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Michael S.: Actually it does look like as

a) almost all posters here are too young to remember or

b) have already forgotten what Olympus claimed as the introduced the 4/3 system long time ago.

I have been there - as Olympus EUROPE introduced, marketed the at that time new and 100% digital 4/3 system with the upcoming E1.

The two sentences that fell and have always been repeated by the presenters have been:

1) "5 Megapixels are enough..."
2) "We will have smaller, lighter and cheaper lenses than our competitors".

Without a doubt - both clamis have failed.

" A 300mm f2.8 in m4/3 gives you EXACTLY the same results that a 600mm f5.6 in FF"

That's just wrong. Sure, the DoF is exactly the same, but you will get four times as much light with the f2.8. For example ISO 400 vs 1600 with same DoF and shutter speed. That is quite a big difference to me.

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