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On article Nikon D850 sensor confirmed as Sony-made (566 comments in total)
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The Davinator: Best DSLR...best sensor. Don't really care who made made it because awesome is awesome regardless.

@Mared Sounds like you don't have experience in playing with ISO64 files from D850 or D810

Link | Posted on Jun 17, 2018 at 01:03 UTC
On article Rokinon AF 14mm F2.8 EF sample gallery (40 comments in total)

Great work @Carey Rose

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matthias jurisch: O my dear DOX...no one needs you...really , I have sold my photographs from a Canon 7D MKII for many years... from a camara that you deemed as s@hit in your lab report...please send your evaluation to NASA...Werner von Braun would be proud of you...

.. poor canon user seeking comfort...
I would try to focus on improving photography skills instead..

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On a photo in the Sony a7 III sample photos sample gallery (1 comment in total)

The lens is tagged wrong.

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Dave Oddie: "The D850 is able to tolerate as much total exposure as the medium format Fujifilm GFX 50S, as we showed here. That's what allows one to get unbelievably crisp, 'medium format-like' like files from a Nikon D810 (just zoom in to 100% on that shot and tell me you're not impressed)."

I presume the 810 is a typo and was meant to read 850 but the question I have is if the maximum pixel DR for the 850 is 13.78 and for the A7III it is 13.63 are we to believe that difference, which is 0.15 of a stop, is the difference between the 850 producing "crisp, 'medium format-like' like files" whereas the Sony can't do this?

What is the magic DR number that gives us "crisp, 'medium format-like' like files"?

Thats not a typo. D810 which has ISO64 can tolerate more light and thus produces very smooth files.

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On article Video: Sony a7R III first look (154 comments in total)
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@BlueBomberTurbo check the OPs gear list. He is mostly a Canon user and does not own any nikon.

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On article Nikon D850 added to studio scene comparison (452 comments in total)
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Hellraiser: hmmm.. some ugly moire patterns in that black-white picture... good thing that rarely happens in real world scenarios.
Anyway, looking through all of these samples i'm glad i made the decision to switch to crop. difference up to iso6400 is hardly visible even at 100% magnification.

The false colors in the texts are actually ACR artifacts. I've downloaded and converted the raw using Nikon's capture nxd, and I could not find any of those artifacts. I did disable noise reduction or aberration corrections in Capture NXD.

Link | Posted on Sep 29, 2017 at 08:07 UTC
On article Nikon D850 added to studio scene comparison (452 comments in total)
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osv: @dpr staff - "so far it's safe to say we've been really impressed. Its low ISO dynamic range is class-leading..."

is .21 of a stop better pdr, at base iso, really "class leading"?? can you actually see that difference in real-world use?

looking at the bill claff pdr data... sony is clearly better than the d850 from iso640 up.

at iso160 and up, the d850 is no better than a 5dmk4...in fact at higher iso ranges, the 5dmk4 pulls ahead slightly.

i'm not seeing anything exceptional about this d850 sensor? maybe i'm just reading the data wrong :-0

Camera: MaximumPDR LowLightISO LowLightEV

Nikon D850 11.63 4115 10.36
Canon5DMkIV 10.83 5011 10.65
Sony 7RM2 11.42 5857 10.87
Sony ILCE-9 10.47 6612 11.05


"And that margin is essentially meaningless in real world use."
@Wes This is very subjective. I actually moved to D810 from D800e for its very small dynamic range advantage. And it actually proved to be a great decision. It let me get some high contrast forest shots with sunstar that i could not otherwise pull off. D850 would be even better with its "black" shadow (as opposed to magenta cast of D810 that i had to fix).

Link | Posted on Sep 29, 2017 at 03:41 UTC
On article Nikon D850 Review (2096 comments in total)
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Boeing skipper: A Dynamic Range post on DPreview, 600 comments in just a few hours.
People seem almost obsessed with it.

@JhvaElohimMeth bitter much?

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On article Should you upgrade to a Nikon D850? (659 comments in total)
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Bambi24: People who like this camera look at cameras like a spec sheet:
-4k video
-bazillion ISO

People who don't like this camera judge cameras on usability:
-4k video, but not a usable AF system
-flippy screen, but it's not as usable since it does't properly articulate
-many AF points, but not as usable since they are crammed into the center
-big battery, but extremely heavy camera
-many menus and fancy lighting, but not very ergonomical or easy to use

If you just want to judge this camera by the numbers, it's amazing. If you look at the usability of this camera, it's not amazing.

I came to the comment section only to see what Bambi24 (the super troll) has to say

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On article Nikon D850: First full-res sample images (345 comments in total)
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Bambi24: Images used on the Nikon site are 1430x952.

Images used on DPReview are 600x400.

If the goal was showing how little value these high MP sensors have in the real world, you succeeded. 1 megapixel instagram pictures of cats will be very popular.

Only place these high MP sensors are a real benefit is on sports and wildlife cameras, when your subject is so far away that only cropping will bring it closer. But for these -jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none- cameras like the D850 and 5DIV, MP is really irrelevant. These pics could have been taken on a $400 camera too.

@Bambi24 So are you suggesting that landscape pictures taken with D850 and printed 60inchx40inch won't be any higher quality than pictures taken with a lower MP cameras? How D850 is a master-of-none-camera when it comes to landscape images, especially if ISO64 is as good as D810?

And yes, I sell large prints of landscape images.

Also, 9fps with D5's auto-focus will open door for new types high resolution wildlife images which was not possible before. And I am not talking about cropping. So D850 might prove to be a very special camera for wildlife pros provided that autofocus works as advertised - contrary to your jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none comment. D850, as speced, is not the same as your jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none 5DIV. Though the later is also a very polished camera indeed.

Link | Posted on Aug 25, 2017 at 04:30 UTC
On article Nikon D850: First full-res sample images (345 comments in total)

Some noise in the first image (landscape) taken at ISO100. I really hope that it is due to the photographer pushing exposure by a stop or so in capturenx.
The ISO64 images looks perfect.

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Christopher Tanner: I'd like to think that my D750 is worth more than $500.00 No thanks Sony.

May be say "Sony 'trade up' program gets you the trade-in value, plus an additional $500 bonus towards a new a9" instead of "Sony 'trade up' program gets you $500 plus trade-in value towards a new a9"

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gingerbaker: Ok... I'm going to say it.

Looking at these ISO 1600 shots, I realized it was just like looking at what I would expect to see on my screen from my current camera - Canon 5D (original) - after some PS work.

Pretty noisy, some loss of detail.

Not sure the tech has really moved on a whole lot in the past dozen years re IQ, at least from these examples, although I am sure the D5 focuses way better than my old 5D.

@gingerbaker you can download the raw files from this gallery and open up in photoshop to play with it.
i just did and noise is minimal.

Link | Posted on Feb 27, 2017 at 07:20 UTC

i like the portrait taken by sony on the "lens character" page. With sigma, specular highlight in the bokeh is too bright and hence distracting.

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On article Going wide: Irix 15mm F2.4 sample gallery (111 comments in total)
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otto k: When people complain about dpr testing exposure latitude and go on how nobody is really pushing 4 or 5 stops in post, they forget that that also applies to vignetting correction, which is incredible at almost 4 stops in corners with this lens. So, if your camera can tolerate 4 stops push - that's it, you are already at the limit. If it can tolerate 6 stops you have an extra two stops for shadows in corners, etc. If you can do only 3 stops - whoops...

Pretty heavy vignetting :( @ J A C S - I am surprised something that obvious could be missed

Link | Posted on Oct 3, 2016 at 16:56 UTC
On photo SS_045_f16.0_200 in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Very nice shot

Link | Posted on Aug 3, 2015 at 04:17 UTC as 1st comment
On SampleImage:3560826132 (2 comments in total)

Very nice shot

Posted on Aug 3, 2015 at 04:17 UTC as 1st comment
On a photo in the Fujifilm XF 90mm F2 LM WR Real-world Samples sample gallery (2 comments in total)

Very nice shot

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On article Sources of noise part two: Electronic Noise (238 comments in total)
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Dougbm_2: Very interesting article Rishi and co. Thanks!

I feel the bridge image could have been processed a bit more ... seems a bit flat.
See my version in my gallery…http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/9311784622/photos/3203776/rizalbridge-d810-v4-fullsize
What do you think?

@Rishi: looking forward to the D810 review

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