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On article Got focal range? Canon 24-105mm F4L II sample gallery (95 comments in total)
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Ebrahim Saadawi: Do I need to see an opthalmologist? Everyone is faulting the lens sharpness while I am seeing tack-sharp images (and this is at 30mp magnification!!!)

I see quite a bit of Chromatic Abberation though.

Perhaps it's what I am watching on? I am watching the Sample Images on a 1280x720p 51’’ (So you could imagine how big the 1:1 representation I am seeing, billboard size) Plasma Samsung TV with all enhancements turned off/down. Opening Dpreview on a Playstation 4 so maybe it's doing a sharpening trick or something. But the images at VERY LARGE magnification I can see every bit of detail in subjects. The corners are almost all out of focus in the photo set but the ones that are not, show decent corner sharpness fall off.

Perhaps my standards were lowered down since we're all shooting on such immensely high quality gear now it's crazy.

I just made a 10 by 15 print, from.a 2011 Canon T3, 12 megapixel DSLR on a 50mm 1.8 @ f/2.8. The poster is absolutely astonishing and I couldn't imagine it getting sharper or better than this. I can count the eyelashes and cannot see pixels, what more do I want? No CA or Distortion or Vigenetting or any optical faults because they've been all momentarily eliminated upon ingestion! (Canon Local Service do my printing as a friendly gesture using their highest end printers and they use DPP software, maybe it's a factir but still)

So really what do we need anymore as photographers since a 100$ lens and a 200/300$ body exceeded "enough" for all purposes including portraiture, landscape, products, studio, just not sports or billboards? Given that only a very very tiny percentage of us prints bigger of has the "needs" for these higher-end applications.

I have a long exposure light-trail landscape in my living room that's about 40x30"! Shot on a Canon T6s, 24mp (which taxes the lens sharpness more than a 5DsR) on a 10-18mm STM IS. Again, eveyone coming in is absolutely amazing by the image sharpness. Printed by Canon and Processed through Canon Photo Professional Raw Converter too.

I love all these cameras and lenses because they give me amazingly HQ prints.

What I hate is the motion-picture quality. All these great sensors and cameras and lenses made by Canon are wasted on a video mode that's heavilly line-skipped, soft, aliased result. And the frustration it that it doesn't improve with each model no, the T3 720p is identical, IDENTICAL to the t6s 1080p, which is identical to 70/80D, which identical to 7DII, and to 6D, to 5DIV to 1DX to 1DXII to 1DC! Very strange. Nikon's smallest D3300 makes a considerablly better 1080p image than any Canon. They should be ashamed by it, not market it as Full HD Video. It's not!

The only high quality motion picture imagea coming out of Canon Hybrid/DSLR is on the 5D at an APS-C crop mode and the 1DxII at an APS-H crop mode. Both VERY expensive, major files, but expensive most of all.

If they're so opposed to increasing beyond HD north of the 5D line then just improve the HD resolution, it still had WAAAAY long to bet full HD like the C100 HD image. I mean just a SMIDGE, a littke tineeey bit of very little improvement with each generation, but 80D and 550D being identical is very sad (see Dpreview Video still Test). Prevents us from buying all these wonderfully sharp، AF wonder Canon S35 lenses because there is simply NO body to mount them on!

The s35 lens portfolio is Canon's pride. The unparalleled 10-18mm STM IS, the best 18-55mm IS among all brands (yes including Fuji's try it), 55-250mm STM IS which side by side is as sharp as a 70-200mm 2.8 @5.6 (!) with better IS for video, the 18-135mm Nano USM IS perfect documentary lens from wides to portraits sharp all through and IS the best I've ever used, 50mm f/1.8 STM, no need to praise optics we all know, all of these with a 270° smooth focus ring,

I mean COME ON. Give me high quality video to put these lenses on! Just enough HD. Let's keep knocking on their door for this. Imagine the motion picture aesthetic you would get from a 35mm F/1.4 L II on a FF 4K Canon body giving all the lens FOV/DOF with Standard/Portrait Picture Style filmic Colour science. Or with an 11-24mm FF FOV, or a 70-200mm f2.8 II,

1DC is closest to getting that (though big and 1.3 crop so not the entire lens magic and most of all EXSPENSIVE for me as a T6s owner who just needs better quality video to playback on my 51" 720p set and 60" 2160p set. I am a normal consumer that Canon must please otherwise, with no huge commitnemt in lenses obviously, I can jump to the Nikons with cheap high IQ 1080p (And just lose the 10-18mm advantage) or a Sony A6000 also with high IQ 1080p. (And keep all my glass but lose on filmic colours) but people appreciate sharpness more. Me included as a simple consumer. I have enough colouring skills on my NLE to drive any colours to filmic, it's not that needed SOOC. So Canon relying on that card is going to bite their sales on cameras north of the 5DIV in 2017 sales report. Unless they do something, I predict a 50% drop at the lower end models from 7D to rebel)

Has DPreview done away with the character number limit? Just wondering how you managed to post such a long comment :)

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On article Lily Robotics sued over claims of false advertising (137 comments in total)
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AlanG: 60,000 people thought this was a good idea and would be useful to them? I'd like to know what percentage of them also voted for President Tweet?

By the time I finished reading the last 20 comments, I had to think really hard to recall what the original topic was about. :)

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On article Lily Robotics sued over claims of false advertising (137 comments in total)
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TheDarmok74: Remindes me of the Lumia ad shot from a moving van that showed in a reflection that a professional camera was being used.

Yeah, that was my first thought too.

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On photo Ballerina in the Large Birds challenge (16 comments in total)
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Buzz Lightyear: Perhaps one of those once-in-a-lifetime shots where everything comes together for a remarkable image. Well done!

Absolutely true. I haven't shot a better egret photo since (and I've tried, with much better equipment...)

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On photo Ballerina in the Large Birds challenge (16 comments in total)
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Samaistuin: Abszolút csodálatos !!

Köszönöm! ;)

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On photo Siesta in the Large Birds challenge (2 comments in total)
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RuthC: Congratulations, Gabebalazs, on achieving a third place in this 'Large Birds' challenge. Your sleepy brown pelican provides us with an excellent example of texture in its plumage, its solitude on the basalt rock, and calm reflection in the quiet water.
RuthC :-)

Thank you!

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On photo Ballerina in the Large Birds challenge (16 comments in total)
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RuthC: Congratulations, Gabebalazs, on your very well-deserved and popular win in this 'Large Birds' challenge. This is such an elegant capture of a beautiful bird; the curves of its body are artistically perfect, and the pristine whites of the egret's plumage shows these curves to their best advantage. Quite stunning!
RuthC :-)

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

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Correction, taken in May, 2016 (not 2013).

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M Chambers: Not sure how the D750 ties the A7RII. The D750 was disliked by even Nikon fans who preferred the D810 since they were almost the same price point.

The A7RII is truly revolutionary in many areas. If the worst things they could point out were a small battery and lack of a touch screen (something most people wouldn't like) than there's no real comparison.

Being a 5DIII, 5DIV, and A7RII owner, there are strengths and weaknesses of each model. I mainly shoot weddings and real estate, two not very related genres.
Weddings/events: 5D series bodies (faster operation, better battery life, 2 card slots, lens selection, direct AF point selection, weather sealing, etc.) I mostly shoot real estate with my Sony. I'm all for touchscreen which the Sony doesn't have. But at least it has a flippy screen which saves my knees during interior shoots (I used to kneel down for interior shots.)
Now as for IQ, the Sony is really great. The 5DIV is very very good too, the 5DIII is good too but with more limitations.
As for the D750, a great camera, my wedding co-shooter uses one. However, he's run into the 1/4000s limitation with fast primes on more than one occasion. So that body isn't perfect either. Plus no cross-type outside AF points AFAIK (ironically, the cross-type point limitation plus the 1/4000s max SS made the 6D a target of criticism back then...)

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On article Got Reach? Tamron SP 150-600mm F5-6.3 G2 sample gallery (102 comments in total)
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thx1138: Rather disappointing, looks worse than my Sigma 150-600C at any FL. Nothing was sharp even excluding haze induced softness with the more distant shots, more what I expect from a cheapo kit lens. Other reviews also seem to be pointing to the same conclusion. Certainly does seem to cope with the 5DsR resolution. Had high hopes, but will keep my Sigma for sure.

Could be copy variation too. I had 2 copies of the G1 Tamron, still have my second copy. The second one is actually a refurb and it is wonderfully sharp. A few months ago I bought a new Sigma 150-600 C on sale but ended up keeping my refurb Tamron and selling the Sigma because it was bit sharper at 600mm than the Sigma C.

The first copy of my Tamron G1 was from the first batch in early 2013 (preordered) and after a week it went back to B&H since it wasn't sharp.
I've also been following news/reviews of the G2 but see conflicting reports and I don't want to risk getting rid of my sharp G1 for a mediocre copy of a G2. I'm sure though that a sharp copy of a G2 may be better than my G1.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2092 comments in total)
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lhkjacky: It seem Sony A99mk2 just fixed all the cons in 5dmk4.

42.4MP BSI FF sensor, 12 fps, 5-Axis IBIS,
399+79 point Hybrid AF, AF sensitivity up to -4EV, Eye AF
4K MPEG 4 AVC/H.264, Slog2/Slog3, Gamma assist,
Full Tilt and Swivel Articulating LCD,
EVF, Peaking, Zebra pattern, Clean 4k HDMI output,
Slow~Quick Motion, 120P in Full HD.
Highlight-Weighted Metering,
Spot-metering link to focus area,
Shutter Life Expectancy 300,000 cycles

I've been using a 5DIV and a Sony A7RII (plus a couple of other bodies) for my business. High ISO performance is about the same, which mirrors DPreviews studio tests.
I don't know if the A99II sensor is an evolution of my A7RII's sensor, or exactly the same, but I'd be surprised if the A99II "trumped" the 5DIV considering that it loses some light due to the SLT tech compared to the A7RII.

For a working pro the whole package for the specific job is most important. Considering the sum of all features and capabilities of my cameras I use my Sony A7RII for all the real estate interiors I shoot and most of the exteriors too. I also use the 5DIV for exteriors as a second body with a different lens. The A7RII works great with the high res sensor, excellent DR AND the flippy screen which allows me to shoot interiors while standing up (saving my knees).
However, for events, weddings I never even think about using my A7RII for a multitude of reasons. I use my 5DIII and 5DIV combo for that.

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NeilJones: I'm sorry, this is 2016, remind me again why we want a f5.6-6.3 lens? Please get back to me when you start making these at f2.8-f4

Because it's 2016 and the last time I checked money still doesn't grow on trees :)
Also, not everybody is an NFL linebacker and wants to carry a huge lens around. Granted there are very serious wildlife photographers who want and need the big 600mm f/4 and similar lenses. But there is quite a market for these reasonably priced, relatively light-weight tele zoom lenses for hobbyists.
Heck, I swapped my really nice Sigma 120-300 2.8 IS (plus teleconverters) for the Gen 1 of the Tamron. Less than half the weight and virtually the same image quality at 600mm (Sigma + 2x TC), while AF is faster and it won't break my back either. And I consider myself more than a hobbyist bird photographer.

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medicus: Hi!
From my point of view it is not absolutely clear wheater the converters are intented for use on the 150-600mm. Due to the aperture AF would not work anymore. This is a rther useless combination.
The lens itself seems to be great.

It also works on Canon cameras with Dual Pixel Auto Focus in live view, so there are quite a few systems that are capable of AF-ing with the Tamron + TC. However, I personally almost never use a TC on my Gen 1 Tamron. It just doesn't add much, if any, extra resolution on my high-res camera bodies (80D, 5DmkIV, Sony A7rII)

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sdh: Didn't they just release the original version, like only a year ago? <shrug>
At its price point I guess the optical quality at 600mm need only be just marginally better than cropping the image from a similar-price-point 70-300 lens at 300mm. <shrug>

The original came out almost 3 years ago.
As for the performance at 600mm, the presumption that you can crop a similarly priced 70-300 (e.g. Canon 70-300L) and have the same amount of detail is wrong. I own the original version and also had a Sigma 150-600 C for a couple weeks and both perform quite well at 600mm. My Tamron was a bit sharper so I kept it and sold the brand new Sigma.
I also owned a Canon 400mm 5.6L, which is considered a sharp prime, and even that lens cropped wasn't able to outresolve the Tamron at 600mm. I did a bunch of controlled tests and real world shooting too. I ended up selling the Canon. It's a great lens, light, and one of the best for birds in flight but it's not stabilized and I needed a zoom for my shooting.
Anyway, the optical performance of the G1 Tamron is good, of course it won't be tack sharp at 600mm wide open. The new gen 2 is supposed to improve on that. If it does, it's going to be a great low-budget lens considering the other improvements too.

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Hibiscusbloom: This new lens has one element more than its predecessor - a tiny addition at the back end. I wonder if this plus the new coating would result in better image quality at 600mm. The Sigma C and S beat the old design at 600mm. Version one's @600mm is soft wide open. I also wonder what the F-stop is@500. The 400mm range of the old design was exactly at F5.6 whilst the Sigma C is 6.3. If this Tamron@500 is 5.6 and sharp as the Nikon 200-500@500, then it is really a lens to look into. That is with the new faster AF and other improvements. The 600mm@6.3 would then be a bonus and rules out the need for another additional element (converter) that would degrade the IQ. A decent 600mm will do me either with FF or cropped. I suppose the availability of this lens for Fuji XT-2 would depend largely on the AF assessment by the users worldwide, and the sale of the product. For Canon and Nikon mounts they produce with no hesitation cos of the huge number of users. That is followed by Sony users.

I had 2 copies of the Gen 1 Tamron. I still own and use the second copy, which is a factory refurb one.
The first one I had was an early production unit, I pre-ordered it before they came out. It was subpar optically, so I returned it to B&H.
The second one I bought a year later since I found a deal that made me give the lens a second chance. This one is really good.
Last year I got in on a deal and bought a brand new Sigma 150-600 C for $700. I had the 2 lenses for about a week and compared them thoroughly. Long story short I ended up keeping my Tamron, which was a tiny bit sharper at 600mm at any aperture. The Sigma is a nice lens, better build quality than the Tamron, more features too, but for me the tiny sharpness advantage of the Tamron was more important (probably copy variation.)
I sold the Sigma for about $800. (only made about $35 after Paypal fees and shipping, so this was not about flipping the lens.)
I'm still happy with my Tamron but interested in the new version too.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2092 comments in total)
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endofoto: Perfect camera except dynamic range. Even crop sensor Nikon D7200 has better DR. D810 looks like from another planet in this test. However Canon may have surpassed Nikon with M5, we will see the test soon. Nikon D810 and Sony 7RII produced absurd colour abnormalities in DR test (but not D7200 and Canon) especially in the BW painting of a family on the left.

Dynamic range at what ISOs? That is the key question.
You should've phrased it more accurately: "...except dynamic range at low ISOs". The 5D4 matches the D810 around ISO 320 then pulls ahead from ISO 400 up. It and the A7RII are neck and neck up the ISO range 400 and over (both beating the D810). So if you are an event/wedding shooter where the majority of photos are higher ISOs (I'm one of them), then the D810 is actually worse than the 5DIV, especially considering that the 5DIV also handles high ISO noise a little better than the D810. The D810 is a great camera especially for low ISO landscapes for instance, but facts/measurements don't lie.
Also, the largest difference between the 5D4 and the A7RII is 0.3 stops (at ISO 100). That is almost negligible.
And let's not even mention the Nikon D5 and its subpar 12.6 stops of DR (but great noise handling).
I think the 5DIV's dynamic range won't be a deal breaker for almost anyone.
(For the record I own both a 5DIV and an A7RII).

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2092 comments in total)
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mezastel: Canon's new camera is also going to be crippled with a 30-minute video recording limit, something the Sony A7x line of cameras no longer suffers from :)

A7RII over 30 minutes?
... great as long as it doesn't overheat.
Also, not everyone is comfortable performing non-factory modifications, FW updates etc.. Although, I admit I don't know much about what you mentioned, I use my A7RII mostly for real estate stills. Virtually never record any video. If and when I do, I just do 1080p anyway and short clips of my kid playing.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2092 comments in total)
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gordzam: "The lower pixel count and inclusion of a low pass filter means it can't match the Nikon D810, especially if you're looking at the native output size". Here is a grab from comparing the 5DIV with D810 at 6400ISO:
I think, that the 5DIV is showing LESS noise than the D810. Anyone agrees with me?

I replied to your comment regarding the A7RII.
I do agree though, the 5DIV is better than the D810 even in Comp mode.

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2092 comments in total)
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cosinaphile: MR HORSE SAYS, "no sir,.....i dont like it " with a downturned face

and neither do i ... i see canons market domination like i see apples .... relying on the crowd of followers until it becomes an unstoppable sea of lemming- like clickers who have little understanding of what counts in hardware or distinguishes different machines and simple buys a market leader

canon has the worst dynamic range and class following sensor goodness .... but the clueless dont know or care about canons shortcomings , or apples worst in the world music software , ignorance is genuine bliss

You'd never guess...
Wedding weather = beer spilled, campaign sprayed, sweat; running 20 yards in a downpour following the couple, taking photos in a snow fall (yes, as requested by the couple I shot last December). And in August multiple occasions of getting out of a 68 degree low-humidity hall to shoot stuff happening outside in 90 degrees and 70% humidity = instant heavy fogging all over the camera (NW Ohio). Yeah, and all that only in the last 5 months (since April).
I'd say "Nomad Wedding" is not too far fetched :)

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On article Striding Forth: Canon EOS 5D Mark IV Review (2092 comments in total)
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gordzam: "The lower pixel count and inclusion of a low pass filter means it can't match the Nikon D810, especially if you're looking at the native output size". Here is a grab from comparing the 5DIV with D810 at 6400ISO:
I think, that the 5DIV is showing LESS noise than the D810. Anyone agrees with me?

Make sure to view the samples in the COMP mode and not FULL mode. You need to view them at a common output size (it's the same as printing them at the same size e.g. 13"x19" for example). In COMP mode, they are virtually the same. I do own both cameras by the way and both are great and with about the same high ISO noise.

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