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  • When the primary activity is photography, an interchangable-lens SLR and whatever lens(es) fit the task. When the primary activity is something else, a variofocal lens mirrorless.
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    For the record - "downgrading" works as stated, and it cured the problem for the one Sigma (12-24) I have with me at the moment to test. Thank you again.
  • Found this: Would anybody happen to know if v1.10 will do the trick before I actually try to regress? tia
  • Much appreciated. I'm searching for the older version of firmware, so far without success. Any explicit link would be more than welcome.
  • Created discussion thread Nikon D800 firmware upgrade, autofocus
    I have noticed that after recent D800E firmware update to 1.11, auto-focus on two Sigma lenses (12-24 and 70-300) no longer works. I would like to know two things: 1) Has anybody else noticed ...
  • There is another, perhaps often neglected reason, why telephoto photography favours smaller film/sensor size. As the distance to the subject increases, the light from it to the lens travels through ...
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    Can someone explain what would motivate anyone to carry a piece of gear weighting 1.5 kilograms and costing 5 grand to create "social media photographs", when the same can be done perfectly well ...
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    Thanks, correct, fingertrouble...
  • It will never happen. The most tangible value behind the word "nikon" is the F-mount ecosystem. If Nikon did something - anything - that detracts from that value, it would be a suicide.  If done ...
  • I don't think I even remotely implied it would be a fitting piece of gear for OP's desires and ambitions. I only suggested it (or something like it) would be a perfectly adequate and inexpensive ...
  • And the power consumption, something that I consider Achilles heel of electronic viewfinder equipped cameras.
  • Replied in What you need... not a camera. You need knowledge. If you have money to burn, listen to whatever advice given above you fancy most. Otherwise, buy a 3-5 year old, used P&S camera with manual settings and ...
  • "Best" depends on many factors, where most important of those is the time. Are you talking about operational storage or long-term storage. Is "long" a year, fife years, fifty years or even longer?
  • Well, here is a simple answer: I would inspect and test (to the extent possible and/or practical) the equipment. After some on-line research I would make the owner an offer to buy the gear for ...
  • ...But your executable content on my device? You gotta be joking! (This is my nearly universal reaction to the requests to "download our application").
  • In your opinion...
  • A photograph framed with a mat and under glass suggests it's a piece of art, one mounted on a hard bord and exposed to the elements suggests it is a decorative item... (YMMW)
  • On every other moderated Internet forum I've seen, a post that consists of a link and no explanation whatsoever as what it is or why is it worth reader's time to view, would be immediately removed. ...
  • Quite aside from the issue of "theft"... I'm guessing you have posted on a public web-site an image with geographic coordinates included in the meta-data. Is so, what is the purpose of doing that?
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    When someone singles out like that one particular device among many more or less equally capable products, I smell a rat...
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