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To all the legions of white knights and social justice warriors in the comments - you're still not gonna get laid.

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>Photo of an obvious beta male
>Has a bad homemade tattoo that says, "Boys do cry"

Imagine my shock.

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anticipation_of: Good. Sexual assaulters should be punished. It’s one of the worst crimes there is, and it’s insane that it’s so widespread and that perpetrators get away with it more often than not. He should be investigated, and if the evidence is compelling then he should be tried, and if convicted he should be imprisoned. It’s a crime, and not a minor one.

Any actress could choose to walk away but the fame was worth too much to them so they screw for it. They care about fame and riches much more than they care about protecting their fellow females from sexual predators.

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Johannes Zander: He was ok for Obama, so this must be fake news.

That's because no one would touch Obama's transgender wife with a 10 ft pole.

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lightandaprayer: I think that this is simply another example of the gradual demise of personal ethics in U.S. culture (I cannot speak to what is happening elsewhere. . .) Cheating in academics has become common. Resumes are routinely padded to impress prospective employers. The relative anonymity of the Internet allows for all kinds of false claims and pretenses. And now we have a pathological liar as president whose business and political career is based on lies and deceit.

Apparently it is very difficult for people to resist going along with the crowd when they perceive others seeming to get ahead by gaming the system. . .

Hate to break it to you but Clinton lost.

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Sam Zeller was born in 1990. It all makes sense - he's never worked as a professional photographer or even trained as one or under one. He's part of the generation who grew up with digital and the concept of, "I bought a camera! I'm a professional now!" So it makes sense that he doesn't know his worth or know how to charge and most certainly doesn't get the respect to get what he should be charging.

Yes Sam, I know you did a shoot for a bank and sold some photos but trust me - you got reamed and you're not even capable enough to know how badly. You made some money in the low 5 figures and think you scored when the reality is for the work you've done, you should be in the 6 figures but again, since you didn't train under real photographers and learn how to be a business person, you think the fact that you made $15 or $20k giving tons of your work away for free you're now a successful photographer. How far we've fallen; how pathetic we've become. They're laughing at you, Sam.

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photogeek: Something is telling me this is a paid shill piece. Otherwise he’d mention how much commercial benefit this “visibility” had, if any, in terms of cold, hard cash, number of customers, assignments per year, and so on. Because if you’re in it professionally, all that matters is if it helps to pay the bills.

Imagine how much you'd make if you were a real photographer who knew how to charge, and more importantly get enough respect from corporate entities to get the money you should be getting paid. They give you enough that you can't believe you're getting paid to shoot, but nowhere near what you'd get if you were a professional. They're laughing at you and all the way to the bank as well.

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On article Film vs Digital: Fashion photography shootout (406 comments in total)
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Yake: They look pretty much the same! But digital is much faster, easier and cheaper. Presets can mimic the look of film if desired. If you need to slow down with digital, just do so; nothing is stopping you.

Yake, if you can't see the difference, then consider yourself blessed and move on. Once you get your skills to the point where you're capable of seeing a difference in the quality, you'll drive yourself mad and start shooting film.

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On article Film vs Digital: Fashion photography shootout (406 comments in total)
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looker: Digital has every single advantage over film.
every. single. advantage. which can be measured.

Well then looker, consider yourself blessed that you don't have the ability to see quality. You won't get frustrated in life.

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Lens Fanatics: Here we called it fact news

White house called this Fake News

Well, this isn't a liberal stronghold like CNN so it can't be fake.

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PWPhotography: Don't even try outdoor in USA as you will be shot by police in minutes ;-)

Listen to the police, don't get shot. That's how it works.

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Arca45Swiss: They're taking lessons from Trump

The best part of this? Trump lives rent free in NottsPhoto's and Arca54Swiss' head 24/7. This is glorious...when I see you guys post, it makes me smile knowing how he's in your head and will be for the next 7 years.

Just when I thought life can't get more glorious, I see comments from Arca45Swiss and NottsPhoto. My schadenfreude is in overdrive!

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Rafael Edwards 2: doesn't he look a little like Donald trump? I mean, there is a ressemblance.....

Awwww poor baby! Hey Rafael - Trump lives in your head 24/7 rent free! Now keep crying...your tears give me power!

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photomedium: Queens of the Stone Age? I've never heard of that. It seems they went from a unknown high school prom band to washed out old rockers without the history-making hits hits and fame in between. Why would you go and pay to hear these idiots is beyond comprehension.
Sue the $hit out of this moron and take whatever money he has.

Oh, Poor Follicle who can't make it through an hour without some kind of anti-Trump remark! Ahahahah wow, cry more - your tears give me power! The best thing of all this? Trump lives in your head rent free 24/7. Now go back to your room Follicle...your woman is busy with her boyfriend and you tapping on the computer keys is distracting them while they're cucking you.

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I can only imagine how much this must be costing PETA to pay their corporate lawyers to pursue this case. Well, those of you who donate to PETA, at least you know where your money is going.

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alcaher: how dificult is to make money out of photography nowdays?...most photogrraphers
are having hard time getting something out of it.... And please, give the monkey allthe photo credits, the monkey also needs money.

Let me guess....Bobthearch isn't a pro photog. Because it's always the people who don't make a living (or can't) or don't have the talent to make a living that are always screaming about people being greedy, or how copyright laws are wrong or archaic, or how people don't deserve to make money when their work is deemed to have value.

Same old story. Doesn't change a thing. Get good enough to make a living at this and watch how fast your story changes.

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Boss of Sony: I lost all respect for this photographer when he tried to claim copyright rather than just let it be a pleasant moment in his life that brought him a little fame (and may have even boosted his photography career). Photographers often want too much for too little effort. This is called greed.

Sounds like you're jealous there Boss...

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deep7: So, if I got this right, an English photographer takes a photo in Indonesia and suddenly the stupid USA legal system is ruling his life?? That says so much about what is wrong with human society!

Try again BBQue...

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brn: Why does PETA care? Are there no real animal abuses out there, such that they're focusing on monkey selfie copyright?

Messed up priorities.

It's PETA. No, they have nothing better to do.

Link | Posted on Jul 15, 2017 at 02:16 UTC

The story is a fun read. The comment section reminded me of why I only pass by this site once or twice a year though anymore.

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