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  • An updated 18mm: (even) better sharpness, faster AF, WR, and heck, make it an f1.7 or f1.4 while you're at it IF you can keep the same size (highly unlikely, I know). Oh, and keep the square hood. ...
  • Created discussion thread XF10?
    Apparently the announcement will be made tomorrow. Anyone interested, without having any info at this point :-)? I guess the only things that have been rumored so far is that it's a X70-styled body ...
  • Created discussion thread PP software - GRII
    Hi all, I'm looking for some input on the postprocessing software you use. Personally, I shoot JPEG (GRII), upload my photos on Google Photos and use that same tool to do some very basic editing. ...
  • Interesting topic. I currently live in Hanoi, Vietnam. What I notice here is that 95% of all people, give or take a few, carries a smartphone and uses the camera function constantly. But I also ...
  • Created discussion thread 18mm f1.4 ?
    Warning: speculation / dreamlens-wish post... Imagine an XF 18mm f1.4 R WR, similarly spec'ed as the 16mm f1.4 (fast autofocus, WR, short minimum focus distance, topnotch ...
  • Big thanks to everyone to chime in and share your experiences. I guess the conclusion is: be careful, don't worry too much and enjoy the experience above all.
  • Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. My interest solely lies with a Q. I have no intention to get into the M system: I simply can't afford it, and also don't want to go without AF. The 28mm FOV is ...
  • Created discussion thread Leica and unobtrusiveness
    I'm not sure if I titled this thread well, but I have a question. Please read on. I'm currently using an overcomplete Fuji X setup and a Ricoh GRII. I'm (still) considering switching to a Leica Q. ...
  • Replied in Saigon
    Thanks! These are Cross Process JPEG’s, with just slightly added contrast and saturation in pp. That’s it.
  • Created discussion thread Saigon
  • ^^^ this is exactly my thinking... Thanks for all the responses so far. Looks like there’s a high probability I’ll go for it.
  • I knew I shouldn’t have asked for feedback on this forum. Now I really want one...
  • Created discussion thread To DP2M or not...
    Hi folks, First post in the Sigma forum... I'm a happy Fuji X shooter, with a Ricoh GRII on the side. 'On the side' is not really doing the Ricoh justice though, as I now consider it my main ...
  • Created discussion thread GRII in Ho Chi Minh City
    Just 2 photos I made earlier this evening in Ho Chi Minh City. C&C welcome :-)
  • I'm not a birder at all, but for those few occasions when I do photograph birds, the 50-230 is more than adequate. As always: YMMV. Here are a few recent examples shot with the 50-230 (and further ...
  • Replied in Mountain light
    Thanks! I also really like the road. Here's one from the same mountain, different viewpoint.
  • Created discussion thread Mountain light
    Any reference to Galen Rowell is purely coincidental ;-) This Ricoh GRII thing is treating me well! Today I was hiking in the Sri Lankan highlands with my family and I couldn't have wished for any ...
  • Replied in Elephants
    Many thanks for your comment!
  • Replied in Elephants
    A few weeks ago I posted a question on the forum on which gear to take to Sri Lanka. Well, I'm currently here and I'm very happy I took the 50-230 with me for some wildlife photography. I've ...
  • Created discussion thread Traveling
    Ricoh GRII
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