stabilization parts, so they had to put more in this camera to liquidate inventory.

Because logic.

All kidding aside, I see what you did there. The same inane illogic was bizarrely used by several forum 'scholars' to explain away the introduction of previous new A-mount bodies. That's why this article should be titled, "A99ii announced; 'A-mount is dead' cultists hardest hit".

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ssww: Does anyone know If the GPS function is still around?

It links to your smartphone via Bluetooth to determine GPS location.

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bernarte: Watch Tony Northrup predicting the Future of Photography predicting the death of many systems including the A-mount

Funny, so many people so quick to "Like" a camera pundit's prediction of doom (tired prediction proven wrong yet again with this latest release) that they'll mash that "Like" button so fast they didn't realize that even the link was wrong.

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Siobhan A: Don't blame DPR. Part of their job is to get everyone excited about new cameras....then get them to buy them on Amazon.

But this new Sony shows Sony doesn't care about a small affordable system anymore, and shows they are not willing to add the features that so many were asking for the past 18 months.

"I doubt anyone believes you when you say you don't want people to get excited about new cameras.
Look at these "WOW!" "news" stories."

Said the man commenting on a gear head website. What do you want? "Oh look, another new camera, yawn" in their best Ben Stein/Ferris Bueller's teacher voice?

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D135ima: Sony continues to compete with DSLRs. Its good... maybe. But many users want mirrorless cameras with compact optic. Dear Sony - Please do not forget to compete with APS-C mirrorless systems. People want more lenses like 35 2.8 and 28 2 and even much smaller

I guess because DSLRs are not the trendy "in" thing right now, so you have to get really, really close to the DSLR-like demands of the consumer without actually becoming one. Nobody is closer to that line than Sony right now.

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Everlast66: Continuous shooting compared with similarly priced DSLR from today's Sony's presentation video:

Low light AF is usually the Achilles heel, but if tracking has improved I'd certainly welcome it. I'll believe caught up when I see it, which if not now is hopefully soon.

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SidePod: oh wow .. how underwhelming ... but since its a Sony: "WOW!"

Maybe "wow" because did you ever just think that, just maybe, there wasn't anything to legitimately bitch about?

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