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  • if you read and listen to what Ricoh is saying over the years you would know also
  • Replied in rather you are
    please read with understanding, I was referring to GR II as III is not yet available
  • failure is our understanding of this camera; we think this is great tool for street photographers, for people who shoot mainly in BW and even with flash but Ricoh designed this camera for ...
  • yes, it was : you can delete this thread
  • it looks like we are all far away from Photokina and there is nobody present here and there who could go to official meet and explained them what is happening in terms of first reactions to ...
  • why ? because 24Mpix makes a difference but more importantly hybrid AF, better sensitivity and Dust Removal is what GRII is lacking; I can imagine that they will also implement continuous with AF ...
  • what about ? you can get black one to match GR or MK-300
  • I second that and mentioned almost same above dumbest is their approach; GR is not recognizable model and clients are very specific so why not tailor the camera for the needs of those who are ...
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    and for me 24 or even more is highly wanted, IBIS also as we have only 2.8 touchscreen is not needed in this camera but might be good to enable from time to time to select pinpoint focus that is ...
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    they removed this vertical exposure compensation button which is a huge disappointment; it was very convenient to control exposure this way I've disabled this horizontal button in my camera because ...
  • you think wrong, it's just you don't know how I operate; I work mainly with shutter priority so expected that in Tav could set top ISO and get same speeds with lower ISO when possible but in real ...
  • Created discussion thread GRIII specs - discussion
    So the cat is out of the bag and we can have some discussion about what will come by analyzing the specs ...
  • Created discussion thread Are you attending Photokina 2018 ?
    If you do please write here. There are many of us who are not but willing to ask Ricoh some questions and get answers.
  • well it turns out my source was right; she emailed me that some dates will be presented during Photokina; I was angry and couldn't believe that they don't have camera ready for Photokina but it ...
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    What I hear is that during Photokina we will learn about when this product will reach sales.
  • well the offer is no longer available but this was special deal from who organized local expo show; many brands were present and they do co-operate with them so there was ...
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    Right now there is a promo for GR II and GC-5 for approx. 419 USD brand new so if there wasn't new one on a horizon I might have bought another one as my current is so used that the rubber part ...
  • well, the number of posts and your input suggested that this is yet another good one for not so official info
  • the guy from Pentax has an assumption that new sensor is most likely to be same as in Pentax KP let's hope so :)
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